Youtube Video Editor BUG

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Youtube Video Editor BUG Iiliketorock 6/26/12 3:51 AM
So here's the problem. I wanted to shorten my video but due to too many views i can't save it. I have to save it to a new video but then after it has been processed, the video is in another aspect ratio. The video is pushed up and squeezed.

Here is the original video:

Here's the new one:

And youtube hasn't got a proper way to complain so I do this in the forum...


Re: Youtube Video Editor BUG anmoose 6/26/12 9:09 AM
There is nothing to complain about, because it's policy. If a video has more than a specified number of views, it can't be edited and re-saved. You have no choice but to save it as a new video.
Re: Youtube Video Editor BUG Iiliketorock 6/26/12 9:30 AM
Thats not an answer to my complaint. I am not complaining that the video can't be edited. My complaint is that the video after saving it as another video has a different look. A different aspect ratio... Something weird.
Re: Youtube Video Editor BUG HappyCabbie 6/26/12 9:32 AM
Sadly I don't know how to fix your new video but I can re-render it for you in 16:9 format if you don't know how.  

Send me a message via YouTube and I will make a new version for you.  That is the best I can offer.
Re: Youtube Video Editor BUG Iiliketorock 6/26/12 10:15 AM
Thats kind of you :) but i know how to do it, it's just a sad thing that I can't let youtube properly know that their video editer doesn't work as it should be...