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Video Response Suggestions Grayrage 4/16/12 5:34 AM
The video response feature is great, but is poorly implemented.   Presently, if you post a video response to someone's video it marks it as being used as a response regardless of whether it was accepted by the video owner or not.   This makes it hard to tell if you should use the video as a response somewhere else or to sit and wait for the video owner to notice you posted a video response.

An alternative is to allow a video to apply as a response to multiple video videos.   Once it is accepted it the application to the other videos is then removed.   Another possible help is in the video manager to list that a video is being used in a video response and to show it's status (applied or accepted).

Lastly, could we add a search parameter for videos that allow responses without approval?  Frankly I am tired of the crap shoot trying to find an active user who actually notices I am trying to post a video response.  I would much rather just search for videos that allow video responses without approval.

Hope you have time to review my suggestions regarding this issue as it will help me quite a bit!!   Thanks much!

Re: Video Response Suggestions anmoose 4/16/12 8:30 AM
What you suggest would be like handing an engraved invitation to spammers.

Re: Video Response Suggestions JDoors 4/16/12 9:11 AM
Video responses: Yet another feature DESTROYED by attempts to stop evil spammers.
Re: Video Response Suggestions anmoose 4/16/12 9:20 AM
Not really destroyed, just put in the hands of the video owner, where they belong. A video owner can elect to allow responses without reviewing them, if they so desire. Most leave it at the default, requiring approval. (You do have the option of not allowing them at all.) When I post a video response that's on topic, and relevant to the original video, they always get approved within a day. Likewise, when I get a video response, and it's relevant to my video, I approve it the moment I receive the notice. If it's not relevant, or off topic, or spammy, I'll reject it in a heartbeat. That's not destroying the feature, it's maintaining control.
Re: Video Response Suggestions teknoaxe 4/16/12 9:39 AM
What I really would love is for the response bar to come back, and above the top know...where four videos at a time were displayed, but you could cycle through the responses by pressing an arrow button.  That was an awesome feature.  Please bring it back.
Re: Video Response Suggestions klawdek 5/11/12 6:10 PM
The video response feature is completely broken.  Video responses are mostly not even possible.  When you make a video response the channel owner gets an email notification and a link to make approval.  There is no way to change the setting to allowing responses without approval.  I have changed it on all of my videos and approval is still required but not possible to give.

I still get emails for approval to video responses even though the setting has been changed.  It is not possible most of the time to give the approval because the videos never show up in the waiting for approval section of my inbox.  It always has a big banner that says no videos awaiting response.

The video response system is completely broken.