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How to make video Famous OMABM Foundation 6/29/12 4:13 AM
Hi Friends,

We are a social organization working for "Leprosy affected patients and their children education" a very strong social stigma attached to this disease, that is God's Curse...due to this very reason people from society don't accept them...and this affect their children education, employment and overall growth. The number of such families are in millions..
                 We OMABM FOUNDATION produces videos for removal of social stigma..URL is mentioned below      

Video 1 :
Video 2 :

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Our concern is, what is the process of making these videos famous and is there any process of earning money by these videos, as we are a nonprofit organization require support to continue our educational programmes for these children..

Please share your valuable suggestions....we are waiting for

Yours sincerely,
Ravi Bhushan  
OMABM Foundation
(One Mission for All Blessed Mankind)
Mobile: (91)-011- 29967270, +91-9250003993,
New Delhi, India
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Re: How to make video Famous Roger Barrett 7/2/12 11:29 AM

A good place to start is the Playbook For Good. Please reference it for many best practices on how to optimize your videos and channel.