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buying youtube videos gsajfrdc 7/4/12 7:29 PM
Why won't youtube let me use my google wallett to buy/rent happy gilmore?  I can but apps and what not but my mastercard is an unsupported payment method? whats up with that??
(unknown) 7/5/12 5:28 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: buying youtube videos PeggyK 7/5/12 12:12 PM
Re: buying youtube videos sirtokesalot 7/5/12 3:46 PM
lmfao google sucks why would you intentionally buy something with their name on it? we know from experiance thay do not offer any kind of useful support for any of their products id rather buy apple or microsoft. at least with them they have a real person to talk with for support and not google bots.