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Google Images Redesign Jessica S. 1/25/13 1:49 PM
Hi everyone,

We're excited to announce a redesign that makes for a faster, more reliable Google Images experience that puts the pictures front and center in your search experience.  Instead of sending you over to a whole new page to preview an image, you’ll see a preview of the image in your search results.  Once you click on a image, you can flip through the whole set of image previews using your keyboard.  The feature is rolling out globally over the next few days, so don't worry if you're not seeing it yet.  For more information on the redesign, check out the blog post here.

Feel free to let us know what you think below!

Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/25/13 10:09 PM
I agree that it looks pretty cool, and it certainly "puts the pictures front and center". I imagine it would be great for users looking only for images — I know my grandchildren will love it!

But most of the time I'm looking for information about an image, and the lack of any sort of immediate detail slows me down. To be forced to mouse over each image to see the size and website, and to have to click to preview each image then click again to get to the website before seeing any context is a real PITA.

I have basic view bookmarked for my image searching. On the results page I can immediately see the website, context snippet and image size without having to go any further. I also prefer pagination over infinite scroll, so basic view still gets my vote.
Re: Google Images Redesign Ethan Xanderphone 1/25/13 10:16 PM
Excited??? You should be ASHAMED!!!

It makes searching for images extraordinarily HARDER to look at and to actual go to. Why does Google constantly have to change what people already enjoy?

Instead of one click to get to the image, it now takes several PLUS you have to figure out where the links are for each specific image instead of always having the options on the right.

Please, please, please give us the option to go back to the old format!

This just really, really, really stinks. Can't the people at Google understand that more than 14 year olds use their products???

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Re: Google Images Redesign Renato Montes 1/26/13 2:02 PM
I'm ok with the changes in the interface. But why did you decide to remove the Other Sizes option?? It was immensely useful for me, to find both bigger and smaller versions of the same image, since it's not like Google Images gives you the biggest one all the time, and sometimes I've needed a smaller one to use it as a button linking to the biggest one.

If you make changes to the interface or a program, we users really appreciate if you don't remove functions along...
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/26/13 2:34 PM
Renato Montes:

I still seem to be able to access other sizes of the same image by clicking "More sizes" in the preview frame (see the attached screenshot).

Is this not working for you?
Re: Google Images Redesign Denny Joe Gottschalk 1/26/13 3:34 PM
I would prefer when clicking the *Visit page* button that a new tab would open, as it did previously.  Or perhaps having a preference setting that would allow this option.
Re: Google Images Redesign Marcello_ 1/26/13 8:46 PM
Please bring back the old settings to turn off safe search you bloody useless people.
Re: Google Images Redesign nobody special 1/27/13 7:50 AM
It works but it requires an extra click and load time for that click to see the preview.

I prefer mouse over, it enlarges, then I middle click MORE SIZES for a new tab.

Why is there no OLD BASIC.  As both new version are just plain slower and FAR fewer images on screen at once.

Change for the sake of change is dumb.  Change that makes things faster & more useful is smart.

I see no smart here :(  It appears google is acting like Microsoft these days.  Every thing they seem to add makes me want to start looking elsewhere for my info.  You keep adding clicks to allow me to get to what I want.  WHY?

For god's sake at least give a button to revert.  "Switch to basic" implies the old.  But alas it's NOT yesterdays version.  It's the NEW old version...LOL.  Which isn't any better than the NEW NEW version.  Quit slowing me down.

You just windows 8'ed my pictures searches.  Just like sales of PC's (down 15% since 8) so goes your searches.  I'm not even sure what you gain here.  Another click to get to options that used to just be there with a mouseover?  That's a LOSS not a gain.  Again for what?  Never mind the fact that you just halved what I see on screen now.  You just made my 24in a 17-19in.  I guess I'll be googling for a way to get around google...LOL.  Hilarious.

I'm already starting to use startpage, tor, etc...You're just forcing me to use google LESS and LESS.  That's not good for business correct?

Same with Chrome browser.  The person who designed it has no idea what it means to have an OPTIONS page that's loaded like firefox.  It's difficult to change all but the most mundane things.  Because of the lack of options it only gets opened when something doesn't come up right in firefox...ROFL.  Nice work.  A REAL advanced options screen should look much like ABOUT:CONFIG in firefox, which is easily reached and gives you granular control.

I have the same complaints about win7 even.  Why the heck would you NERF windows explorer?  No drive/freespace data without clicking computer.  Every drive I click should ALWAYS show free space at the bottom.  I expect that even on a folder click, and also folder size.  Everything these days is a step backwards instead of forward.  They should have added folder sums columns etc.  Instead you need xplorer2/total commander/xyplorer for options like these.

I hope you're putting a TEGRA4 in your nexus 10 shortly, as the current one is just too slow at 2560x1600 for games.  I love my dad's but wouldn't buy one myself until tegra4 gets in it.  You should have matched apple with this chip (exynos5) not went above them killing gaming.  Oh well.  Designers can't get anything right these days.  Microsoft screwed the surface with a 1.3ghz tegra3 instead of tegra3+ 1.6-1.7.  Who keeps screwing all this stuff up?  Fire all these idiots (at least MS fired the win8 project lead...).

