Monetizable Views....??

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Monetizable Views....?? razzking 1/10/12 5:21 PM
The main downloadable report on the analytics page shows that I have a certain number of   "Monetizable Views" and  3 columns labeled:    "Total earnings",   "AFVearnings ", and   "Youtube earnings".

*****  How do I find out WHICH OF my videos are the  "Monetizeable" ones, so that I can monetize them? *****

I’ve read everything I could find and see no explanation

Thank you
Re: Monetizable Views....?? Ben Swithen 1/11/12 10:19 AM
Once you're invited to start monetizing (you get a message telling you so), I believe all your videos are monetizable, so long as you own all the relevant copyrights.
Re: Monetizable Views....?? razzking 1/11/12 10:35 AM
Thank you for your well-intentioned attempt to answer my question  but this looks like another onion to peel that nobody really has all the information on.  I do not own any of the rights to the underlying materiel in any of my videos. They are posted under the same fair use rule 99.999% of everybody else's videos are. (Oooh!  Look at, I'm singin' a song)   Ergo I should have zero monetizable views.  And how would Youtube know whether or not I own the rights unless I tell them?  And my understanding from reading thier schpiel is you don't have to wait for an invitation to monetize.

The report says 15 hits... 5 monetizeable  hits. How can I know which videos were monetizable and WHY they were monetizeable? That, as Hamlet said, is the question
Re: Monetizable Views....?? greenflams 1/13/12 2:16 AM
Monetizable views are views that came from users who saw ads on your videos.
Views that come from mobile viewers or those with adblock are not monetizable because no ads were displayed.

For example, your video has 1,000 views.

500 people viewed it from mobile - they did not see ads.
100 who viewed it have an "ad block" program enabled or JavaScript disabled.
100 viewed it from an app or embedding that did not support ads.
300 people watched it on YouTube regularly and saw ads. These 300 views are then called monetizable views, because you only get paid for those.

The stats above vary from time to time, video to video, and user to user.
Re: Monetizable Views....?? razzking 1/13/12 8:26 AM
Greenflam: Thank you. This clarifies some of it.  BUT... There is  only one video of mine with ads on it.  While I guess I won the copyright to the performance I do not own the rights to the song. (Neil Diamond/Sony et al  does). My understanding is I must own  the whole enchilada, all content  in order to monetize anything...?  BUT thanks for the information thus far. we're making progress
Re: Monetizable Views....?? greenflams 1/13/12 1:36 PM
Do not submit videos whose content you don't have the right to.

Sometimes, videos you submit get automatically approved without being reviewed - that does not mean you won the copyright etc. The video was approved so that you don't lose potential revenue, and the video will be reviewed in future, perhaps in a few days, weeks, months, or years, and when YouTube finds out you do not own the complete rights, YouTube will disable your monetization ability entirely, without notice, permanently.
Re: Monetizable Views....?? TommyBNSF 5/24/12 1:49 PM
Sorry to bump the topic, but I have a question about monetizable views.  I do understand why many views aren't monetizable, but questions are:

1.  How many monetizable views do you need before you start making money?  In the last 30 days, I've gotten 1,134 monetizable views, but have $0 in estimated earnings.  Also how many monetizable views on average does it take to equal $1?

Re: Monetizable Views....?? Last Wolf 6/23/12 1:26 PM
I am wondering this as well. On Adsense it says I've had only 400 views and very very few clicks. Yet on Youtube it says over 1000 monetizable views.

I'd like to know because for a reasonable amount of views I'm receiving a laughably low amount of money (except I'm not laughing).