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Views cap? thunderflare99 11/26/09 3:22 PM
Is there a "views" cap?  I noticed that my most popular posts have not moved past 302 views, while all the like videos under that number continue to rise.  I've seen plenty of other videos with thousands of views, why are my video counts being capped?
Re: Views cap? movie3891 11/26/09 3:24 PM
There are many posts regarding this.  Please do a search.
Re: Views cap? faberoptime 11/30/09 6:29 PM
Hi there,
Apologies for the delay in replying.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :-(
Unfortunately this is a very well known problem and it happens for everyone. Thousands have complained about it and it's still not resolved.
I shalln't repeat myself again here, but I've written about this extensively before.
You can find more info (including the only things you can do about it!), in this thread:

I'll also add this new thread to the "official" thread of reports: