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Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube MuraliVee 4/13/11 10:59 AM
Hi everyone,

A frequent complaint on this forum is about users getting into safety mode without intending to do so and not being able to get out of it even when they changed the safety mode setting. We investigated this by asking for more details from many individual users on the forum who were seeing this behavior. The common factor in those responses were that this behavior was happening on YouTube and on other sites, for example on Google's search results. 

We have concluded that this is because of software installed on user's machine or a setting by the user's network administrator that turns on safety mode for all their activities on certain sites. Here is an example of similar question on Google search forums -

You can contact your network administrator or check for filtering software on your computer to address this issue.

Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube scorpion4915 4/20/11 7:48 PM
yes its about time :)

Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Annoying Popups 4/26/11 9:15 PM
If you have K9 Web Protection, and are having the safety mode problem: Log in to your K9 administrator account, clickon Advanced K9 Settings, and uncheck the box next to "Force Safe Search".

Hope this helps.
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Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Encryption 5/2/11 7:39 AM
@Bubbly12 Yes, that's a wonderful thing to post on a thread by a Google Employee.
Safety Mode is a good feature, but can be annoying sometimes, since its not entirely correct with everything.
Not to mention the school I go to has everything Strict Safe.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Im_me 5/5/11 5:40 AM
as we all know ..these days are bad for google, people are very about the security of their mail, Google account ,blogs..etc..they are not believing google ! So,by the help of this form give your feed back about this...we must  have patience..I lost,google,facebook,blog in these 10 days...and most important my level 5...on this "BLOGGERS" Forum but still I have patience and i am w8ing.. for...........some good news................. 
Till then..feed me back...have a great day..............


here on this link:

Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube MissAmily90210 5/17/11 12:35 AM
I am sick and tired dealing with safety mode glitches and not be able to sign in and/or redirected to the full views of all the videos.  I am 38 years old European female.  I am getting blocked from been able to see and listen to the video that are what you call it "age-restricted"  I am so sick and tired trying to deal with the system problems, glitches and the close minded American society as a whole....  Yes, sure: " this video was flagged by the community!"  OMG! there was a girl dancing provocative in a short dress( refering to video called chicka boom) !!!  Don't like it? - turn your computer off, walk away and let other people enjoy....seriously?  Anyhow, please ANYONE get back to me and fix the problem.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube misschristina151 5/19/11 5:45 PM
i agree with missamily i am sick and tired of it too thers videos i want to watch that have nothing wrong with it at all that im used to watch before the safty glitch plz do the same and get back to me i am eager to start watching my videos i have subscribed to
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Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Nusaik 5/21/11 4:50 AM
I have the problem too.
I have a laptop I sometimes take to a friend's house. When I use YouTube on my own modem, everything works fine, but when I take my laptop to my friend's house, YouTube is locked to safety mode and I can't change it back. Also my language and location settings are changed to Dutch and Netherlands (my actual language and location).
I prefer to use English and worldwide as my language and location and safety mode is really annoying. When I get home I have to change back my settings.
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Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube 40KEndgame 5/23/11 6:35 PM
I never had issues with this, but the fact that Google just tells us to STFU and deal with it makes me furious enough to hope that their servers are physically destroyed in the near future.
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Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube debboyd76 5/28/11 8:12 PM
cannot get audio with the videos I choose to watch

Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube deamondstears 6/16/11 2:04 AM
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube seantelevisom 6/18/11 12:40 PM
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Strilight 6/30/11 3:56 AM
Changing the page layout, I can deal with. I came here to watch videos. I can still do that.

Adding the playlist bar I can deal with. I can watch videos. That's all I came here to do.

But not letting me watch videos is going too far. Just because some people can't afford FREE monitoring/blocking software, doesn't mean the rest of us have to live with it. Ever heard of the motif, Loss of Innocence? Is the community or your own ignorance to blame for what your child has seen? The answer to that question is your own. In this world, many different people have many different views, so using one system to rate what everyone can see is ineffective. Do you want your child to keep being innocent, or do you just want to avoid talking the "talk"? Are you a moral guardian? You think you're saving society, but in reality all you're doing is wasting everybody's time and money.

And By The Waaaaaaay...Beta test your stuff.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube viorexx1 7/8/11 8:01 AM
i agree i dislike safely mode and would like to get rid of it.
what more i never turned it on. i moved to a different browser because i could not turn it off. i made sure i did not turn it on. 
now, it turned itself on the new browser. what in the world is happening. 
i deleted the browers and tried to reinstall it but no luck. its still there. 

how do you get rid of it perminitly 
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Mehnesh 7/14/11 12:54 PM
I have the answer!
download the latest Ultrasurf, after running the app you can change the safety mode to off.

