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Change to tags on the video page

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Change to tags on the video page ytKeane 8/16/12 10:29 AM
Hi all,

You may have noticed a change with tags on the video page when you're watching a video. 

Tags no longer appear on this page - this isn't a bug, but a change that went out this week. Having them on the watch page, in some cases, gave users an opportunity to abuse tags by copying them from other videos. We also didn't see much usage of tags by the average viewer.

Though tags don't appear on the video page, anyone who uploads should keep adding them to your videos. Tags are still used to aid the discoverability of your videos like they have before, the only difference now is that they don't appear on the video page.

Re: Change to tags on the video page Steve888OZ 8/17/12 4:18 AM
I respectfully disagree Keane, I think seeing the tags used on successful videos was a good learning tool for Partners. I can't see how copying tags could be seen as abuse but rather a way of learning. Would you hide the Title because other users were copying successful titles? Titles are after all a form of Meta Data also.

I can't see any advantages to the Producers of content. but I would be happy for you to put the case for removing viewable tags more concisely.

Could you answer me a question, please. If I place Tag Phrases ie "My Tag" on separate lines rather than in quotes does YouTube treat them the same for example.

"My Tag" "My other Tag" "Another Tag" is the same as 

My Tag
My other Tag
Another Tag

I have to ask because with your new system above stops me from seeing even my own tags below the playing video, which I would appreciate if you would consider reversing but I accept your decision either way.

Re: Change to tags on the video page rit1 8/17/12 8:35 AM

     If we use comma ( , )  in tags, keywords will not save and it will page edit help us to remove comma from tags. And if we use same tag eg- (the) it shows one (the) in watch page so it help us to change into (The ,the )

   Please make tags public for partners or content creators so we can see the tags in watch page like public/private statistics

Re: Change to tags on the video page WTFIDK 8/17/12 11:57 AM
actually not having the tags there is not a bad thing, less stuff on the page i guess.
Re: Change to tags on the video page ytKeane 8/17/12 12:04 PM
@rit1 Yes, we're aware of that issue and I've let the developers know to investigate it. Thanks for mentioning it, though!
Re: Change to tags on the video page ytKeane 8/17/12 12:10 PM
@Steve Thanks for your feedback. The advantages for uploaders are that your tags will be prevented from being exploited by others.

Tags shouldn't be treated differently if you put breaks between them when you write them in. Just try saving it one way or another, and the editor will format them for you appropriately.

Don't forget that you can always see your own tags by going to the Video Manager and clicking Edit on the video you want to look up. Or going to the video watch page and clicking Edit at the top.
Re: Change to tags on the video page anordinaryamerican1 8/18/12 10:07 PM
@Steve   I so agree.  There is more here than meets the eye.  YT disabled this feature because it allowed the small guy to put his videos out there on an even level with the "pros".   YT does not want their site being used as communication between average Americans.  That my prove dangerous.  They are interested in money and corrupting teens with propaganda and low class garbage.  
(unknown) 8/18/12 10:56 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Change to tags on the video page GodlessManitoban 8/19/12 2:23 PM
Tags being hidden on the watch page in video statistics did nothing.

On any web browser right click beside the video and click "View Page Source" or "View Source" and tada you'll see the video tags.

So if the goal was to stop these "reply" "girls" from abusing tags. I am sorry but YouTube failed.

Hopefully by posting this information ytKeane can forward this to the engineers and have them hide it or at least change the tags on the source page to a set of disallowed characters that can't be used in the video tags.
Re: Change to tags on the video page pbnjamz 8/20/12 2:56 PM
By removing the tags from being visible, YouTube prevents entities with trademarks and copyrights from seeing how others may be abusing their terms, whether malicious or for the sole purpose of driving traffic.

For instance, if I used the tag 'Pepsi' for a video that had no connection to their products and was not even mentioned in the video, would the Pepsi company be able to recognize that their term was being abused?

Instead of denying useful information for the legitimate users (those that follow the rules), Google/YouTube should be concentrating their efforts on enforcing their rules and regulations.

