How can I export a list of my uploaded videos?

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How can I export a list of my uploaded videos? MotomanInc 1/25/10 8:34 AM
I have about 150 videos on YouTube.  In order to keep track of where they are being used on our web site, I created a database.

Now, I have to populate the database with the YouTube video ID, the Title, and the description.  I REALLY don't want to go through 150 videos and copy/paste the data.

Is there a way to export a list of my uploaded videos?  Insight can tell me the demographic breakdown of my viewers by sex (about which I can't possibly care less) but there's no way to download a list of my videos?  Really?

Re: How can I export a list of my uploaded videos? faberoptime 1/25/10 11:21 AM
@MotomanInc - you have options:
- If you're after vid details and respective Insight stats, go to Insight, ensure the start date of the date range shown at top right is set to prior to the publication of your first vid (this should make the Insight data set reflect all your vids), then use the Export to CSV option to get it out.
Though this method will not provide the description info you're after.
Replacing AUTHORNAME with your user name (note that since you have more than 50 vids you'll need to get this page four times, changing the start-index parameter to 1, 51, 101 and 151 respectively to obtain all your 156 vid listings).
This method effectively provides a more extensive subset of video data (incl. length-limited description), but without the Insight stats.
Also may be more complex to deal with if you're not familiar with XML file handling.
If this is all beyond you, let me know back and I can help somewhat, since I have some tools at my disposal, I can provide you with listing of all your (147) public vid IDs, title and descriptions, but of course not your (9) private ones.
Hope that helps and happy YouTubing!