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account name and channel name.

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account name and channel name. dark--D 8/19/12 3:19 PM
i know that channels already existing and used cannot be deleted or recreated, because i have read that in the forum. my question is: if my mail is the same as the channel's name how can one have a channel with my gmail name? it's this a all in one product that google is providing? if not so, when g+ and youtube accounts will be one and the same if someone takes my username again(mail username) he will have the right to that name? i find this as a lack of respect for the users. don't take it as a rant but if google decides to launch a new social media site after what comes after facebook am i to create a new account for it, just not to have others use it?
Re: account name and channel name. JDoors 8/19/12 4:50 PM

On Sunday, August 19, 2012 5:19:52 PM UTC-5, dark--D wrote:

... if my mail is the same as the channel's name how can one have a channel with my gmail name? ...

Re: account name and channel name. dark--D 8/20/12 4:43 AM
it quite simple, to log-on to youtube there are two ways:
- first, create a username and use it.
- second, use your gmail account. this was implemented later on, google would automatically log you in to youtube by default using gmail. so if i have the name of the channel as my gmail, how come someone can use it? in a simple words example mail account and the channel name in youtube would be .
now do you understand? and don't tell me that they are separate products because they will be merged in to one big account after google plus takes over youtube usernames. i didn't created the name of my channel because i was under the impression that the name was already taken by me because i have the email address with the name. why? because google signed me automatic with it to youtube. don't tell me i needed to create three different ids just to have the same name in google, like one for email, one for username and one for channel.
Re: account name and channel name. JDoors 8/20/12 5:30 AM
It is poor forum etiquette to tell other users what NOT to say. I'll say what I like, thank you very much.      ; )
... because if your email address is displayed on the username button you are not signed into a YouTube channel.
Your gmail account has LIMITED YouTube functionality. You can view videos and a few other things directly on YouTube while ONLY being signed into your gmail account, but you cannot use your gmail account to post comments or upload videos. You can't do it. You must sign into a YouTube CHANNEL, with a YouTube username. Not your gmail address.
So if someone creates a YouTube channel with the same name as your gmail account (WITHOUT the @gmail(dot)com part of course), that's that. they beat you to creating a YouTube CHANNEL with that name. You beat THEM to creating a gmail account with that name, they beat you to creating a YouTube channel with that name.
Re: account name and channel name. dark--D 8/20/12 7:21 AM
ok, thank you for explaining to me that. from my point of view this is a flaw from google and should be delt with. clearly the direction of a all in one experience is not working and this will affect in the long term. if a company wants to have all the other social medias in the same company (blog, twitter, facebook, tumbler, flicker and so on) it would be good have one account. second if a channel is closed and deleted someone should use it, despite the identity problem(which is not an identity from your answer that someone beat it to it), just like in the case when we delete an email account. any way thanks for your help and i will use my accounts as they are and in the future i will work on creating a copyrighted trademarked brand of my username so i can skip having 100 acounts. hehe. have a nice day and sorry for taking your time.
Re: account name and channel name. JDoors 8/20/12 8:02 AM
Gmail was unique in that the part of the account name before the @-sign could be used to sign into the Google account. Then, along came YouTube with a similar feature, you could sign into YouTube with just the username. There are more issues with this than the one you brought up where two users could have two different accounts with the same name, but it's sort of a "legacy" problem they're stuck with.
Wouldn't be too much of an issue for you IF you beat everyone to the punch and get BOTH a gmail account AND a YouTube channel with the name you want - if you don't, yeah, you're out of luck.      : (