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Monetization/AdSense Account YoungMarone 5/4/12 7:19 PM
I am in a tricky situation at the moment.
I want my AdSense account to be activated so I can start monetizing my videos from the video manager however, after completing the steps for monetization, being: Guidelines, AdSense Association & Terms of Service, I am then stuck with the confirmation.
It says "You're almost done! Once your AdSense account is activated (this may take up to 48 hours), you will receive an email at *********** You can then start monetizing your videos from the video manager"
I've waited more than 48 hours and have tried this method over 50 times max, yet I haven't received that email.
Someone please help!
Re: Monetization/AdSense Account PeggyK 5/5/12 9:22 AM
Is your Adsense account fully approved with no holds?
Re: Monetization/AdSense Account SuperSajuuk 5/5/12 9:24 AM
It will take time, spamming the system 50 times will not help you in any form. Show some patience. Google don't work over weekends iirc, so you might have to wait slightly longer.
Re: Monetization/AdSense Account YoungMarone 5/26/12 2:13 AM
How can I check?
Re: Monetization/AdSense Account YoungMarone 5/26/12 2:13 AM
I still haven't got the email yet...
Re: Monetization/AdSense Account PeggyK 6/11/12 4:18 PM
What do you see when you sign in at