Why is my username unavailable?

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Why is my username unavailable? RyanWesleySmith 6/12/12 10:17 PM
I am trying to get the YouTube username "RyanWesleySmith". When I go to the actual URL, it says 404, but when I register the username it says "Username unavailable. Please help!
Re: Why is my username unavailable? JDoors 6/13/12 5:57 AM
YouTube channel usernames can only be used once. They cannot be used again, regardless of the status of the channel that first used it. Sorry.
Re: Why is my username unavailable? MSIR60 (The Original) 6/13/12 12:26 PM
it was probably used ages ago, and was deleted for whatever reason.
Re: Why is my username unavailable? MSIR60 (The Original) 6/13/12 12:28 PM
just an added word of advice, by very careful about letting everyone in the world know your real name and photo. some idiots prey on such people, tracking them to their school, address, everything.
Re: Why is my username unavailable? GreenSinic 6/13/12 5:54 PM
Someone made an account on a day in 2006, and was never back on since that day they actually created it. I wanted to use the username since I made my account so I had to use the same name but with a number.

Why would YouTube make all the account names not to be used again if there was some of those channels that just "wasted" the account?

I was hoping to using it for about 5 years since I started YouTube.

Re: Why is my username unavailable? JDoors 6/13/12 6:24 PM
The only answer they've ever hinted at was "there is too much information associated with usernames." I take that to mean there are private messages, comments, links, embeds, all sorts of stuff that has a username associated with it. The way the site is coded all that stuff gets left behind all over the place when a channel is closed. So, if you "took" that name, you'd have those old private messages, comments, links embeds, all sorts of stuff, from the ORIGINAL owner, out there, with what is now YOUR name on it. There's also other data, some confidential, some kept for legal and policy purposes, stored with that username associated with it.
Some sites assign a random-character name to you then "map" your username to that random-character name, so all they have to do is remap the name, and you can change it to whatever you want.
Guess what? YouTube now has random-character names, or "user ID" as they call it. They are closing abandoned channels. They remove comments from closed channels. They seem to be doing things that look like they are leading up to being able to reassign names. I'm just guessing, but it sure looks that way to me. It would take years to clear out all that old data though.
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Re: Why is my username unavailable? MSIR60 (The Original) 7/1/12 11:04 AM
that's great to hear, JDoors. if the youtube code was originally written with the foresight of deleting and reassigning names, it would have been easy. the "modifications" that have been made, have probably been made "on top" of the original code, leading to unstructured programming, bugs, errors - what we regularly encounter in fact. one has to wonder if it is worth completely re-writing, from a programmer's point of view.

remember the old BASIC programming language? seemed great until you had to follow someone else's code. GOTO here, GOTO there, the worst keyword of the language. but the easiest to slap on if you forgot something or wanted to add extra "modifications".

if you don't mind me asking, JD, have you just noticed the closing of abandoned channels, or have you heard something on the grapevine?
Re: Why is my username unavailable? JDoors 7/1/12 11:54 AM
Good point about the new code "on top" of the old, that would be unfortunate if it meant the new code couldn't make the changes we'd like to see.
I don't imagine a site this large COULD start from scratch. How would you switch over? Shut down ten million accounts for a week?
I remember BASIC ... for its time it was OK. I don't remember it being used for anything complicated enough that it was indecipherable, but I was only dabbling in it at the time.
They send notice to who knows how many "abandoned" channels that they would close them down if they were not signed into and linked to a Google account. Now that I put it that way, it may have been a one-time, get everybody on Google campaign, rather than a "let's start closing unused accounts" campaign.
And now that I'm backtracking, the user ID may only be a compatibility issue with Google+ channels as both occurred at around the same time.
Re: Why is my username unavailable? MSIR60 (The Original) 7/5/12 2:14 PM
if they re-wrote youtube from the ground up, they would only have to do the "closed for maintenance" thing, and they even give a warning about that. i do believe that all accounts could be moved to a new (as in "new") youtube, yes. if they hired the right people to do it, unlike the designer. how long it would need to be closed to transfer all those accounts though, i'm not sure. i can't see why it should take very long.
Re: Why is my username unavailable? JDoors 7/5/12 3:04 PM
Heh-heh, you've been around long enough to know the ABSOLUTE CHAOS that results when they just make a new FEATURE live. It's ALWAYS a potential disaster as they can't predict everything that could possibly go wrong. Do that with the entire site? They WOULD be down for a week as they just tried to get the site to run at all, let alone get it WORKING right.
Re: Why is my username unavailable? MSIR60 (The Original) 7/10/12 2:01 PM
yes, i was kind of day dreaming when i wrote that. you know, thinking about how a competent organisation would do things. i used to work as a volume tester for one of the biggest banks in the world, sworn to secrecy, and saw how they refused to put out the final product to the public until we couldn't induce a bug to save our lives. and we tried very hard, it was fun! with youtube, they just seem to randomly test a feature with a few people, and if some of them don't file bug reports, throw it out.

now what i find perplexing is that youtube has no serious rivals. it is in no rush to push out the latest technology. with car manufacturers, for example, i can understand why they release new cars with sometimes major "bugs" - sometimes life-threatening ones. they are constantly battling with their rivals to keep ahead. youtube is in no rush like that. just VOLUME TEST THE FLAMING PRODUCT! PROPERLY!!!