Problems with updating playlists

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Problems with updating playlists frankie164 7/5/12 7:13 AM
Okay. So I have playlists consisting of song that I like, separated into genres.

Recently, I have been organizing them. I changed some of the names of the playlists and added a bunch of songs.

My issue is, after I had done all that and saved the changes, when I go back to listen to the playlists, it seems I have done nothing at all. The playlist title is the same, and the new songs that I have added are no longer there. So, I have basically lost all changes that took time to make. And I am a very cautious person, checking and rechecking and checking again that I have saved any changes (I am a songwriter and graphic designer, it is a necessary habit of mine).

Has anyone had this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Problems with updating playlists xtali 7/5/12 8:07 AM
Same problem here man,I have read around the net and google has noticed the problem,that was 8 days ago,aperantly it is fixed,but many more people like you and me are obviously saying that it isnt...hang around this forum and expect a fix soon...
Re: Problems with updating playlists Bean1227 7/5/12 8:37 AM
And I'm having this issue now, too. I added a video into this playlist:

...only to find out that it looks like it's not showing up. What's funny is that the total video count has gone up if I go to the Video Manager's Playlist tab, but it's still at the same fifteen videos instead of sixteen on the home page or View All Playlists. Either way, it's an annoying bug that needs to be corrected.
Re: Problems with updating playlists CleliaMarie 7/6/12 7:54 PM
Having the exact same problem, tried to add videos to my playlists and they dont show up, its getting frustrating.
Re: Problems with updating playlists eeyore98001 7/6/12 9:28 PM
Yes I'm having this issue as well, hopefully Youtube will fix it soon.....
Re: Problems with updating playlists JDoors 7/7/12 5:29 AM
It's a known bug. There is a pinned thread on the topic. Staff does not try to guess how long it might take to fix bugs so all you can do is wait for the fix.
Re: Problems with updating playlists hurk's talking to you 7/7/12 7:49 AM
I have the same problems since 8 days and till today, ther is no feedback, how long it will take till this problems with the playlists are fixed. not very user friendly ....
Re: Problems with updating playlists erywilliams 7/7/12 7:57 AM
I've been having the same problem since the afternoon of July 4, 2012. :((
Re: Problems with updating playlists Sassa123 8/18/12 7:51 AM
Anyone found a fix, or heard any update - the problem is still happening