Monetization issues! HELP! :(

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Monetization issues! HELP! :( xboy86 6/28/12 5:37 PM
Ive been able to monetize my videos for awhile now and the only ones ive really been able to monetize were ones with me in them just doing stupid things. But recently YouTube has been allowing me to monetize my videogame walkthroughs with commentary. The problem is that its only allowing me to monetize certain ones which is quite odd. All the videogame footage of Spec Ops and Amazing Spiderman are recorded exactly the same with me commentating in everyone of them yet when i choose to monetize them all some will get monetized and others won't. I was just wondering what could be the cause of that? and how would i be able to get them all to monetize? Thanks to whoever can help. Much appreciation.
P.S. The attach photo shows some videogame parts that are monetized and others that aren't.
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Re: Monetization issues! HELP! :( xexor 7/5/12 1:37 PM
I know YT is very careful not to violate copyright and will tend to side with copyright holders.  They basically have a system that runs a comparison between footage they receive from publishers of games and the footage users upload.  If the content of videos is too similar, it will get (at least temporarily) de-monetized - mainly as an act of protecting the copyright holders and YT themselves.
You should have an opportunity (somewhere down the line) of proving you have rights to monetize the videos.  Did you receive an official e-mail or letter granting those rights?  Is there a page on 2K Games' site (or on stating monetizing on YT is totally fine?  If not, you may have to just accept the de-monetization for now.

It's also possible you will need to prove later that you have rights or risk all of those in the series being de-monetized and (possibly) even getting a warning from YT not to post copyrighted material.

Hope this helps explain things!

~ Xexor