Google is racist against dark themes

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Google is racist against dark themes N11GHTS 5/14/12 12:27 PM
Almost every year I submit a bug report anonymously to Google only for it ignored, so now I am taking it a step further and posting this bug on their support forum.

I am using both Windows and Ubuntu. In both places my system GUI theme is white text over a black background. In other words, my system text is white and the system control's are all black. I like it this way because it does not bother my eyes as much as the standard black on white. On both operating systems the Google search bars, forums, Youtube, and countless other websites suffer from a lack of respect for those with my system theme. Since Google uses a proprietary search bar with a hard coded white background, it is best practice to make the text color hard coded to be black to ensure that there isn't an incompatibility with user's color themes. Instead they use the default color for the font assuming it will be dark enough to read, but in my case they have assumed completely wrong.

I am used to dealing with this problem on banking websites, Captcha, and other sites where the CSS programmers forget the basic rules of compatibility, but I am tired of having to type blind and verifying my search by highlighting.

I don't mind waiting a few more years for this bug to get fixed but it would be nice for them to finally get the message. As a programmer I always test my work on inverted themes to ensure visual compatibility and I hope more programmers, especially those in the web design world, do this more often.
Re: Google is racist against dark themes N11GHTS 7/17/12 11:45 PM

This issue is still unresolved. It may never get resolved. Perhaps I am the only one in the world with a white system font?

Re: Google is racist against dark themes OscarGoldman 12/16/12 4:09 PM
OK, I was just typing "How do I report a bug..." and this question was the first that came up.  And it's EXACTLY what I wanted to file the bug about.
How does a company as Web- and tech-centric as Google allow such a basic defect to persist on its primary pages?
Anyone using a non-inverse color scheme, like this:

Can't see what they're typing in log-in fields or search fields.  Also, the story excerpts on the Google News page are blank:

Google overrides the user's system's background color with white, but fails to override his text color with black.  If it's SO important to have a white background, why isn't it similarly important to have black text?  Seriously, Google, WTF?