Rejected (Duplicate upload)

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Rejected (Duplicate upload) diploma dope 10/9/09 4:51 PM
No it isn't.
I can't upload a video of mine. It says Rejected (Duplicate upload)
But I have never uploaded this video before.
Can anyone help? I want to upload it :(
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) epontius 10/9/09 5:14 PM
YouTube uses a checksum to determine duplicates. The chances of having two different files containing different content but have the same checksum would be astronomical. Keep in mind that it checks all your uploads even previously rejected ones or ones still processing... So delete any other copies that might be in your My Videos listing.
You might also try deleting this rejected "duplicate" and trying to upload again as sometimes problems during uploading can cause this to happen.
As a last resort, if you use different compression or edit the video slightly that will change the checksum and it won't be a duplicate.
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) diploma dope 10/9/09 6:19 PM
thanks for your quick feedback
i'll try that ;)
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) iconmatthew1 3/17/10 6:32 PM
Hey it rejected my video as a duplicate but I have no other video! Fix this please youtube!
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) SnarkyWhispers 5/19/10 10:18 PM
I am having the same exact problem! My video is 100% me -- and I've never loaded it before. I am getting so frustrated! Someone help!
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) decaturnorth2010 5/30/10 11:28 AM
im getting the same " DUPLICATE UPLOAD" too. hey u tube?? would u correct this??
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) TheBrianMeister 6/5/10 9:12 AM
So it's the checksum that's the issue and so simply changing the file name will have no bearing on this, then, right?  That would be too easy of a fix.  In my case, the audio and video wound up being out of sinc in the first upload.  It may sound like a stupid scenario but I wanted to make sure that the new one was better before removing the old.  So changing the file name won't help? 
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) TheBrianMeister 6/5/10 9:14 AM
Or if I delete the old one now, will the new one be removed from "rejected" status?  Probably not, I would think.
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) phoxis 7/14/10 7:30 AM
I uploaded a video, and at a later time, i accidentally deleted it, so i had to re-upload it. After the re-upload (with the first upload file deleted) it now shows that the video is duplicate. So this is strange. Probably google did not remove the checksum after the video was deleted ? Or something else. Is there anything like "trash" where i need to remove the videos, i don't think so.
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) BdChrome 7/20/10 5:00 PM
Our clients THINK their upload has been successful. It's only when attempting to play it that they see it has been rejected!! Wouldn't you think Youtube could at least provide a 'Rejected' message at the time of uploading with some advice on what to do!!
A programmer could do this in 5 minutes - Pathetic attitude, Youtube!!
Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) epontius 7/20/10 5:41 PM
They're hiring. Feel free to apply if you think you can do a better job:

Re: Rejected (Duplicate upload) BdChrome 7/20/10 6:05 PM
No wonder you're a "top contributor"!