You keep making me search for scripts etc to defeat your junk (instant preview KILL, how to get cached link back etc).  I'm tired of it.  I'm having a VERY difficult time not turning this into a complete swear fest.  I'm truly pissed off at the moment.  I haven't used bing for more than 3 searches in my entire internet years (since inception).  But I will use it today until I find something faster or just an image search tool for firefox I guess.  Bummer.
Re: Google Images Redesign jaymdee 1/27/13 8:33 AM
Personally I think its awful. Much better before. Please provide option to use the old style. Filtering is terrible too. should have option to remove safesearch completely. Will be iusing another search engine from now on
Re: Google Images Redesign Bobo22 1/27/13 9:22 AM
why the hell do they keep adding clicks  and slowing things down.. the other version was perfect.. this adds nothing that you couldn't make optional as a "gallery view" or something rather than just blowing up the previous system. People like myself rely on google images for their jobs... Please, allow us to choose whether we want to use this system or not..
Re: Google Images Redesign Paul Baxter 1/27/13 10:26 AM
I agree with many below that the new format is annoying, especially the way it completely ignores my search setting to open all results in new window. The interface is more like Tumblr than like what I want from Google Images, and the options are lost in all the clicking.

I'm not going to just echo the "bring back the old way" mantra that I'm reading here over and over again, but I do think that change for the sake of change is any kind of model. The ability to use my keyboard to scroll through the results does not make up for the fact that the images require me to click over and over to find just one thing (most often for me an album cover for my iTunes that won't come up in their database).

The keeping all results in the same window slows down my searches and annoys me. The flipping through images with my keyboard slows down my searches, too. Finally, the fact that I'm not sure HOW to get unfiltered results (if that's ever possible with Google, which is a bigger issue of the "filter bubble" that Google imposes...) makes me want to look into alternatives.
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Re: Google Images Redesign joanpeace 1/27/13 2:43 PM
I guess I'm the one who started this discussion, and I'm encouraged to see that most of you agree with my frustration.  BRING BACK THE OLD ONE where we can read what each image is without having to click on it.  And the separate page opening is much more clear and helpful. 

Jessica, I salute you for caring enough about one person's frustration that you started a blog on it.  You guys are awesome!!!

Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/27/13 3:49 PM
You can still use the "old one". It's called "Basic version". See my answer above.
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/27/13 3:49 PM
Kyle Prior:
You can bookmark the "old style image search" (basic version) to use as a default Image Search, using this URL:
Re: Google Images Redesign Shannon... 1/27/13 4:13 PM
Yes...just scroll to the bottom of the results page to "switch to basic version" and you're good to go.
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Re: Google Images Redesign Regina Ciesla 1/27/13 5:24 PM
this does not work for me.  Still cannot get similar images
Re: Google Images Redesign joanpeace 1/27/13 5:45 PM
Would I have to use the URL every time I go on Google Images?
Re: Google Images Redesign Regina Ciesla 1/27/13 5:55 PM
I have tried the different version you spoke of (basic) and cannot get similar images - It is NOT what I had before.   It requires several clicks to get to   "similar images" but does not perform the task.
 For me  with the new system everything is much slower than before but without any options..  What is so good about this?   If I wasn't aware of the previous wonderful image search and its options then perhaps I might like this new but I doubt it.  I will now have to look to some other sight to get the results I need.
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/27/13 6:01 PM
Yes. Just set that URL as a bookmark, and use the bookmark when you want Image Search.
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/27/13 6:10 PM
Regina Ciesla:
No, I think "Similar images" was introduced in a more recent Image Search update.
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Re: Google Images Redesign gandalf the blue 1/27/13 9:10 PM
i have mixed feelings about it actually
first, since i like to end on a positive note, lets start with the bad:
1) some notification before dramatic interface change is always really appreciated
2) it is not very clear how one can revert back if they want
3) more sizes and similar images are very great features, and an incredible technological feat, one would think that you would be proud to make these features more accessible, just simply adding the buttons under or next to the new ones would do perfectly

now the good:
the new interface does look nice and clearly goes very well with tablets and touchscreen laptops, and while i still mainly prefer good ol' mouse and keyboard, having options is always good and the new interface still works well with the mouse, which is much more than i can say about some

i can certainly see why companies feel the need to change their program's looks: times change and you need to adapt to survive, however why i guess i can never understand is why these updates are so quick to get rid of or hid their old features, i cannot see any reason for removing a feature unless it is an inherit challenge to security or stability

finally, i wish you good luck as you head toward the future
Re: Google Images Redesign joanpeace 1/27/13 10:47 PM
JESSICA WITH GOOGLE,  are you reading these posts?   Is there any way to go back to ALL of the old system of getting images?  Would Google consider scrapping this one and going back?
Re: Google Images Redesign Shannon... 1/27/13 11:03 PM
Hey joanpeace,
Do a random search, then scroll to the bottom of the page to "switch to basic version" and this should the the type of search you want.
You can benchmark this link:
Happy image searching,
Re: Google Images Redesign Schpankme Verimuch 1/27/13 11:09 PM
Nothing of what you posted, changes Chrome back to the default images.
Re: Google Images Redesign Schpankme Verimuch 1/27/13 11:12 PM
Does this look like a "Firefox" forum?  
Can you stay on topic?
Re: Google Images Redesign Schpankme Verimuch 1/27/13 11:14 PM
Beam me up Scotty!
Re: Google Images Redesign Ender mBind 1/28/13 5:01 AM
The basic version is too basic (it does not feature "similar to", it has too few results per page etc etc), the "standard" version is too crap (misses "similar to", has no safe search settings), besides that Google keeps confronting me with the wrong language (location=/=language... SETTTINGS!)... I'm thinking Google is opening up the web for some fierce competition by companies that do actually deliver what's needed/wanted instead of just changes to keep the coding department busy/employed.
Re: Google Images Redesign nobody special 1/28/13 5:16 AM
Incorrect...This is NOT the old version.  BASIC is just basic NEW.

