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Alt codes 19sept76 4/22/12 8:30 AM
Is it possible to use alt codes on you tube. I have tried without success.
Re: Alt codes Tisiphone's Reign 4/22/12 5:30 PM
It is. I have been able to use them in the comments, the Description, the Title, the annotations--wherever there's a text box. Just hold down Alt and type in the number on the number pad. It seems you have to use a number pad so if you are on a laptop without a separate one, you may have to activate integrated one (the one in the QWERTY keyboard) with the Fn button or something.

It might depend on the browser and operating system you use. I can do this on Google Chrome in Windows 7; however, I cannot do this on Firefox in Ubuntu (there's actually no alt-codes in Ubuntu, but the equivalent doesn't work).