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Video unavailable??? Neogazz777 5/5/12 4:44 AM
Dear Google/Youtube,

I recently mistakenly created another gmail account under the user email '' and/or '' and then uploaded the following video: Then I mistakenly closed my gmail account and then reopened it again only to find out that my youtube account was also closed and also the above video that I recently uploaded. This is very annoying as now this above video is still displayed as missing highup on the Google "Lois Tennant" search results. What I want to do is remove the above missing video link on youtube. The only video that must be available under the google/youtube search results is this link here: Can anyone help me???

Gary Wilson (South Africa)
Re: Video unavailable??? The Lady from UNCLE 5/5/12 5:54 AM
You will need to wait until it drops out of the search as being unavailable.  But, ultimately it is not a question for YouTube, it is for Google Search.