Lost access to my account.

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Lost access to my account. charliepreacher 7/5/12 5:43 AM
I was trying to link my YouTube account to a new email address.
I ended up opening new account and losing all access to my original account.
Since my email and password is now attached to the new account, I can't get back to my original. My YouTube page is just videos of me playing music, but its my music, and if I want to add or take down my videos it would be nice. If anyone out there can help. that would be great.


Re: Lost access to my account. The Lady from UNCLE 7/5/12 6:45 AM
In order to log into a different Google account with that different email address and password from the one your YouTube channel has to be currently linked to in order for you to have been using it you must first log out of the new different one and then log into the YouTube channel with its username and password.

If your new email address/Google account is/uses GMail and that GMail is named the same as the YouTube before the @ symbol then log into that GMail and change its password because the system cannot tell the difference between the new GMail and the older YouTube channel since they have the same name.

Otherwise- what do you mean you lost access?  What happens when you try?