Moderate search is always on, and you get 1/3 of the pics you used to have on screen.  It's actually worse than NEW ADVANCED.  You get even less. 

Both new versions are useless compared to the speed of the old and the amount of data you got on screen at the same time.

Quite telling people to use basic.  It's NOT THE SAME.  Period.  You work for google or what?

I've been mostly using bing all day yesterday...LOL.  I'm sure I'm not alone by now as nearly every response in here says the same thing I and others keep repeating.  This sucks.  Bring back the thumbs (or whatever you'd call last weeks version) and give back the mouse-over/popup image with MORE SIZES/SIMILAR on it.  The new version is SLOWER and has far fewer pics on both BASIC & ADVANCED (basic and stupid?).  Bring back the old and make a button up top that says GALLERY mode or something.  Scrolling to the bottom to find basic is stupid too.  Search for anyone or anything popular and that scroll goes forever (though I can get around it - most users will not).

Both MORE/SIMILAR have been there as long as I can remember.  I don't search for porn, but I'm pissed about being treated like a child too.  I'm not one.  I want EVERYTHING to come up in a search unless I choose to NOT see it.  Safesearch & moderate just drove me to bing even without the other issues.  Maybe I'll come back when I find a script that returns it to EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS LAST WEEK.  Until then...

Can't search for a gun price here either.  Bing will bring up the price of a glock ($550 with stores listed...LOL).  Try that on google...ROFL.  How much blocking are you guys doing?  How does one get out of the GOOGLE BUBBLE for children?

Just keep adding words trying to find GLOCK at google shopping.  You narrow it down to nothing quickly. You get clips, laser's, sights, holster, etc etc...Not one gun or price for a gun...What is this the new G RATED google?  How many other words are there that will waste my time?  My homepage is not now.
Re: Google Images Redesign nobody special 1/28/13 5:27 AM
Basic is blown up and has no MORE/SIMILAR...IT has less pics on screen than the old version.

In short, BASIC may be basic, but it's not the OLD VERSION from last week.  It's just another crap version of the same idea as advanced.

Also who has time to keep scrolling to basic?  Wheres a button at the top (not that I'm interested in this anyway, its useless).

Bring back thumbs (whatever you call it when 100's on screen at once compared to now) with popup more/similar.

This gallery mode and the change to MODERATE always forced is ridiculous.

I don't want a SAFE ANYTHING search!  I didn't ask for it.  Back to (unforunately, but at least they aren't blocking me all day).

Use if you don't want to be tracked :)  Better yet use TOR and get a TORMAIL.ORG account so you're never being tracked. Nope, can't get there from anything but TOR to sign up and that is NOT the address(merely an info page with the real link).  Do not use plugins with TOR :)  Using them can reveal your REAL IP.  Find new ways to do stuff people, as it looks like google is almost done totally selling us out.  I sincerely hope they fix this image crap mode or make it optional.  Page hits have to be going down now.  That's how they'll learn not to mess with a good thing.
Re: Google Images Redesign kamran sial 1/28/13 5:58 AM

Re: Google Images Redesign Ender mBind 1/28/13 6:24 AM
What I wonder about is the following: the argumentation here is "mobile users" - and that is the same (crap) as MicroSoft argumented for Windows 8...
And it's complete bull! I mean: what happened to screen res detection, browser detection etc?
You seem to have this obsession about reading my IP/hostmark detection (and thus getting me the wrong language, with a terrible design to switch that language (because you need to be able to understand the language you want to get rid of... in which case you don't have to))... But you cannot actually use this technology for something useful? (like keeping image search actually usable for non-mobile users?)
Jeh Jeh, there's plenty mobile users now... a good company would actually be supplying to both, instead of instantly forgetting that some people actually have a big screen (or 2, or 3...)
Re: Google Images Redesign Dan Collins 1/28/13 8:13 AM
After using this for a few days now, I am more frustrated than ever at Google for changing something that didn't need changing. Faster? It was fast before, it is now slower in the long run to search for specific images. Reliable? I think not. Filter is completely changed and makes it less reliable to find what you need. The most annoying thing is searching for similar images or more sizes of an image. Now we have to leave the page completely to be able to do either of those, and is not clear on how to do that when you are searching. Google has always been about being user friendly, this is NOT. At least make an option to allow us to turn off this new mode. To sum it up, in theory it sounds good, but the reality of it is it's terrible.
Re: Google Images Redesign Jessica S. 1/28/13 10:22 AM
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of your feedback and we'll be sharing it with the Images team.  To clarify, the change with Google Images is a permanent one and there are no plans to revert to the old interface.

This is also a reminder to please keep the posts on-topic in this thread.  There have been a few mentions of SafeSearch.  If you want to post about that topic, please do so in this thread.  If this thread continues to have off-topic conversation, this thread will be closed.

@Schpankme Vermimuch: Per our forum guidelines, bullying behavior towards other users isn't allowed.  Sharing information about the thread's topic like Kyle Prior has done is why the forum exists.  He is not off-topic.  We don't like banning people from the forum, but know that violating our forum guidelines again will result in you being banned.  

