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Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/4/12 6:55 AM

Just had a company calling themselves 'Dance all Day' claim copyright on the visual content of this video:
The 'visual content' in question is clips from a 1942 cartoon called Superman: The Eleventh Hour.
This cartoon is public domain and was downloaded from
This is paret of a box set by a company called Film Chest.
Film Chest clearly states here that the movies are public domain and can be used without restriction.
Here is the catalogue of the original copyright entry in 1942:
Here is the Wikipedia page which clearly describes what happened to those copyrights:
Summary of the copyright description from Wikipedia...
"The rights to all seventeen cartoons eventually reverted to National Comics, who licensed TV syndication rights to Flamingo Films (distributors of the TV series The Adventures of Superman). All eventually fell into the public domain, due to National failing to renew their copyrights; thus, they have been widely distributed on VHS, laserdisc, and DVD.[6] Nonetheless, Warner Bros., via parent Time Warner's ownership of DC Comics, now owns the original film elements to the cartoons."
SO...  How can this comapny claim copyright to something that is clearly public domain.  I now have adverts on that vid which means this company is generating revenue on something they don't own!!!
This is clearly a scam that has affected others.  Whats more, if I file a dispute then Google / Youtube will almost certainly find in their favour!
More discussions on Dance all Day here:
Pretty shocking they can get away with this!!!
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/4/12 7:24 AM
I actually once spoke to them on the phone. FWIW, I don't think it's a deliberate scam, I think they just don't take their responsibilities seriously.

If you read both those threads, you'll know that, given a little persuasion, they will actually remove erroneous claims quite quickly. And since I wrote my response to the first thread you linked to, I've heard rumours (and they are only rumours) that YouTube has been cracking down on companies that don't play fair.

Basically, the initial match is automated, and an automated system is never perfect. It's possible, for example, that some music in your video sounded like a different piece of music administered by Dance All Day. If you dispute the claim, they should review it manually and remove their claim. If they don't do that, judging by my experience and what other people have said, if you contact them directly they will remove any erroneous claim.
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/4/12 7:27 AM
Oh, and just to be clear on this: neither YouTube nor Google make any judgement one way or the other. It's entirely in the hands of Dance All Day: Dance All Day have a claim on your video, only Dance All Day can remove or confirm a claim. When you dispute a Content ID match, your dispute goes straight to Dance All Day.
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/4/12 7:58 AM
Cheers for replying Rewboss. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Just to be clear though - they made a copyright claim on the visual content not the audio. I've had erroneous matches on audio before and it's been pretty painless to sort out.
I'd have thought it would have been less likely with visuals.
Perhaps... perhaps they own copyright to some kind of Superman cartoon but certainly not this one. No one does! :)
I have Dance all Day's contact address so i'll contact them if they don't settle this through the dispute process.
Re: Dance all day Scam oryom 3/6/12 10:06 PM

Encountered the same problem.

Could not figure out what are the third party copyrights, as it is a video of me giving a lecture.

Thought it was my logo – maybe the fonts. But could not find any entity by the name DANCE ALL DAY related to fonts.

Would very much appreciate the contact details of that entity.

Do remember somebody made money out of this scam.  Should not youtube compensate us …???


Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 2:19 AM
Hi Oryom,
To contact Dance all Day visit:
I emailed them the other day and am waiting to hear back.
I said to Rewboss that i'd give them the benefit of the doubt but further research has led me to believe they are deliberately targeting videos.  As you say, they are making money off this.  Money they are not entitiled to and the whole review process is skewed in their favour.
Unfortunately, this is nothing to do with Google / Youtube.  They are merely middle men and don't care one way or the other.  The You went out of Youtube a long time ago.
Hope you manage to get it sorted.
Re: Dance all day Scam oryom 3/7/12 2:27 AM

Tnx Mike!

youtube has the solution!

They provide the platform – they are responsible!

We should put the pressure on them, not on some cheaters hiding somewhere in Germany and degrade youtube and its' users.

