no statistics available ?

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no statistics available ? cap4201 2/9/12 2:05 AM
My video has been up for about 5 days..
When I try to view statistics, it syas "no statistics available"
They used to available within 1-2 days
What's going on?
Re: no statistics available ? cap4201 2/9/12 2:05 AM
Re: no statistics available ? Ben Swithen 2/9/12 3:03 AM
It might be down to the number of views, or what sort of statistics you're trying to look at.  Often my videos have to be up for ages before I can look at any statistics other than simple view-count.
Re: no statistics available ? saligar1 2/25/12 3:15 PM
Hi I find the Statisics invalulabe and look at them daily, however today for the first time they are gone and I am left with this message "no statistics available" can you please advise on how to get them back
it certainly isnt from looking at others the views.......................would be most grateful for a fix solution
Re: no statistics available ? Blueblur16 5/23/12 12:52 PM
IKR?! mine is having the same problem