Re: Google Images Redesign D360 1/28/13 11:47 AM
I see it as just another attempt by Google to keep users on their site and make money from them. At some point I'm sure there will be ads next to my images. You keep doing that and might find us content producers out of business and not able to give you fresh "free" content. Over the past 6 months I've seen a decline in professional quality images on the first page. Now its begin filled with subpar images from Wikipedia, Blogspot, and tumblr to name a few.

Looking at the statistics I'm seeing a 30% drop in referrals from Google Images with this redesign. Over the past 2 years every change has resulted in less traffic and I expect in the next year or two we will quit producing some of the best visual content in the travel industry as a result. 

Re: Google Images Redesign Renato Montes 1/28/13 12:51 PM
Thanks! Looks like I was just expecting it to be a button next to "Visit page" and "View original image".
Re: Google Images Redesign Dman1980 1/28/13 1:05 PM
I like the new change,  I was surprised that Google had a similar interface to Bing when it released.  Keep the new ideas coming, I think it works really well.
Re: Google Images Redesign joanpeace 1/28/13 1:14 PM

I am wondering what the purpose of this feedback blog is, if "the change with Google Images is a permanent one and there are no plans to revert to the old interface."

Thank You,

Re: Google Images Redesign Tom Law 1/28/13 2:05 PM
The hover option that had a description popup and the website name was much more useful to me in filtering out websites that I wanted to visit. Please give the option to switch back.
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/28/13 2:26 PM
"Similar images" is only available in the new version:
Click the image, then click "More sizes" on the right side of the preview panel, then click "More sizes" at the top of the filtered results page and select "Visually similar".

"Similar images" was not a feature of the "Basic version".
Re: Google Images Redesign Eric Uhlich 1/28/13 2:55 PM
Also, it looks like in some cases I'm getting images returned that are based on the stock image size for purchase, not the actual image size. lame!
Re: Google Images Redesign hatinggooglerightnow 1/28/13 3:00 PM
Dear Jessica,

For many people, google images is not about the images alone (something a photographer might be interested in), but it is about the information written about the subject of an image.  What I really want to know is if google plans on including that information to this new version, so I can access it in as few clicks as possible.  Is google really just trying to get people to click on more things?  I just want an answer to this one simple question: When google finishes rolling out the full new version of google images, will it be possible to access the original tidbits of information in the same amount (or less) clicks as the old version?  
Re: Google Images Redesign JKG777 1/28/13 3:14 PM

Thank you for the information on how to view similar images.  That's the main feature I use on Image search.  It's a bit more cumbersome to get to it but at least I'm glad I can still get that functionality.
Re: Google Images Redesign m nm 1/28/13 6:15 PM
Hi, I asked 238 people on facebook and only 6 of them thought  the new google image was an improvement. I know that you don't care but many of us have moved to bing.....
Re: Google Images Redesign ------ ------ 1/28/13 6:22 PM
Totally  enraged  about  recent changes to Google.

1.---No 1  and  completely maddening is the  changes  to  safe/ mod/ unfiltered settings.  BRING THEM BACK, end of story

2.--Switching image  to  "basic"  is not the answer,  and  "basic"  doesn't even work or display  like it used to

3--I finally  learned to use the  last  image search, before the  "new improved"  panel  thing.   After  I finally got around all the nonsense,  it worked OK, by  opening  a  "thumbnail click"  in a new tab.

4--This  newest  "panel"  thing  is so maddening  it's unbelievable.   It is NOT  faster,  and   certainly  NOT  easier  to use.  

STOP SCREWING   with  stuff   and   listen  to your  users.   These recent changes  are as bad  as the Unity / Ubuntu  thing,  which got me away  from  THAT  forever.   Something  that  "looks  cool"   is not what I'm after.   I want something that works.   One of the best  improvements  you could  possible make is to tone down the  white background on all default  Google pages.
Re: Google Images Redesign HoboPelican 1/28/13 7:02 PM
Put me down as hating this change. I will be looking for a different image search immediately. I miss the hover zoom with the more sizes link right there. The new style takes up way to much real estate and just clogs the screen. I you can't give us the option for the old style, I'm moving on. Just my take on it.
Re: Google Images Redesign HoboPelican 1/28/13 7:08 PM
Just checked out Bing Image Search...not the best but better than Google Image search for my needs. Goodbye!
(unknown) 1/28/13 7:14 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign Mean pig 1/28/13 7:36 PM
Bring back the old version.  The current one really bites.

Re: Google Images Redesign Monica Wu 1/28/13 7:59 PM
Oh, I see the "more sizes" option now. It's very subtle and hidden. 

As for the ease of finding similar images... well, that's pretty much completely broken. After clicking through "more sizes" on the preview image, I get a dropdown menu with a "similar to" option that does absolutely nothing. 

I use image search quite a lot, and your "similar to" search was not only a unique feature, but also extremely useful in finding images that were not turning up in regular search. This is extremely disappointing, and I hope it gets fixed soon. 

