Approved as non-profit but no partner features

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Approved as non-profit but no partner features worldwidepeace 5/7/12 11:00 AM
Hi ,

Could you please help us with the following issue. We are approved with google non profit partner status but our youtube channel doesn't have any partner features yet. If we have used the wrong channel name while enrolling could you please transfer the status to the following channel.

Our channel name is ShalomWorldWide   ( )
These are details from the approval email:
G4NP_Country: United States
G4NP_Id: cb54eba1-325a-11e1-93e2-e5d51f0e13c2
G4NP_Activity: Youtube

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Approved as non-profit but no partner features Roger Barrett 5/7/12 11:13 AM
Hi Shalom, 

Please see this resource for the contact email for YouTune non profit support and email them with the below. They will be able to help you. 

1- A PDF of the approval email you received for the program
2- The EIN number you used when applying
3- Email address and name of your org exactly as they appear in your application.