Youtube HTML5 black screen?!

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Youtube HTML5 black screen?! karmajuney 4/12/12 6:37 PM
When i turn on youtube in html5 it gives me a black screen and I can only hear the audio. When i disabled HTML5 it worked fine, turned it back on and got black screen again. I was really enjoying HTML5 its a shame i ca't run it.
Using-Windows 7, google chrome, great internet, newest adobe flash, and virus scanned and I don't have any viruses. Any solutions?
Re: Youtube HTML5 black screen?! rocker2344 7/16/12 12:30 PM
this is due to hardware acceleration, make sure you are running latest chrome stable (or your choice) and latest properly installed graphics drivers. and try again, i have this same issue in linux, a temp fix would to be wrench icon > tools > task manager (this is chrome task manager) look for gpu proccess and end it (may take 2-5 times) and bam u can rewind and keep watching.
Re: Youtube HTML5 black screen?! sirtokesalot 7/16/12 12:49 PM
this is because html5 sucks and they should have never switched to it flash is the shit and never gives me issues like html5 does. i purposely  made sure my browser doesent support html5 so i dont have this issue. its forced to use flash instead.