Controlling Hateful comments = IP address banning

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Controlling Hateful comments = IP address banning Dyl26 5/5/12 11:30 AM
I've had an Issue with a youtube member posting hateful comments on my videos such as "get off you tube you gay faggot". I blocked the user and reported the user to youtube however all youtube did was delete their comments. Their accounts were still active. It was very clear that their sole purpose of creating the account was to harass and post hateful comments. They continued to create 2 more accounts so they could continue harassing me.

I reported those accounts along with a message attached notifying youtube of the situation. However my concerns went unheard and youtube didn't take the full course of action that they should have.

I think a great effective method of action would be IP banning members. So if accounts are closed they aren't able to create another account because youtube would recognize their IP addres. I know some forums do that, so why can't a world wide famous company such as youtube do the same?

I hope my efforts in trying to reach out to the people of youtube don't go unheard.

Re: Controlling Hateful comments = IP address banning JDoors 5/5/12 12:11 PM
If you had a general understanding of how an IP address is assigned you would understand why it is not a viable solution.
Your ISP provider assigns an address when you connect, so just disconnet, reconnect, and you have a new, unblocked address.
Proxies and networks may have many people using the same address, an address block would block everybodying using it, possibly hundreds, or even thousands of users at once.
Re: Controlling Hateful comments = IP address banning anmoose 5/5/12 12:14 PM
You would benefit from learning a little about IP addresses and "IP banning." IP banning is a very old myth that has had no basis in fact for over a decade. Almost all Internet users are connected to their providers using dynamic IP addresses; e.g. addresses that are NOT fixed. If I want to change my IP address, all I do is turn off my router, wait a minute, and reboot it. *poof* MY provider has assigned me a different IP address. So if you "IP ban" a member, you've banned the address, not the person, and the next innocent user who happens to get that address is suddenly banned from using YouTube.
Re: Controlling Hateful comments = IP address banning PoiMage 5/5/12 6:22 PM
IP banning is something Youtube should have done back in 2005. Now that the site has gotten more people, it's too late in my opinion to blacklist IP addresses from suspected spammers and networks, because this will also affect those who are using shared computers.
Re: Controlling Hateful comments = IP address banning anmoose 5/5/12 7:57 PM
Blocking / banning IP addresses would have been exactly as useless, and exactly as disruptive in 2005 as it is today.