Additionally, the new "preview" screen actually loads much slower than the previous mouse-over preview. 
Re: Google Images Redesign Shannon... 1/28/13 8:01 PM
Hey Monica,
"Similar images" is only available in the new version.
Click the image, then click "More sizes" on the right side of the preview panel, then click "More sizes" at the top of the filtered results page and select "Visually similar."
"Similar images" was not a feature of the "Basic version."
Re: Google Images Redesign Mean pig 1/28/13 8:06 PM
The SIMILIAR tool was very effective. Please do some type of add on to get it back. Thanks
Re: Google Images Redesign joanpeace 1/28/13 8:17 PM
For the third time, I will ask the Google employees (since I have not received an answer):  If you don't plan on doing anything about it - even if less than 3 percent like the new images format ( 6 out of 238 people in one user's survey), WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG AND GIVING FEEDBACK?  Is it just to placate us?  ALL OF US DESERVE AN ANSWER!  IT DOES NOT SPEAK WELL OF GOOGLE TO BLOW OFF THEIR CUSTOMERS AND DO WHAT THEY LIKE BEST!
Re: Google Images Redesign ThisisCouture 1/28/13 8:26 PM
I have a few images that when you 'google image' search them, they have quite a few results, how can i alter my image so that if you 'google image' search it, nothing comes up...I just want to alter my images so that nothing comes up when you 'google image' search it, how can i go about doing that?
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/28/13 8:55 PM
Monica Wu:
Like Shannon..., I discovered (by accident) that, once you click on "More sizes" and get the results page with the various sizes on it, clicking "More sizes" in the tools list (not "Similar to" as you would expect) provides an option for "Visually similar". This seems utterly non-intuitive for those looking for similar images! Just Google's little joke to make functionality harder to find.  :o/
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/28/13 9:08 PM
Mean Pig:
See my answer above. Be assured the "Similar images" tool is still there. Google have just hidden it so well that you have to click all the unlikely links to find it!
Re: Google Images Redesign Monica Wu 1/28/13 9:12 PM
This is terribly broken. Before, I could hover my mouse over image thumbnails, and I would instantly get a bigger thumbnail as well as the option to find images of a different size and similar images. 

Now I have to do a bunch of clickthroughs. This is counter-intuitive, not to mention that the larger "preview" takes time to load. I found that the these two previous functions instrumental in finding high-quality images that I searched for. 

The "similar image search" helped narrow down / float up images closer to what I wanted (since a lot of search terms would bring up a multitude of very different images), and the "more sizes" was useful because frequently the first search result of a given image is not the best quality.
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/28/13 9:15 PM
Your question is not related to this topic. I also note you've posted the same question elsewhere, and it's been answered. If you need to discuss your issue further, please confine your replies to that discussion.
Re: Google Images Redesign Monica Wu 1/28/13 9:18 PM
Oh it's terrible. More clickthroughs, and I think they might have messed with some of the algorithms, because it's definitely giving me fewer "similar image" results. Or no results at all. 

I tested this using a generic search term ("hummingbird"), chose the first result (a hummingbird in front of a blue sky) clicked through to More Sizes. I tried to select "Similar to" that image. It doesn't work. Ostensibly it should be turning up more images of hummingbirds in front of blue skies, but it doesn't work. This is by no means an obscure search term looking for an obscure search result. 
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/28/13 9:32 PM
Monica Wu:
This is Google's little joke. Don't click "Similar to". Click "More sizes" and select "Visually similar"!
Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 1/28/13 10:19 PM
In short, Google has started stealing images.

And, Google is hiding under the argument that this is user friendly. You can't steal images of web publishers and show them on your network without sending visitors to web publishers who have spent money and resources to get those images.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/28/13 10:44 PM
@Kartik thanks for your comment and I am agree with you.
Google now showing publishers content as their own and making money . Thumbnail of image shouldn't be such big size.
Re: Google Images Redesign Jan Castermans 1/28/13 10:57 PM
Jessica, is Google's legal department sleeping? They shouldn't be excited at all with this new image search. It is a HUGE COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. Every day again Google is violating the copyrights of thousands/millions of photographers by publishing their images out of their context. On top of that Google is a server resources thief. You are hotlinking the images and using the bandwidth of other people without their permission. It's like using other people's gas for your own car!
Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 1/28/13 11:15 PM
Photographers and Web Publishers should start sending bills to Google.

I have asked Getty Images as well about what action they are planning in this case. We are sourcing many images from Getty Images and they do not allow us to use images on any other place than our website which is as per contract. If Google is using those images on its network and image search in Full Resolution, this is simply breach of Getty Images copyright as well.

Thats the way they will understand that they are stealing images.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/28/13 11:25 PM
thanks Jan and kartik.

Don't worry , Google will not change anything. they will suggest you to block Google crawler,. 
A complete monopoly business. 
Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 1/28/13 11:34 PM
they can be challenged in court, in public interest.

if someone hasn't put a big board outside his shop "Do Not Steal" doesn't mean that anyone can steal his stuff :D

Everyone will understand that this is stealing. Bing has been doing it for quite some time but as Bing wasn't having much of traffic anyway, no publisher paid attention to them. But with Google Images, case is different. There is a sizable decrease in traffic for many publishers. And, if they anyway don't send traffic, why should they get images from websites of people.

