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Friend Request Spam Cael87 6/21/12 11:31 AM
As it stands now, companies can continually send out friend requests to spam users, there is no option/way to report such activity like there is for when they share a video with you.  There needs to be some option to help the community put a stop to such spam.

I continually get friend requests from people whom are either trying to promote their own videos or products through the site, just recently I received one for Wasp Barcode Scanner... It's annoying and there needs to be some way to report such activity.

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Re: Friend Request Spam Justin. 6/21/12 1:28 PM
As youtube is intended to be an open community, there is currently no way to prevent people from trying to 'add you as a contact.'  The best you can do is to keep ignoring the requests.
You CAN, however, prevent people from contacting you if they are not in your contact list by going to your page and checking off "allow only my contacts to send me messages and share videos."  Then just go to and remove anyone in there you don't want contacting you or remove everyone if you want no one to contact you).
Re: Friend Request Spam Cael87 8/16/12 7:12 PM
I wasn't saying that there should be a way to prevent people from adding others, just a button to help curb the abuse that people have thrown at this.  I get spam CONSTANTLY from people just adding strangers to try and get views/sell products.  If people share a video with me I can report them as a spammer because they are out just sending it to every Tom Dick and Harry they find commenting on any video.  But if they are trying to add people as friends just randomly there is no way to report such abuse.

There is a way to report this on just about every single social website because they realize that there is a potential for abuse with mass-adding friends... to not have an option here on Youtube is just asinine.  I understand your point, but what I am suggesting has absolutely nothing to do with it.