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Re: Google Scholar blocking Search via Campus Proxy Courtney H. 2/21/13 6:38 PM
Hi Nitesh,

Can you let me know exactly what you're seeing so that you know that your search queries are being blocked? It would be helpful to have an example to bring to the team at Google.

Re: Google Scholar blocking Search via Campus Proxy Nitesh Bhatia 2/21/13 11:15 PM
Let me give you a bit more explanation.

1- When I open for searching it first shows a captacha check claiming that too many requests are coming from our IP. To access scholar, every time we have to fill the captcha which sometimes get irritating.

2- In our campus we have one high bandwidth internet line and all the systems inside campus access internet through this line via proxy. So all systems have same internet IPs. To my understanding, since we have same IP (via internal proxy servers) for accessing internet campuswide, scholar is bound to receive large number of requests. Hence it is blocking it thinking that its a bot-attack.

Are there any workarounds to fix this issue?


Re: Google Scholar blocking Search via Campus Proxy Courtney H. 2/22/13 10:50 AM
Hi Nitesh,

Thanks for getting back to me with those details. One more follow up question - are you all seeing captchas on search queries on as well? I'd assume that as much as people use Scholar, they're using search even more. 

In the meantime, I'd definitely reach out to your network administrator for your school to see if there is a way to set up multiple IP addresses for your campus. Given that IP addresses are typically one per user, our system will detect massive amounts of queries coming from the same one and assume that they are automated queries. If there is a particular reason that your campus cannot have multiple IP addresses, please get back to me with that information and I'll send it off to the team to see what they think. 

Re: Google Scholar blocking Search via Campus Proxy JovanaPl 3/5/13 8:57 AM

We have the same problem with google scholar access in our network. We use 5 proxy servers (5 different IP addresses) for huge number of users. They complain that they have to fill captcha every time when they try to access google scholar, and sometimes the access is even forbidden.
I have to point out that we've been using proxy servers for several years, and this problem appeared in the last month.
Our proxy servers are configured to send x-forwarded-for information  for identifying the originating IP address of a client, which could be used for solving this issue. However NAT is used in certain parts of our network, which can also cause sending considerable amount of queries from unique IP address.
We would be very grateful if this issue could be solved, since our network is academic network and our users benefit a lot from this service.

Thank you.
Jovana Pl

Re: Google Scholar blocking Search via Campus Proxy Courtney H. 3/5/13 9:55 AM
Thanks for the information. I've reached out to the Scholar team about this issue. I can't promise they'll have an easy fix for your campuses, but hopefully they'll be able to look into the issue!

Re: Google Scholar blocking Search via Campus Proxy Heather Young Leslie 4/3/13 11:10 PM
I'm seeing the same problem with in general, regardless of which IP address I'm using -- from home or the office or school. Sometimes I receive a link with the captcha option, often I fill in the captcha *multiple* times before I can get into Scholar, but lately I don't even have the captcha option. Instead, I'm offered a page that suggests my (various) computers are in need of a HiJackthis cleaning, which I simply don't believe, on the grounds that the scholar page is rejecting so many different computers / IP addresses.
Re: Google Scholar blocking Search via Campus Proxy Courtney H. 4/5/13 5:51 PM
Hi all,

The Scholar team has asked that you report these issues directly to them by clicking the link at the bottom of every Scholar results page to provide feedback. In your feedback, make sure to include the specific IP addresses which are having issues and what difficulties you're experiencing.

Thanks, and sorry for the delay here!