They can do this with content as well. Copy 500 words of content from a page, as a preview and at the end of 500 words, put a link to source website. Will people accept that as well under monopoly business concept ? It will also be user friendly, but will kill publishers !
Re: Google Images Redesign Diamond Sparkles 1/29/13 3:06 AM
This is just awful. I loved  being able to get the subtext written right underneath the image to make sure it was exactly what I was looking for. And it was very efficient to have the options of similar images and more sizes. Bing Images isn't exactly what I wanted to use, but at least it shows the subtext even though the similar/sizes options are one click away. The Google Images that is available for reverting shows few results and you have to browse through many pages like the very old Google Images search. No thank you, I will stick with Bing Images for now. Why Google? I voted for you when they tested us to see which search engine we like better Bing or Google, I'm very disappointed...
Re: Google Images Redesign Carl Klinkenborg 1/29/13 4:49 AM
It seems you have a huge failure on your hands.  Many, like myself, find the new Images Search to be cumbersome and 'not fit for purpose' in many respects when compared with the last version.  How can you possibly call this an improvement when more clicking and keystrokes are required?  Please listen to your users and give us back 'Similar' and 'Other sizes' not have to click and blow up an image, then click again to reduce it. Progress???? Cheers hopefully, Carl.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 6:12 AM
@Jessica STo 
Please delete this thread , you already admits that
the change with Google Images is a permanent one and there are no plans to revert to the old interface.

No need to discuss anymore with this  topic. :(

Dear all other members -- pls suggest me a better search engine.

Is better alternatives to Google  
Re: Google Images Redesign weucaowe 1/29/13 6:21 AM
On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 1:57:42 AM UTC-5, Jan Castermans wrote:
Jessica, is Google's legal department sleeping? They shouldn't be excited at all with this new image search. It is a HUGE COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. Every day again Google is violating the copyrights of thousands/millions of photographers by publishing their images out of their context. On top of that Google is a server resources thief. You are hotlinking the images and using the bandwidth of other people without their permission. It's like using other people's gas for your own car!

I'm against the changes, but this argument is ridiculous.  They're not "stealing" anything or violating copyrights.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 6:25 AM
Technically they are not stealing any images but consuming bandwidth.
Re: Google Images Redesign LordLiverpool 1/29/13 6:51 AM
The new Google Images is awful. The "basic version" is even worse. There is a pattern here: monopoly providers imposing unwanted change on users. Google has become like Microsoft in no time (because their software's in the cloud and they control it; if they depended on us to buy a new version in a box they would at least think twice before forcing this sort of nonsense on us). 
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 6:59 AM
if they depended on us to buy a new version in a box they would at least think twice before forcing this sort of nonsense on us

Agree with you @LordLiverPool
Re: Google Images Redesign W Parker 1/29/13 7:28 AM
I wanted to express my displeasure at NOT getting to search for similar images, and more sizes.  I have given up expecting corporations to recognize that a product works.  I understand that employees must justify their time in product improvement.  I can even learn to adapt to the myriad updates, upgrades and releases - BUT PLEASE LISTEN to your customers.  When you improve a product, solicit information from your customer base as to what parts of that product are the most important.  I have only looked at a dozen responses and already know that I am not the only one who is upset.  Learn a lesson from the likes of NETFLIX and back up on your roll out of this product long enough to incorporate some of your best features for Images.
Re: Google Images Redesign rarfter 1/29/13 7:37 AM
Biggest mistake ever Google. The options for more sizes, and similar where the only reason i used google images, and i will not be using this new version. Thats a fact. Thanks for screwing it all up.
Re: Google Images Redesign rarfter 1/29/13 8:00 AM
Somebody has qouted this earlier in the htread:

""Similar images" is only available in the new version"

This is not true, as i have been using the Similar images feature for nearly 2 years now. I have worked out how to use this new version, but its just so mundane. It takes me nearly 6 to 7 times as long to find an image now. And even then it might not be what im looking for. My main reason in searching images as to find PNG format pictures, with a transparent background. I could find those with 1 click, now it takes up to 5 clicks on an image, and it might not be what im looking for. This is just plain wrong Google, and we all know it, why dont you?
Re: Google Images Redesign barryhunter 1/29/13 8:10 AM

On Tuesday, 29 January 2013 06:57:42 UTC, Jan Castermans wrote:
Jessica, is Google's legal department sleeping? They shouldn't be excited at all with this new image search. It is a HUGE COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. Every day again Google is violating the copyrights of thousands/millions of photographers by publishing their images out of their context. On top of that Google is a server resources thief. You are hotlinking the images and using the bandwidth of other people without their permission. It's like using other people's gas for your own car!

I agree with this totally. 

Even when the page they have taken the photo from clearly marks the image with Creative Commons meta-data - so that the image can be correctly attributed, no attempt is made to show this attribution. 

But worst of all is the bandwidth theft. Hotlinking the image, without the host site having a chance to do anything about it.  
Re: Google Images Redesign Germantix 1/29/13 9:54 AM
I am very disappointed that the image search on Google lost functionality.
Currently disabled interactive search "Similar images" - when you hover the mouse on the image, and an image search of "Other Sizes" as when you hover your mouse on the image. 
This is very inconvenient. As now search for similar images, and images of other sizes for a particular image?

Now there is only one way to find similar images.
This is saving the image to your computer, and then - drag and drop files to the browser "google image search". You get a list of similar images.
It remains to cancel this wonderful feature. Remove the desired functions, so all at once.
Re: Google Images Redesign DontFixWhatAintBroke 1/29/13 11:50 AM
Another usability-ignorant change that makes things largely worse instead of better.  As pointed out by other users: it requires too many extra clicks just to get some identifying information on the picture you are looking at.  (...among other "idiosyncratic" flaws that I suspect I'll come to know and loathe in the coming days.)