Re: Change to tags on the video page ANorthernSoul 8/21/12 5:10 AM
brilliant idea, stops those who create from being copied from those that abuse.
well done Youtube ;)
Re: Change to tags on the video page undertakerlives 8/21/12 2:21 PM
You guys just made it easier for your top whores to abuse the system by loading their tags with unrelated bullshit. Congratulations, keep up the mediocre work. 
Re: Change to tags on the video page GodlessManitoban 8/21/12 6:18 PM
Not so hidden after all :(

Re: Change to tags on the video page Romire 8/22/12 8:21 AM
i dislike this move
Re: Change to tags on the video page TrueShawnBW 8/22/12 3:32 PM
Instead of continuing to make changes, why not FIX STUFF FIRST?

It will also be really helpful to actually get some responses on these problems and get stuff resolved.  The entire upload system is broken at random times, which just defeats the entire purpose of having tags to begin with since you need to have a video uploaded in order to have tags.  No videos = No tags.  Seriously.  What's going on with you guys and ignoring this problem?
Re: Change to tags on the video page undertakerlives 8/22/12 4:08 PM
How about you help us figure out why our uploads are taking 300 damn minutes and monetization has been stuck on "under review" for days? I've been waiting a month for one of you top partner coddling YouTube numbskulls to answer. 
(unknown) 8/24/12 5:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Change to tags on the video page i need my personal channel is czechivan 8/26/12 1:01 PM
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Re: Change to tags on the video page MikeOShay 8/27/12 12:51 AM
Aw, a lot of my favourite producers would put extra jokes into the tags of their videos, and it was something my viewers looked forwards to in mine. It was something for those of us who don't care about optimizing search results to put in as extra. Now I've just got one less joke I can put with my videos, the separated-word-phrase format of tagging can't be replicated anywhere in the regular description without it seeming forced.
Re: Change to tags on the video page SoniaTBB 9/4/12 2:48 AM

I have a question about tags. I uploaded a video about baby bath and I would like to know make a difference between

1- A list of tags that includes : baby bath (bath right after baby)
2- A list of tags that includes : baby - other tags - bath (2 words are separate by other tags)

Does it change anything when someone searches a video on youtube ?


Re: Change to tags on the video page KoyasuNoBara 9/5/12 11:22 AM

Why not make it so displaying tags publicly can be left up to the person who posts the video? You could make the default option be to NOT display them so that your original intent remains, but the people who want to display them can.

I've been watching some videos that were posted a while ago, and the old comments refer to the funny tags the user put in there. It'd be kind of nice to see them.

Re: Change to tags on the video page paullyb 9/6/12 10:20 AM
We use the gdata API to retrieve information on a specific playlist and then group videos by tag. It appears that tags are no longer appearing in the feed, which is causing us issues.  Is there a way to retrieve the tags too?  Here is the type of URL we are using to pull the feed:<playlistId>?v=2


Re: Change to tags on the video page bonsaipark 3/29/13 3:23 PM
Something stinks here.  Removing easy access to the keywords/tags seems to be conveniently hiding the fact that ninety perecent of the results YouTube returns to a query have nothing to do with the user's query. There used to be some strange results, but by taking title, tags, etc, all into account, one could usually figure out why it was included. No more!!!

I deleted my user account because YouTube pushed my subscriptions off my home page, forcing me to look at what they wanted me to view instead.  Is that what's going on here?  Is YouTube secretly including it's own choices as the vast majority of search results?

Re: Change to tags on the video page bonsaipark 3/29/13 3:29 PM
For more evidence, sort your search results by upload date...

"1 day ago", "2 days ago"... may have (let's say, as an example) about 10 hits (depending on your actual search terms).  Uploads found within the past 24 hours, though, might include 50 or 60 hits (or more).

Now try the same search again tomorrow.  "1 day ago" shows 10 or so hits.  Where did all the others (the 50 or 60 from yesterday) go?

The bogus search hits pushed on users thus appear to be included in the previous 24 hour period only, and aren't reinserted as the date "ages" into the past.

Re: Change to tags on the video page Susanta C 6/13/13 1:48 AM
Good action taken by YouTube. I appreciate.