Account Creation for Subsidiary Nonprofit

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Account Creation for Subsidiary Nonprofit damienriehl 8/7/12 11:49 AM
BACKGROUND: A nonprofit entity (church) has a subsidiary organization, which operates quasi-independently. The subsidiary is financially self-sufficient, and even though it's technically under the church's nonprofit umbrella, the subsidiary operates with minimal church involvement. That said, the subsidiary does not have separate 501(c)(3) status.

QUESTION: How can the subsidiary create a YouTube account that is *separate from* (and does not include the name of) the umbrella church?  Since creating a YouTube nonprofit account requires verification of 501(c)(3) status -- which the church has, but the subsidiary does not -- we are concerned that the YouTube channel would bear the umbrella church's name, not the subsidiary's. (We would prefer that the channel bear the name of the subsidiary.)

Are either of these options possible?
(1) Subsidiary creates an account, separately named from the church?
(2) Create TWO channels: one for the umbrella church, and another for the subsidiary?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Re: Account Creation for Subsidiary Nonprofit Roger Barrett 8/8/12 12:25 PM

Currently each 501(c)(3) essentially gets only 1 non profit channel. So the subsidiary could create their own channel and apply to the non profit program with the parent org's EIN but that will mean that the parent organization will not be able to get their own YouTube non profit channel. 

Unfortunately there is no way for both the subsidiary and the parent organization to receive non profit status if they only have one EIN.