Password help and old Content ID Claim?

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Password help and old Content ID Claim? TaylorTotFTW 7/1/12 7:59 AM
First of all, I have a problem with my password. Or passwords, as it were. For some reason, I have to type in two passwords. First, I have to type in password A, where it tells me "Please use your Google Account (my email) password to sign in. We no longer support signing in with your old YouTube password." Then I have to enter Password B and it logs me in. But if I put in Password B before password A, it tells me that it's incorrect.

2nd question: I want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, an I have confirmed my account with my cell phone, I am in good standing with the Community Guidlines, in good standing with Copyright Strikes, but I am not in good standing with Content ID claims. Here's the thing: when I click on 'Please visit the copyright notices section of the Video Manager to see the claims.' Link below it, it takes me to a page where it shows m no videos, as the 1 video in question has long since been deleted. Is there anyway to get past this? Thanks for your time.