Youtube asking for Mobile phone number?

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Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? jimsnodgras 5/30/12 6:39 PM
Has anyone noticed that Youtube has been asking for mobile numbers quite a bit lately? And now they are getting more sneaky about it.  Last time they put up a screen that looked like they were requiring my number then they said that there was a problem with my login until I clicked past that and was able to get into my account.

I thought google's mission statement was don't be evil.  So what's up with that kind of behavior? Shame on you google.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  That is despicable behavior on your part.  Who agrees with me?

Re: Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? chillnomore 5/31/12 4:48 AM
I couldn't agree with YOU more!! Google is (don't question it) looking to get all of our phone numbers and although you may think this is just temporary I've seen, through looking their terminology up, that what they're saying is that soon Google is (yes is.. not optional) going to require a phone number for every Google account or you're no longer going to be able to access your account. It's not about preventing future spam (as they put it).. it's to be able to identify you as a person through your phone number and therefore credit card and SSI number. Google is getting evil. I, personally, wouldn't hurt a fly.. I'm even a vegan but I was just looking into this tonight after receiving the same "Account security changes coming, add your mobile phone" message after logging into my gmail account and it's really starting to dawn on me that this is serious. They are going to require a phone number or ban you from your account soon. My advice is move elsewhere.. and quick!! Yahoo isn't requiring a phone number and most other clients aren't either. Like I said I wouldn't hurt a fly and I don't feel Google has the right to tell Big Brother "I'm" listening or watching "this or that." I'm completely leaving Gmail and all of it's products ASAP. My advice is get ot while you can and do it before they force you to give them a phone number as you might get locked out of certain online accounts. Some online accounts force you to verify an email change with your old account. Of Gmail pulls this move soon you won't be able to access your old account unless you add a phone number. Word to the wise.. :)

Re: Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? chillnomore 5/31/12 4:52 AM
The last line was meant to read "If Gmail pulls this move soon...."

Sorry.. I'm writing this late-night. This is "for real" though. Don't say I didn't warn you..
Re: Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? bicho49 6/26/12 4:03 PM
Almost a month has gone by since your posts (jimsnodgras's and chillnomore's) and still no reply from no one at youtube/google??

That's user follow up...

Re: Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? JLJ74 6/26/12 4:16 PM
FB requires it to.... A LOT of sited are doing it now, so that folks don't have 5billion fake accounts. Doesn't bother me.
Re: Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? jimsnodgras 7/20/12 11:59 PM
You are an idiot, JLJ74.  Google and Facebook are the worst violators of privacy on this planet.  And for you to like providing your personal details to them in light of their constant privacy violations shows that you are an ignoramus. I hope you end up in jail some day because someone doesn't like what you typed into Google or Facebook.
Re: Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? null-void 7/21/12 7:35 AM
Honestly, there is no more personal info Google can get from me then they already have by giving my phone number, so I gave it. The most evil thing they can do for me, is ring my phone up to have a conversation about life.
Re: Youtube asking for Mobile phone number? MSIR60 (The Original) 7/21/12 9:24 AM
"Who agrees with me?"

i do, and my opinions on this subject are no secret on this forum. so does this guy...

and there is no reason why his idea should not be used apart from invasion of privacy, and eventually, power and control. the tacky ways google employs, from the tiny letters used to "skip this step", the following page begging like a whining dog pawing at your leg, to the greyed-out "" field when you are forced to create a google account to use youtube. it's bullying. some authority should have stepped in by now and given google a microsoft-like slap on the wrist.

not only are you now forced to provide your phone number when creating a google account to create a youtube account, you will be forced to use gmail as the linked e-mail. i guarantee it.