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Custom Brand Channel esuvanaphen 7/15/12 5:35 AM

I'm a software developer looking to build some Youtube Brand Channels for clients. I have read that in order to start editing a brand channel, you first need to contact a Google representative.

However, I cannot seem to find an email address / contact form which I can use to contact a Google representative about this.

Can anybody help me with this?



Re: Custom Brand Channel JDoors 7/15/12 8:41 AM
Brand Channels are for companies spending hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising with Google. Is that your client profile?
If it is not and what you are looking for are the features of the old partner program such as channel banners and custom thumbnails, those are currently not available through YouTube (other than by spending enough to qualify for a Brand Channel, or by joining a third-party network such as Machinima, where you give up something in return -- i.e., money).
Re: Custom Brand Channel PeggyK 7/15/12 9:07 AM
Here is the information for advertisers interested in brand channels, which has a contact link:

But as JDoors points out, this is really only for advertisers planning to make a big investment in advertising on YouTube.
Re: Custom Brand Channel esuvanaphen 7/15/12 11:18 AM
Thanks for the information! That is very helpful.
Re: Custom Brand Channel esuvanaphen 7/15/12 11:28 AM
Sorry, one further question.

It is possible that my client may already be investing in advertising with Google, and as such I have been asked to investigate the feasibility of the custom tab they wish to develop for their channel.

I have read that Iframe's are used for custom tabs and that:

"Gadgets may not modify your brand channel page by dynamically changing HTML or modifying cookies belonging to the page."

Does that mean that, if I developed the custom tab using PHP, I would not be able to use the session variables?



Re: Custom Brand Channel PeggyK 7/15/12 12:22 PM
Re: Custom Brand Channel esuvanaphen 7/15/12 12:52 PM
Thanks for the help!