I have looked around - there are so many complaints re dance all day - youtube should, even by relevant laws to deal with the issue.

Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 2:42 AM
Dance All day are breaking the law.  They're not the only company sadly.
It all gets rather complicated though as each of the entities, eg Me (UK), DaD (Germany) and Google (US) are in differing countries.  If Google and or DAD won't do anything then the only recourse is legal action which would be costly.
I agree that some kind of pressure on Google to be more proactive with these disputes is in order.
Re: Dance all day Scam oryom 3/7/12 2:45 AM
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/7/12 6:50 AM
Counternotifications will not work for Content ID matches. Counternotifications will only work for videos that have been taken down as a result of a copyright infringement notification.
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 7:09 AM
Unfortunately, that is correct.  It seems the claimant - In this case Dance all Day - automatically assume ownership of the content without checking.
I have emailed them and await a response.  Beyond that i'll try phoning but I don't hold my breath.  As you pointed out earlier, they (And a few others it seems) don't take their responsibilities seriously.
At the end of the day I still don't understand how they can make a claim on the visual content.  I don't even see how they can do it by accident via automation.  The audio yes but not the visual.  I doubt there will be an answer to that.
Re: Dance all day Scam oryom 3/7/12 7:22 AM
That the phone No. to call: +49 861 1661730 !!! Sonia.
She asks for a link to your channel - and that my friends is the bigger trap ...  Once they have it your in their hands.
Still say - it is up to youtube to solve this issue.
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 8:34 AM
So is this the scam?  They claim on one of your videos and hope by contacting them you'll agree to link accounts enabling them to get revenue from the rest of the vids?
If this is the case then Youtube / Google absolutely MUST do something!
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 9:09 AM
Well, well, well... Doing a bit of digging on Dance all Day.
It seems they also go under another name called
Quick Google (Ha ha) dearch and I came across this:
Bear with me whilst I do a bit more digging on this shady company.
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/7/12 9:10 AM
Oh good grief.

No, a "link to your channel" does not mean that they want you to somehow link your channel with theirs. It means they want... well, a link, a hyperlink, a URL, a URI, an address, whatever you like to call it. One that looks like this:

They need that if you're contacting them by phone because they need to know what video or videos you're actually talking about. Unless you want to give an 11-character video ID like "Nn0jReZqZQs" over the phone ("Capital N, small N, zero, small J...") to somebody whose native language is not English. They just need to know the username so they can look it up in their records and see which of your videos they've claimed.

Honestly, I can understand some skepticism, but jumping to conclusions like that isn't helping anyone.
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 9:14 AM
Check out these reviews of aka Dance all Day...
I'll paste one review in...
"I tried Feiyr, but what I can only say is that this company is a gang of robbers, they do not provide you with the services they claim to provide, they charge for this and that all the time additionally, they change the terms and conditions of their website whenever they want without informing their customers, they block label accounts and further on sell the content without paying to Labels. Even YouTube suspended their profile due to numerous complaints of copyrights holders - keep away from this shit service!"
So... Youtube suspended their profile.  I'll have to look into that.
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/7/12 9:16 AM
And yes, Feiyr is a subsidiary of Dance All Day. That's perfectly normal business practice, and this information is readily available on the Dance All Day website. They also own Vinyl-Distribution, djshop and Vinyl24. These are all owned by Dance All Day, and they all offer different products and services, and Dance All Day does not try to hide the fact.

Come on, be serious. Dance All Day may not be particularly competent, but they are legit.
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 9:16 AM
More evidence on aka Dance all Day...
Sure... it's circumstancial.  No concrete proof etc.
Should be proof enough that something is going on!
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 9:18 AM
I'm not debating that they're legit.  However their business practices are clearly shady.
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 9:24 AM
I don't think that's what oryom means at all Rewboss.  See this discussion...
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/7/12 9:24 AM
Allegedly shady. The company has all the contact details on their website as required by German law, with the sole exception of an e-mail address, so if anyone has been defrauded by them in any way, all the normal legal remedies are open to them.