In general:  I can't recall a change to Search, in modern history, that was anything but negative.  Not just "negative", but ... "astonishingly misguided" ... illustrative of the fact that you obviously don't use your tools in quite the hard-core fashion that some of us do, and of the fact that you apparently value your engineering and commercial requirements far above the users' experience.  (Stop HIDING stuff.  Stop requiring extra clicks for stuff.)

I gave up even trying to offer feedback, because, like 99% of modern software companies, Google just blindly does whatever the (@*#$ it wants to, anyway, served up with a nice helping of lip service about "making the customer happy" on the side.  The only force that can halt this process is when users absolutely lose their minds, such that the awareness level on the subject is raised to the point where even the talking heads on the evening news are like "Wow! Google sure messed this up, didn't they?" (cf. Apple Maps)

But for a change like this, on such a relatively niche feature, with (currently) ~95 complaint posts out of ~4 billion-or-whatever users????  Google's big brains are going to be like "99.99997625% satisfaction rate?!  Yep, knocked it out of the park again, didn't we?!"  And those ~95 of us to whom it really, actually matters .... are boned.  (Please let me reiterate: I am not upset because of simply "change", but because it's "change for the worse"!  It introduces multiple significant disadvantages with no mitigating advantages.)

Despite my time-tested outlook that it will have NO effect whatsoever, I had to at least come here and lodge a complaint against this change, because it will negatively affect my ability to do my job efficiently.  Glad you and your team are so excited about it; I, on the other hand, will instead be dreading using this broken feature, every day of my life. I still haven't forgotten how you annoyingly started cropping previews in Image Search, now you throw this wrench in my works?  As for the intrusion of a Safe Search warning pop-up, I haven't run into that yet, but that sounds absolutely backwards and miserable.

To those saying "you can opt-in to 'basic'", my only response is: for how long?

Anyway, my Googly buddies and pals, notwithstanding foul-ups like this, I generally say stuff about your products like "there is no comparable alternative; I could/would never use anything else."  But you sure seem eager to have me try.  In closing: Stop being evil. (Yeah, knowingly or not, you're doing it.) TY.
Re: Google Images Redesign linomolino 1/29/13 12:06 PM
fatal, who looks for the editor?
Re: Google Images Redesign EcoCatLady 1/29/13 12:26 PM
Small time photo publisher here - since this change has rolled out my page views (ie income) have dropped in half and my bandwidth usage has (ie expense) has gone up - hotlinking to high resolution photos is NOT COOL. In my opinion this isn't a "search engine" it's a "skim engine." How is it OK for Google to provide a system for people to download my content without visiting my site?!?

So I'm scrambling here to figure out what to do. I could use hotlink protection which would pretty much remove my images from Google image searches - that would save me some bandwidth but probably kill the site. Or I could do a complete site re-design removing the high res images - that too would save me bandwidth but would also probably kill the site. Bottom line is that this system gives people access to my content without visiting my site, and adding insult to injury you're using MY bandwidth to do it! Any changes I make to try to mitigate the damage will end up hurting me even more because people won't be able to find me. The most likely outcome is that I'll have to shut the site down, and find a new way to make a living.

I'm all for improving the user experience, but publishers have to make a living too. If you used your own bandwidth, disabled right clicking on the image and removed the "View original Image" button I'd be all for this - because then it would actually be a search engine sending traffic to our sites. But as it is, this is a site circumvention engine. I can only hope that some "big fish" out there get together and pursue legal action - but even that would probably come too late for me.

I don't get it Google... why do you want to put your publishers out of business?
(unknown) 1/29/13 1:14 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 3:56 PM
Just Some Photographer  

1> go to Cpanel disabled hotlinking.
2> allow referrer url only your website name.

3> create a custom error 404 page and write why you have to disabled hotlinking ( because visitors may hit this page if he click over view original image).

this steps may give us some comfort from this crap search engine 
Re: Google Images Redesign So irritating 1/29/13 4:00 PM
The new google search and google image search (only noticed a change as of today) completely sucks!  Could you make using google any more convoluted, irritating, and complicated?  It is not bad enough you make password recovery as annoyingly convoluted as attempting to get into fort Knox, now this...

Hint: Those website previews on both regular and image search (enlarged) are the reason people have stayed with google...  Hello.  Don't know who the genius is who came up with this new format, but it is time to send them back to bing!   Remember AOL? Yeah, neither does anyone else...

Sorry, but I hate it.  I can not say enough how much I hate it!
Re: Google Images Redesign Jessica S. 1/29/13 4:15 PM
Hi everyone,

The reason why I asked in this thread for feedback is because it helps us to better understand what you like and what you don't like.  Know that your feedback is valuable, especially when you offer specifics and particulars so we have a clear, solid understanding of how you feel.  For instance, saying that you don't like a specific feature of a product like the placement of a button is more useful than saying you generally dislike the new version of a product.  

Innovation and iteration are a key part of Google. The redesign of Google Images is just one example of this in action.  While we do not plan to revert to the old version of Google Images, know that we're reading your feedback to make an even better search experience in the future.

