Video stop at 11 sec. no sound.

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Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. jcdraider 8/3/12 12:59 AM
Playing videos with Google chrome stop at 11 seconds and don't have sound. Anyone have a fix for this? Here's the debug info from a random video: cl=32462318&stacktrace=&ts=1343847974&fs=0&debug%5Fdate=Fri%20Aug%203%2002%3A56%3A59%20GMT%2D0500%202012&asat=video&debug%5FflashVersion=WIN%2011%2C3%2C31%2C222&feature=g%2Dall%2Dxit&h=360&droppedFrames=0&ad%5Flen=15&stageFps=24&lact=11261&volume=100&len=1124&ad%5Fevent=4&plid=AATGV99CUHN8SKrt&cid=666950&referrer=None&sidx=0&tsphab=0&ad%5Fv=fbuRFaVPtjA&tspne=0&tspfdt=undefined&sst=0&sendtmp=1&vid=032q9vZ2SF6gipogdyB1UzEVMiTF3dPkR&el=detailpage&videoFps=0&uga=m32&ad%5Fsys=AdSense&w=640&at=2%5F2&ad%5Fstl=0%2E985&skip=1&sdetail=f%253Ag%2Dall%2Dxit%252C&fexp=920704%2C919329%2C920706%2C924700%2C912806%2C906055%2C912706%2C913547%2C909414%2C907344%2C907217%2C912114%2C915507%2C924500%2C902518%2C900816%2C904721%2C919804&ptk=thegamestation&fmt=34&csipt=watch5ad&ad%5Fid=13957638674&vq=auto&allowed=1%5F2%2C1%5F1%2C1%5F3%2C2%5F2%5F2%2C2%5F2&tpmt=0&cfps=0&hl=en%5FUS&screenw=1360&cr=US&mt=0&screenh=768&playerw=640&debug%5FvideoId=LacKR6pnHM4&playerh=390&debug%5FsourceData=&scoville=1&debug%5FplaybackQuality=medium&pd=0&mos=0&ad%5Fflags=0&art=1%2E898
Re: Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. Bwangster12 8/3/12 5:49 AM
Very weird... I just noticed this yesterday too.  I can try to be playing any video (Youtube or any flash based video site) and the video stops after a few seconds and I get no sound at all.

Meanwhile, the videos play perfectly find in IE.  Tried deleting cookies, temp internet files, etc.  

Re: Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. doc11 8/3/12 9:20 AM
Ive had this prob for weeeks. Ive removed Adobe flash software from PC. Does not run in Chrome either which has own version of Shockwave, However do run on my laptop with earlier versions of Shockwave!!
Re: Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. Hyedra 8/3/12 10:24 AM
Hi there, here is a solution that works fine for me, type about:plugins on the url space, a list of plugins will appear. Disable "Flash" plugin from chrome, then go to, download and install it. They will advice you that Flash plugin in ur google chrome its disable but dont worry for that.

Once u install flash, u can see and listen videos on youtube, facebook etc.

Re: Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. Craig... 8/3/12 10:45 AM
It's just not Crome. I'm having the same problem with firefox but I have sound. It only happens 1 out of 5
Re: Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. Deglemon 8/3/12 12:18 PM
the same thing, 11th second. reinstalling the Adobe Flash Player does not help!
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Re: Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. jcdraider 8/3/12 12:31 PM
Ty, Hyedra, that worked for me. For those that don't no how bring up the chrome plugins just type,about:plugins, or chrome://plugins/.
Re: Video stop at 11 sec. no sound. Hyedra 8/3/12 12:52 PM
No problem :), i think it's a problem from Shockwave Flash plugin in Chrome