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"Confidential Content" Message

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"Confidential Content" Message Nicholas Proto 5/9/13 12:15 PM
Today, I was using YouTube and I looked up the Bioshock "Rapture" theme. However, a strange, red, alert notification appeared above the video search stating:

"Experiment: There may be confidential content in your search results. Please do not share outside Google."

I couldn't find anything about this message online, besides another question someone asked on this site which did not receive an answer yet.

So what exactly does this mean? Is Google cracking down on copyrighted videos, or is it something else?

Re: "Confidential Content" Message Teresa7 5/9/13 12:27 PM
While the red banner may be alarming, I don't think it is anything to be concerned about.

Re: "Confidential Content" Message Josh 12345 5/9/13 12:51 PM
Maybe it has something to do with the launch of paid subscriptions.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message RomanAngel 5/9/13 12:51 PM
There used to be some replies here.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Josh 12345 5/9/13 12:52 PM
Why is it redirecting us to this post?
Re: "Confidential Content" Message rocketsfan05 5/9/13 12:52 PM
I saw the same thing, I figured it had to do with the subscription thing.
(unknown) 5/9/13 12:54 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Josh 12345 5/9/13 12:55 PM
Here is the original post, not sure why it is being redirected, considering my post was earlier than this one.!topic/youtube/ndtnqUJJ-P8/discussion[1-25-true]

Re: "Confidential Content" Message sheepwolf2004 5/9/13 12:58 PM
i think some fishface at youtube has way too much free time so he or she is making weird stuff happen
Re: "Confidential Content" Message RICHARD CRAIG 5/9/13 12:58 PM
Prepare to see this thread closed by google very shortly!!!
Re: "Confidential Content" Message epontius 5/9/13 12:59 PM

On Thursday, May 9, 2013 2:55:42 PM UTC-5, Josh Gillman wrote:
Here is the original post, not sure why it is being redirected, considering my post was earlier than this one.!topic/youtube/ndtnqUJJ-P8/discussion[1-25-true]

This one is being monitored by staff... so the other threads concerning this issue have been redirected to this one to keep things in one place.
btw, staff is investigating. Obviously, this wasn't an intended thing, so I would expect it to be resolved shortly.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Josh 12345 5/9/13 1:13 PM
Hopefully they give a better explanation than this!
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Adam Jacques 5/9/13 1:15 PM
Does no one care that the confidential content in everyone's search results might be yours? Or anyone's for that matter?
Re: "Confidential Content" Message epontius 5/9/13 1:18 PM
More than likely they will fix it and not provide any explanation at all.

(unknown) 5/9/13 1:22 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Erica Link 5/9/13 1:22 PM
I got that message too.

I get it is probably a bug but it was kind of alarming to see that. (ok really alarming...sorry..)
Re: "Confidential Content" Message RomanAngel 5/9/13 1:25 PM
Maybe that banner is only for internal use and it leaked some way. :P
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Keith Cockrell 5/9/13 1:38 PM
Please do not share outside Google.  When you google search it you see a lot from and other sites.  Come on people, follow instructions :)
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Alistor Dark 5/9/13 1:41 PM
Illuminati. idk if it can get more obvious at this point. -_- I never wanted to be that guy
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Steven Rivas 5/9/13 1:45 PM
THe Illuminati was a scientific group from the 18 century. Mhm its defiantly them.  
Re: "Confidential Content" Message DoubleUpGaming 5/9/13 1:49 PM
Hello we have now released a video about it
(unknown) 5/9/13 1:52 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Mason Armstrong 5/9/13 2:00 PM
This is strange I've been searching about this for around an hour .. and all the questions on this subject seem to be getting deleted wtf is going on !
Re: "Confidential Content" Message anmoose 5/9/13 2:27 PM
Grab your tin hats, folks. It's getting deep in here.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message lauris3722 5/9/13 2:35 PM
Do you realize it's YOUtube, a social video-sharing site?
Re: "Confidential Content" Message ytKeane 5/9/13 2:47 PM
We're working on fixing this - the issue should be resolved soon. No confidential content is appearing in search results.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message epontius 5/9/13 2:58 PM
Seems to be fixed now.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Lydia Xavier 5/9/13 5:17 PM
The alert was labeled "experiment", so maybe the confidential information they were referring to was the alert itself.  It could have been something they thought of out of the blue and used just to survey their reactions via people's Google search results.

I know of a few websites that have done this before, and considering this year's April Fool's joke, the theory doesn't sound so far-fetched to me.

Re: "Confidential Content" Message Mozzshows 5/9/13 5:30 PM
This is my reaction to the problem
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Neoxxe 5/9/13 5:33 PM
The French translation of this says that you shouldn't share it with third parties, you keep your search results to yourself. I think that Youtube had a problem where information identifying the user appeared in the search results URL, hence why YouTube told us not to share it.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message andythebeagle 5/9/13 9:03 PM
Grab your tin hats, folks. It's getting deep in here.

Whenever I'm on this forum, I always wear mine.  Besides, if you read into it, someone is afraid of being left behind............Chicken shits...........gonna be much nicer here after the so called rupture.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message HERE IS THE LINK ..... http://thesnitchprotocol.blogspot .com/2013/05/you-tube-makes-it-illegal-to-share.html 5/11/13 12:26 AM

I found this ASTRONOMICAL article about


"There is a time when erasure is a right thing"


Re: "Confidential Content" Message RomanAngel 5/11/13 1:27 AM
Idon't know about this; seems excessively conspirative. I think is not even possible to do all that stuff and is pointless. On the other hand, the guy is a religious fanatic. I don't trust those. Look at the end of the text:


Go buy some big flashlights  because the rapture will occur when the sun and the moon are completely black. This is the time when the government will hit the earth with an emp attack (worldwide blackout) STAY IN YOUR BIBLE ALL DAY EVERYDAY. GO TO SLEEP ON YOUR KNEES IN PRAYER AND WAKE UP READING WHERE YOU LEFT OFF.

I mean...really? pffffffff. Bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Re: "Confidential Content" Message 로바스트카르멘 5/11/13 2:30 AM
That link is a complete lie. "REQUIRES acceptance of the 666 microchip" Why would the microchip be 666? Obviously because it's a Christian website that is calling someone the devil in disguise.
Re: "Confidential Content" Message nicholas_jordan456 5/11/13 7:13 AM
i have pulled channels using the developer interface and can tell whomever is willing to do the work that EVERY_THING any chan ever did is right there for all to see ▬ i cannot even do email currently without it blasting the entire content into the clear for Chertoff Group to see and do with as may suit the suits thus—to answer your words directly—if i put anything on the internet that is not enciphered prior to the post then i consider it fair-use for far-deeper spooks than what this is running at having posted on a phd site that speaks at Oval Office gatherings on the subject of cyber-bully then have my fun-and-games cia operatives (with console access) twist my post around to have me killing one of their gang-members ← that was funny, this is not .... this scares me so bad i am losing sleep over it
(unknown) 5/11/13 7:21 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Confidential Content" Message DoubleUpGaming 5/11/13 7:22 AM
Re: "Confidential Content" Message Erica Link 5/11/13 11:17 AM

Um....No...that's not anything close to the truth.

and to think forum users were popping off about people being freaked out and cracking tin foil jokes before....
(unknown) 5/11/13 11:25 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 5/11/13 11:25 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Confidential Content" Message anmoose 5/11/13 12:11 PM
Note to self: Buy more stock in Reynolds Aluminum.
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