Collab anybody?

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Collab anybody? doordadoor 7/30/12 11:25 PM
I am averaging 60+ subscribers a day, and currently have 2k subscribers. I want to collab or box 4 box people who are growing at the same pace.
Collab anybody? JermTheWorm 8/29/12 1:07 PM
What are your videos about? Channel? I might be interested.
Re: Collab anybody? DoorDaDoorChallenges 8/31/12 12:13 PM
This is the same person. I had changed my nickname or something haha. I got 3600 subscribers now. And I go door to door getting people to do stuff. Like throw pies in our face. All random houses at the peoples doorstep. Whats your channel?
Re: Collab anybody? Gary Lett 10/1/12 9:37 AM
hey wats good im down for a collab send me a song with an open verse ill jump on it i love collabs, gets music out all over the country and exposes talent that never gets to work with ya...halla back