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"As seen on" link Willsah 1/2/12 6:12 PM
Can Youtube/Google please remove the "As seen on" link from the videos? It is a problem because:

a) The video owner has no control over what page appears there which in turn can be detrimental to a business due to the fact that the channel owner may have a deal exchanging links with some other webpage that can be a direct competitor of the one now getting the free promotion on the "as seen on" link.

b) This feature can be used to harass and bully the video owners. A malicious user could embed a video in any site that is heavily visited artificially increasing the traffic to a video or a channel and then that site would feature in the "as seen on" link, therefore the video owner may be wrongly associated to any site that may not necessarily share the opinions or point of view of the video owner. I have seen some of this links also link back to illegal torrent websites.

Any help on this regard will be greatly appreciated.

This was my answer to a reply suggesting me to turn off embedding that was since then removed:

I need  to have the video embedding active to be able to embed the videos in my own webpage, but I can't control the amount of traffic that my videos are getting from a forum that I am not related to. Someone embedded one video in said forum.

It is evident that they are generating more traffic than my own website, but that is not a reason to be getting a free ride. And to be honest, while this forum is clean and all I don't necessarily share all the points of view from posters there.

Users should be allowed to have more control over their channel and videos.
Re: "As seen on" link anmoose 1/2/12 7:18 PM
This issue has been raised with Staff on more than a few occasions. We've gotten agreement that there should be user control, and we've gotten promises that it would be "looked into," but as you see there's been absolutely nothing done about it.
Re: "As seen on" link Willsah 1/2/12 8:23 PM
That is not very good. Is it?

I read all the posts that I could find about this issue and some people have really got it worse than us, but still it is a situation that is easily avoidable. Just delete a couple of lines in the code and that is it.

There has to be a better way to manage this situation. Anyway, we will have to sit and wait.
Re: "As seen on" link anmoose 1/2/12 10:43 PM
No, it's not very good at all. It tends to show how little they care, unfortunately.
Re: "As seen on" link ytKARL 1/3/12 1:57 PM
We're currently looking into improving this system. In the meantime, if you have an As Seen On that you think needs to be removed urgently, you can let us know about it and we can manually take it off for you.
Re: "As seen on" link Willsah 1/4/12 4:48 PM
Hello ytKARL .

Thank you very much for your answer.  How can I contact you to get one of these As Seen On links removed from one of my videos?

Re: "As seen on" link Willsah 1/4/12 4:48 PM
Re: "As seen on" link ChrisHipster 4/5/12 7:36 AM
Hey Google! Sniff test time is done... this feature is foul!!
Re: "As seen on" link LanceJ93612 4/29/12 8:02 AM
Can you please block this guy from placing "As Seen On" tags on my videos?

He's trolling my videos for traffic to his website. It's a Forex based website that has nothing to do with stock trading.

I want:
As Seen On: Forex Course Tutorial...

Removed from my video at:

Also, he's taken over my weekly released videos. Everyone of my weekend stock market update videos now has this As Seen On: Forex Course Tutorial... and it's put there within 24 hours each and every weekend.

I want this jerk blocked permanently from doing this to my videos.

My videos are NOT a opportunity for him to drive traffic to his non-related Forex site.

I can't turn off embedding because I embed my own videos in my blog.

Thank you.

Re: "As seen on" link L V 5/27/12 9:23 PM
Have you reached that youtube guy? I have a similar problem!

ytKARL, if you are reading this, please remove this "อภิโชค แหล่งรวมเลขเด็" from my video: I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUiC3AcLYfc