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Change primary email address ibopyoubopwebop 6/26/12 4:13 PM
i want to change my gmail account associated with my YouTube account.
my current gmail account has been hacked.
my youtube channel is quite extensive and i have a lot of Playlists
Is it possible? If not why?


Re: Change primary email address JDoors 6/26/12 4:42 PM
It is not possible to change the gmail account your channel was created with, sorry.
It is not clear what you mean by the gmail account was hacked. If you can sign into your gmail account or Youtube, simply change the password.
Re: Change primary email address ibopyoubopwebop 6/26/12 5:25 PM
by hacked i mean that its getting a lot of SPAM, so i wanted to create a new gmail account
and wanted to migrate my youtube account to it.


Re: Change primary email address JDoors 6/26/12 6:11 PM
Better to keep reporting the spam using the tools gmail provides, eventually they'll be able to filter most of it out for you, but you have to report it to them as spam.
Better, because you can't change the email address of your gmail account, and you can't change the gmail account linked to your channel. You're stuck with it (for the most part).
If you were willing to give up that gmail address and use a NON-gmail address, you could go to the Google account, add a NON-gmail address as a secondary address, then use the form Google provides to choose to remove gmail from that Google account (NOT "close" the gmail account, you would remove gmail "as a service" from that Google account). The Google account, still permanently linked to your channel, would use the secondary non-gmail address from then on.
But you can't change it to another gmail address.
Re: Change primary email address ibopyoubopwebop 6/27/12 7:52 PM
thx for the help and the details but how about that feature called unlink your account
which give you the option to link your youtube channel to another gmail account.
would that help me migrate my channel?


Re: Change primary email address JDoors 6/28/12 5:52 AM
IF your channel still has the option to "unlink," to change the linked Google account, it would be in Settings, Advanced. If it's not there your channel cannot be unlinked.
Note though that the policy that a YouTube channel created with a gmail account is permanently linked to that account still applies. Even if you qualify to unlink, you will ONLY be permitted to link it right back to the same gmail account.
They've thought of everything, you're not going to be able to do what you want.
Re: Change primary email address ZekeM 7/2/12 3:25 AM
I don't know if what JDoors is saying is correct. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you can do it this way:

1. Sign into your Youtube account.
2. Under the box with your username, go to 'Settings'
3. Under account information, next to your profile picture (and below your current Gmail address), go to 'Advanced'.
4. There is then a heading titled 'Change which Google account is linked to this account'. Click on the link underneath titled 'Change Google accounts'

You will then be asked to enter a verification code (CAPTCHA), and have the option to unlink your Youtube account with the current Gmail account.

You will then be taken straight to a page where you need to sign in with the new Google account you want to link to the Youtube account.

Once that's completed, your Youtube account should be now linked with the new Google account.

Re: Change primary email address The Lady from UNCLE 7/2/12 4:04 AM
@Zekem-  Yes, what JDoors wrote is correct.  If the OP used used a GMail for their legacy YouTube channel then, even if the option (which JDoors did point out) exists, it will not work.

In other words- you can unlink it, yes.  But you can only relink it to the same GMail.  Which is a problem because legacy YouTube owners who used GMail think they can, but can't.
Re: Change primary email address JDoors 7/2/12 4:34 AM
@ZekeM, heh-heh, it's one of those nasty "gotchas" that Google has in store for users. As TLFU clarified, yes, if your channel still qualifies to unlink, you can do it. Yay! But if you're unlinking from a gmail account, GOTCHA! There's no notice, no warning, no nothing, but you can ONLY link it to the same gmail account. Without any notification users may spend hours, or more, trying to link to another Google account without knowing why it isn't working. Who in the right mind would just "know" that they have to link it back to the same Google account they wanted to unlink from in the first place?
Re: Change primary email address ibopyoubopwebop 7/5/12 10:26 PM
Unfortunately JDoors is right, i did the experiment and although it seems like it would be possible Google doesn't let it happen which i find very ridiculous and i might complain to them about it. Thanks for being part of this discussion.


Re: Change primary email address The Lady from UNCLE 7/6/12 1:53 AM
Complaining will not help you.  I have debated this anomaly with them for three years and got nowhere.  It has been complained about by people in their droves and nothing.  Google do not consider it to be ridiculous and there are far greater ridiculous things which they consider to be cool so it is just the pits and that is it.