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TAGS xxxRenotsxxx 4/28/12 10:03 PM
When it comes to "annotations" I think annotations should have a key role in tags.. I don't think they do but I could be wrong.. but would be a very good feature.
Re: TAGS nicknorthable 4/28/12 10:49 PM
Good point.
Re: TAGS stuartindigo 4/29/12 10:00 AM
I'm not a fan of annotations.

For some, their idea of original content is to post a TV news report and cover it with annotations which you have to pause the video to read - sorry but if the content needs that much comment - MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO!

The majority of others are purely "Click here for part ..x.."

Also many people will turn off the annotations because they don't really add anything (I must admit I tend to).

If an "annotation" is integral to the video, then I would prefer that people learn enough about video editing to include it in the video itself.