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Inquiry TheDirtBlower 8/17/12 11:35 AM
Hey there Mr. Admin. I just uploaded my movie file to your site..and after I uploaded my video file, one of your support personnel offered me to fix my video's shaky problem, I was sure that most of the content was shaky..It was awesome and amazing that you guys did an almost impossible job on fixing my video file. It appeared like it was a Hollywood movie trailer. I sincerely thank you for fixing are amazing! Please understand why I'm writing you this letter. I just would like to download the video file from you that you just fixed. It could caused dizziness to the viewers if i use the original copy of the video. People in that place where I was filming don't have any internet access that's why they couldn't watch it. Please understand that this people need to see this video. It was not for me enjoy filming it, but It was for the people..dedicated to the people who died buried alive by the landslide. here is link of the video I uploaded hope you will help me. thank you!
Re: Inquiry Justin. 8/17/12 11:42 AM
If the video has not been claimed by a third party, you should be able to download your own videos by clicking the "down" arrow next to the 'edit' button in the video manager and clicking "download mp4", unless youtube does not allow downloading of 'enhanced' copies.