Partner vs. Monetization

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Partner vs. Monetization kevcoop2 4/30/12 9:36 PM
hai! So I'm new to the whole monetization and partner program on YouTube. I just got accepted. But i have one question. Is Youtube Moneztiazation being apart of the Youtube Partner Program? I want to be a Partner :) Is monetization and being a Parnter the same? Thanks!  
Re: Partner vs. Monetization TexasHighDef 5/1/12 4:46 AM
You are a lower level Partner now. There is no way at this time to apply for Full Partnership.
Re: Partner vs. Monetization kevcoop2 5/2/12 9:57 PM
whats a lower lever Partner? And i cant ever apply for a full partnership? And when would i be aloud too? :P thanks!
Re: Partner vs. Monetization Colette W 5/3/12 6:21 AM
basically you can monetize but have no branding options.  right now there is no way to apply for full partnership with banners & etc
Re: Partner vs. Monetization DontLikeYoutubePROBLEMS 5/3/12 6:30 AM
I would like to submit at least two problems with the theme youtube / adsense, which plagued me for 2 months and despite many requests from my side and others have not been resolved.

Case No. 1
When an account gets the first warning about copyright infringement, none of the films added later do not pass the approval process for monetization. This situation has repeated itself a few people that I know - for the person who even accidentally violate the copyright, and wants to make money on youtube / adsense YouTube account is then disposed of. PLEASE RESOLVE IT - I HAD 2 VERY GOOD ACCOUNTS with many millions of views and now i can't earn on them.

Case number 2
At the time when I received a message from YouTube that my account allows you to generate revenue immediately joined them with my adsense account - all I did well - pasted mail from my adsense account for income generation settings in your account and my youtube videos to be valid and have been admitted to the process monetization. A day later, on my films THERE WAS NO LONGER ADVERTISING, although each of my films have a green U.S. dollars denoting conformity with the rules and admission to monetize! What is more email from adsense revenue generating options on youtube just disappeared - please tell me WHY!

At first I thought that this only applies to new accounts, youtube, but two days ago I checked a long-forgotten account to which this process is repeated.

Please, any response from the administrators of this board or someone who knows why these problems occur between 2 months and nobody is going to solve them. During those two months I lost by these problems about 1 000 euro, which for student is a considerable amount.

I would like to point out that the problems described by me are not my invention and only personal trouble. Lots of people complain about the same, and youtube at the moment ignore us.