But what does this prove or change? Just get in touch with them and they will remove erroneous claims from your videos. You shouldn't really have to do this, but if everyone who's affected by them in the same way does this, they should get the message.

Yes, they need to tighten up their practices and understand what their responsibilities are. But just because some random people on the net who've had unpleasant experiences call them "crooks" doesn't mean they are.
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/7/12 9:26 AM
And how do you suppose Dance All Day is going to get you to click on a link on the phone?
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 9:29 AM
It doesn't prove they're not either.  If they are a perfectly legit company and made an honest mistake then they'll rectify it quick smart wont they.
They're hardly rushing to respond to my email and yet they could verify they owned the 'content' within a couple of hours.
If they respond i'll hold my hand up and say you where right.  I'll also amend the posts.  They stand for now though.
Re: Dance all day Scam rewboss 3/7/12 9:51 AM
It's nearly 7pm in Germany right now, and yours isn't the only e-mail they have to deal with. Be reasonable.
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 10:31 AM
Reasonable?  I emailed them two days ago and yet they 'confirmed' their ownership within hours.  Come on man!
Re: Dance all day Scam mikegblues 3/7/12 11:04 AM
This is an interesting thread:
Worth a read.  Different company, same BS.
Re: Dance all day Scam ShockwaveEXE 4/12/12 7:55 AM
Same thing happened to one of my videos where they certainly dont own the rights. Disputed the claim and they rejected it. How are they allowed to get away with this?
Re: Dance all day Scam kisbahlayish 5/30/12 4:35 PM
Dance all day is filing claim to royalty free music. They are fraudulent. They will be caught!
Re: Dance all day Scam DavinDaGeek 6/15/12 11:29 AM
Dance All Day are a really big issue and need be looked into by Google. In the past they've filed false copy right claims on my music I created with royalty free instrument loops. Seen here. 

But now they have opened a new can of worms and claimed that they own Visual content to a video where I only show my face. I emailed these guys and hope they remove this claim, if they don't then they're gonna have to answer to my lawyers.
Re: Dance all day Scam DavinDaGeek 6/15/12 3:50 PM
Dance All Day just made another copyright claim on one of my videos claiming they own visuals of it when there is nothing in there visual but my face.

It's a pretty old video and I was new to youtube then, however that's besides the point. They even said they do own the rights to my video and reinstated the claim after I disputed. I emailed them and am waiting for them to reply. Going to give them about two weeks before I get my lawyers involved.

Heck I even tried to give them the benefit of the doubt when they filed a claim on one of my other videos, but I see now that they're unprofessional and don't know what they are doing. 
Re: Dance all day Scam rbraxley 9/24/12 3:29 PM
Yup, me too.  In my case, their song and my song are, essentially, identical.  Of course they would be since both of us used GarageBand loops (Delicate Piano) for song creation.  Funny thing, though, I posted my video in 2007 while they posted their song in 2012--a gap of FIVE YEARS.  The artist they represent (according to his own MySpace page) was about 13 when I posted my video.  

Since I don't own a time machine (Dang!) I was completely unable to leap forward in time to swipe this rather mediocre tune from a German teen.  I'm afraid you'll just have to blame me (and GarageBand) for it.

FWIW, here's a video I posted about the topic:

Re: Dance all day Scam Munrow100 6/28/13 4:26 AM
I used the lindy hop scene from the 1942 film Hellzapoppin' and got a "Dance All Day" copyright claim too. I got the film clip from the same place,, the specific location there is at, and it is in the public domain.
Re: Dance all day Scam Jay Mc 9/9/13 12:11 PM
google need to wake the hell up this Dance All Day company are constantly stealing and claiming copyright for which they have no right too.. but as always google never reply to emails and sit on the fence making loads out of all the advertising.
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