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Wont let me Monetize Mark3611 7/31/12 12:12 AM
Hi i just joined a network and i am trying to Monetize my content but theirs a bug i received a guide line strike a while back that got appealed but its causing me from monetizing why is this strike still showing after the strike was appeal any help...
Re: Wont let me Monetize Mark3611 7/31/12 4:12 PM
No one...
Re: Wont let me Monetize mubd 8/3/12 2:11 AM
I don't know if there are any admins who will take note of this, but Mark3611 was formerly a person who did Youtube Poops of infomercial videos, and gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers due to this. Mark3611 stopped making videos for a year or two, if I remember correctly. Suddenly, out of the blue, the user began posting weird out of character videos that were nowhere near the quality of previous videos. People began speculating in the comments whether the account had been hacked, but no action was taken by Youtube. First, this new "Mark3611" claimed he was the person who had held the account and made the videos in much poorer spelling and grammar than usual. Then, in the next video, he claimed in the comments (again with poor spelling and grammar) that he had bought the Youtube account. Now, this "Mark3611" has uploaded Modern Warfare 3 videos (a complete backflip from the previous subject and style of videos that were previously on the channel) under the pseudonym of "Desider" and, this is the worst part, DELETED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS. Sorry for the caps lock there, but I just had to emphasise this severely. I cried with laughter the first time I saw the original Mark3611's videos, because they were hilarious. It seriously frustrates me that if you are watching someone getting hacked, you can't do jack about it because of the way Youtube's support system works. The inaction on Youtube's part with regards to the channel being hacked has left me and I'm sure quite a few other thousands of loyal fans to the original Mark3611 disheartened. I seriously hope this new "Mark3611" will never get his account monetised or if he has had his account monetised, PLEASE have it promptly demonetised, as he has essentially raped and pillaged a fantastic selection of videos and stolen hard-earned subscribers to Mark3611 in order to get money every time he uploads a terrible Modern Warfare video.  There is significant evidence that this "Mark3611" is not the same as the one that was uploading Youtube Poops, such as the huge difference in voice between a Billy Mays tribute video to Mark3611's terrible Modern Warfare 3 tricks and glitches video. I hope
Re: Wont let me Monetize Colette W 8/3/12 5:55 AM
No you cannot do anything about someone else's channel being hacked - because how do you know it was hacked?  How do you know he didn't give it to his little brother or sell it (even though that's against the TOS) to his neighbor?  As with copyright, only the owner knows the real story of what's going on, & whether the person is doing it with permission or not.
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