Videos showing green??

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Videos showing green?? Failuresince1989 6/19/10 6:36 PM
Every video I watch on youtube recently has been showing nothing but a blank green screen. I can still hear the audio just fine, but I can't see anything...

I have the latest Firefox and the latest Adobe Flash Player... What am I doing wrong?
Re: Videos showing green?? currentusername 6/23/10 9:58 AM
can someone please answer this fucking question. I too am having this issue. I recently downloaded a Firefox 3.6 and a new adobe flash player update. Jesus help me~~
Re: Videos showing green?? Failuresince1989 6/23/10 7:42 PM
Just found the answer to our problems in another forum!

1) Right click on youtube video.
2) Click Settings
2) I get these tabs: Display, Privacy, Local Storage, Microphone and Camera.
3) Under Display, I UNCHECKED the 'Enable hardware acceleration' tickbox.
4) Refeshed and works fine now.

heres the original link:
Re: Videos showing green?? Sir_George 6/30/10 6:54 AM
The answer provided was the perfect solution to the problem for me.