I think this matter caused by service provider filter, and GOOGLE should fix this bug.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube nortellb1 7/14/11 7:38 PM
I am using K9 web protection and I had to disable "block unsafe search"

I am working now and enjoying Naked and Famous - Youngblood song
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Kilyle 7/26/11 4:34 AM
I haven't encountered this problem myself, but I sympathize with people who are. At the same time, I don't agree with the comments about this censorship setting being mere "closed-mindedness." For cryin' out loud, there are videos of horses mating on this site! And I think there should be, don't get me wrong there: I'm not myself troubled by the accessible content. But given how fast I run through random video searches on this site, I know how easy it is to run yourself into content only tangentially related to what you're looking for (if that), and I'm glad there's a censorship setting out there, because I wouldn't be comfortable letting my nephews and nieces run around here unsupervised if not for that.

YouTube is an amazing resource... not only am I able to let my farm-deprived nephews/nieces watch vids of baby animals zoo animals and gerbils and such, but I can use it as a tool to encourage them to develop their reading, spelling, and typing skills as they hunt for vids. So I appreciate the ability to censor content to be family-friendly.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube ilovemydarrione 7/28/11 6:47 PM
i love all of ur post 2 help me wid it
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube alexzim7401 7/29/11 10:59 AM
Try Downloading a new browser it said lock on this browser to me.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Sephiroth878 8/23/11 12:10 PM
Murali you need to be fired..... LOL a network administrator. How many Youtube viewers do you HONESTLY think have a NA???? LOL i guess 15 million 15 yo's have one right??

NO. the problem is your platform. it freezes the cookie to never expire if logged out or it doesn't allow logged in people to change the setting. Whatever department you are in, its probably NOT the right one. Fix the API and stop making bullshit answers for shit you know isn't 100% true.

And also, FILTERING software?? WTF is that supposed to mean? Are you condemning firewalls and pop up blockers because YOUR company cannot properly address the situation? Seriously, stop blaming the end user and fix yo shit.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube dirtywaterr1 8/27/11 5:59 PM
remember anyone that signed up for youtube and has a video or an account should be warned there are people that love to harrass, post mean and malicious comments and threaten people on this site doesnt help u with this, you are on your own ...they will not help u remove comments posted on other videos and they will not remove your name if u are harassed or your name is defamed ..people that are out to get u will use different tactics to keep the comments on youtube ...they can add the comments to another video so u cant remove it..btw ...anyone uses your name on youtube it will appear all over google search aware that this could hurt u or other people
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube inreturn2 9/9/11 1:58 PM
How do I turn off safety mode?
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube ChoiJung DP 9/16/11 10:56 AM
how can i Recover my account? TT_______TT

i don't know before youtube and google plus is link

so i make google+ account and i delete it cuz it had some problem

and then i make new google+ account again

i don't know before, canceling google+ is effect to youtube account!!

today i just found my youtube account close!

i'm so sad , i have a lots my video TT________TT

what youtube email i can send problem to youtube?

ps sorry for poor english, i'm Thai people = =; ..
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Janie Poo 9/26/11 3:22 PM
I suggest you just sit back and think and use all of your brain power to stimulate and think and focus.  Then re address the problem without worry.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube drimranliaquat 9/29/11 2:49 AM
MY ACCOUNT NAMELY before 15 days hack but my account is restore that hacker delete my all videos please restore my all videos urgency

Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube aylasozundendonmez 9/29/11 2:54 PM
YouTube the reason why I can't see my recent activity it's because it's gone all I saw are the same thing over and over again.Please get it back I don't want anymore glitches please:)
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Janie Poo 10/25/11 1:30 PM
I think we should just use Zen and channel you inner Bikram.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Queenliz 10/28/11 9:49 AM
I agree with the idea of safety mode,but the reality is unbearable. While this issue doesn't make me want to use profanity it does make me sick of the narrow-mindedness of fellow Americans. I have witnessed the ruination of many great sites due to things similar to safety mode. Most of us are adults and are responsible for our own actions. It isn't anyones place to tell me what is appropriate and what is not. To the parents out there that complained about "offensive" material,It is YOUR responsibility to moniter what your children watch. Here is a hint K9 Web Protection. When I turned 17 and got my first laptop(yes I was 17,my parents were and still are firm believers in monitering children's internet usage) they would check my history and and other info randomly. When my siblings got there own computer I pointed out K9 Web Protection. Now my dad gets emails anytime my siblings try to access what they shouldn't. If you don't have kids and are just offended by the material personally then follow these steps: stop,exit whatever you are viewing,and go watch/view/read something else. Before you go and tagg something as offensive do this: Ask yourself does this in any way not comply with the Terms Of Aggrement or Terms of Service. If it doesn't then report it. If it does, then ask yourself is this the personal beliefs of someone else(ie.religion,political view,exc) if it is then don't report it. If you cannot handle being a mature and responsible adult get off the internet.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube alienaRJ 11/14/11 4:59 AM
How in the world can I disable this safety mode?
Is this some kind of joke? I disable it, & it's still on....
I disabled ALL my security programs, deleted my history, NOTHING WORKED. & the videos I can't see on youtube are plain normal videos. Nothing "unsecure" about them. YOUTUBE JUST SUCKS.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube aylasozundendonmez 1/8/12 7:27 AM
Excuse me,but YouTube had another error can you please fix it.This error looked like this Please fix my YouTube account please:)
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube aylasozundendonmez 2/11/12 2:13 PM
Excuse me,but my YouTube inbox is broken.Everytime I tried to send a reply to the message it still gave me the error.Could you please fix my inbox and please let me send the replies please:)
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Bscottb96 4/18/12 2:28 PM
Guys, I think I figured out a little trick to this. I was on the Google search and it came up with a little "learn more" type thing that talked about SSL. Basically it talks about securing web browsers and other things. The major this was changing URLs from http:// to https:// notice the "s" at the end of the http. So I tried it on Youtube since my safety lock is stuck on there. I typed and scrolled down to see the safety lock still on BUT when I disabled it this time it was fully off! So give that a try.:) Hope it works for you all.    
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Bscottb96 4/18/12 2:52 PM
Also for google, if it doesn't work with just the https:// try putting this encrypted in front of google too like this,
Hope this helps.:)
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Tarik Kharabsheh 5/18/12 7:39 AM
works like a charm.
thanks mate.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube wolf_man1995 5/27/12 11:59 AM
thank you I am wolf_man1995's older sister I had added K9 protection and did not realize that it had force safety on.
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Kashat 7/31/12 9:13 PM
Thanks that was the ONLY thing that worked! I had nearly given up! I mean between people saying I was just being a "noob" or not seeing the feature to unlock safety mode or that it was locked (which mine wasn't) or to try other browsers (I have 3 and somewhere along the line all 3 became locked but I never locked them) now finally I have all 3 unlocked! Than you so much!I am in my 30's ... no kids .. no reason for safety mode for me. Also if locked it should have an admin (parent) contact to be able to unlock it .. like when they child is old enough for example.

Anyway thank you so much for the solution Bscottb96!!

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Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Geneviève Barry 4/26/13 5:06 AM
OMG, thanks so much, you technically saved my life!
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Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube JunkyJ 5/1/13 11:49 AM
I just made sure that the address started with https:// instead of http:// and - voila - Safe mode switched off by itself!
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube CrispyOwl 5/12/13 11:32 AM
Why should software even be able to modify MY settings? Google is google, and the "software" is its own thing. How can they even be tied together?
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube Momentum1010 6/10/13 6:05 AM
Thanks for your help. Worked instantly.
(unknown) 7/1/13 5:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube S___J 7/1/13 5:58 AM
Normally a video link in the address bar looks like

two methods to see such a blocked video

1. change 'http' with 'https' (or add 'https://' in front of '')
   so that

2. replace 'watch' with 'watch_popup'
   so that

Re: Users stuck in safety mode on YouTube PixelOz 8/10/13 9:38 PM
I had a different and worst problem with K9. I had several PCs in my home and this HP Pavillion G6 laptop with an A6 CPU (Win 7 64 bit) was having a lot of problems with YouTube videos. The videos were getting stuck, having playback issues, pausing randomly with the gray download bar (the one ahead of the video that indicates how much video you have buffered already) stopping all the time at different points in the video. And I don't mean stopping and continuing when the playback head is starting to reach it as it does in YouTube now, I mean stopping altogether and then allowing the playback head to reach it causing the video to pause several times.

Speed wasn't an issue, I had 5 mbps down/1.5 mbps up and all YouTube videos were playing fine even in 1080p in all the other computers at home. Also sometimes when it stopped at one of those points the video would end abruptly and go to the very end just like that.

After a couple of days trying everything and wondering why this laptop was the only one in the house that was doing that with YouTube (with every browser) and that included deinstalling and reinstalling Flash, Shockwave, Java, clearing the browsers caches, deleting all cookies, deleting all history, starting Firefox in Safe mode, disabling all addons, etc. etc. etc. the problem continued.

Then I remembered that I had installed this K9 software ONLY in this laptop and I wondered if it was the cause of the problem. I tried using it in administrator mode by entering the password which should allow all access for a specified amount of time but the video problems with YouTube continued.

Then I decided as a test to deinstall the program altogether and guess what? The problem was gone and YouTube video playback went back to normal in this machine just like with the other computers, smartphones and tablets in my home. I think it was the cause of the problem. 3 days of quite intensive You Tube use now and the videos are running as fine as before. I'm not putting the software back, nope.

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