Search Scenario - Impact of Results by IP Address

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Search Scenario - Impact of Results by IP Address mloraditch 6/12/12 3:43 PM
I have a customer who has several sites in City B. His internet and the IPs his internet traffic come from are Located at a parent company data center in geographically disparate City A. He believes that because his internet IPs show as City A that google is able to 1) Know that those IPs are coming from his company, 2) Influence search results for customers using internet local to City B such that his business is gets less preferred  ranking b/c google thinks the business is not actually in City B but in City A......
My entire team thinks he is out of his mind. As far as I know google does not and may not even be able to identify that his IPs are associated to his company.
Is there anywhere or anyone that can I get a an affirmation that I am correct? The customer is insistent we install internet in all of his stores with IPs associated to City B to correct this...
Thanks in advance for any assistance, I can attempt to clarify as well if need be.