Re: Google Images Redesign linomolino 1/29/13 4:31 PM
you are happy, because we are tired, who visit our sites now? again as before and this will be a mess
Re: Google Images Redesign So irritating 1/29/13 4:43 PM
Strikes me as another "Amerikan" company that says screw American law, there is global money to be made...
(unknown) 1/29/13 5:33 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign Stanislav Korolyov 1/29/13 6:50 PM
I have nothing against this implemented feature. The only thing that I really deplore is missing the mouseover for zooming images. And no, switching to "basic view" doesn't do it, it gets actually even worse. Please reimplement the mouseover feature or at least an option to turn it back on permanently, so you don't have to do it every time. Thanks, Stan.
(unknown) 1/29/13 6:57 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 6:59 PM
Just Some Photographer 

though you have deleted the the post but I just read it from my email . 
Don't worry, it will not remove images from google. It will just prevent to show your original images in google images result. users can only see lower 
resolution images from Google (thumbnail size).

this is the best solution for now , I guess.

try it , no need to worry about traffic. (Visitors may click the image as they cannot see the image clearly and it will eventually increase traffic little bit)
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 7:40 PM

if you go to google image search and type something , then google first loads their thumbnail image and after that when you click over a image first thumbnail image loads in a bigger size and with in a seconds original images from website loads replacing the lower quality thumbnail image.

For example go to google image search and type

third image which is a microsoft surface tablet image loads and its url is 

when you click over this image (thumbnail) it changes size but simultaneously it's quality decrease and with in a few milliseconds original image  

But if you disabled hot linking and only allow your website url to access to .jpg, .jpeg, .png in your server , then Google image search cannot access your original images to show in their website. just a hazy low quality thumbnail image will be served by Google  User may not happy with this low quality image and he may eventually click over image / visit your website to see the actual size. 

If anyhow user click over view original size, he will hit error 404.php , so make a custom error page and clarify the fact that you have to disabled direct image viewing due to high bandwidth charge.  I have already implemented a custom search box in error404 page so that user may stay in my website and search  what he looking for.

Technically their should not be any issue regarding traffic drop due to disabling hot linking. (because google crawlers can visit and crawl your images without any problem)

Re: Google Images Redesign privacyrules 1/29/13 8:03 PM
How long have you worked for Google, bluequoll?

Jessica, here's what I think: I'm calling the copyright office in Washington tomorrow. You are stealing stealing stealing, and someone needs to file another class action suit against Google. Who told you images are free??? You must be very naive, or a natural thief.

By making the image full size you are BREAKING COPYRIGHT LAW, scraping images from the real creators (I'm a cartoonist - how do you think I make money, Jessica? I'm not a well-paid Google flunkie like you), and also stealing our bandwidth at the same time!

I hope the creators groups really get you good with this one.
Re: Google Images Redesign linomolino 1/29/13 8:20 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 9:08 PM
@Privacy rules 

I am with you. If you need any help pls tell us. I am eager to help you  by all the possible way. pls don't hesitate. 
I am from a country where no definite laws against copyright exist .
Re: Google Images Redesign Smruti Ranjan Mahamansingh 1/29/13 9:10 PM
It would have much cooler; when you roll over the mouse on images, they will pop up with a bit bigger size and rest details (site it belongs to, actual size, etc.). And people also have no need to click on close button or press escape. When they click on the image, the full image will show up in another page.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/29/13 9:10 PM

you don't understand what I describe.

I give an example about a image from website

Re: Google Images Redesign Smruti Ranjan Mahamansingh 1/29/13 9:15 PM
Now I'm thinking why the images are looking blurred. Although Google came up with a new idea, BUDDY it sounds totally uncool and I'd suggest the previous method was quite good. Or you can work on my previous suggestion.
Re: Google Images Redesign Germantix 1/29/13 10:04 PM

I will express my opinion once again on the new image search google.
1. Search for "similar images" takes much more traffic than it was before. Why did you remove the "SIMILAR IMAGES" and "MORE SIZES" from the SEARCH RESULTS PAGE? These functions - the main reason why I enjoyed looking search pictures Google. Now for this we have to open each image.
2. Very inconvenient access to search similar images. In the preview window BESIDE the LINK "MORE SIZES" really want to see the LINK "SIMILAR IMAGES".
3. Image Preview window. Clicking on "Visit Page", "View Original image", "Image details" opens the page in the SAME WINDOW. Want the page to open in a NEW WINDOW or tab.

Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 1/29/13 10:06 PM
@ privacy rules

I am completely with you. Class action lawsuit is needed here.
It will be a good lesson to Big G to understand that they can't do whatever they feel like.

Even in public interest, this calls for a lawsuit. It is not matter that publishers should block google images from taking their images. They should be stopped from stealing from others as well.
Re: Google Images Redesign Dan Z Man 1/29/13 11:31 PM
Are you ever going to fix "Safe Search" (i.e. return it to the way it was)?  Used to be that we could select "Strict", "Moderate" or "Off" and each of those settings pretty much worked as advertised.  Now the only choice is to toggle on/off "Filter Explicit Results".  When toggled on, the search results are pretty much the same as the old "Strict".  When toggled off, the results are pretty much the same as the old "Moderate".  There is no longer any equivalent to the old "Off".  Is Google babysitting us now?  And beyond the adult-content implications, I would say that the search results are generally much less exact and much more disappointing across the board.  I fled briefly to and re-found the old Safe Search, but I see that you've ruined that site as well, apparently some time today.
I really never thought I would say this, but I am truly done with Google. Bing isn't great, but it returns better results than Google, and that really shows how far you've drifted from what you once were...
Re: Google Images Redesign linomolino 1/30/13 12:22 AM
can not believe they have not yet changed from the previous version, we're falling apart, change this please.
Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 1/30/13 12:25 AM
seems like the moderator is deleting my messages :D
Its funny if they are doing like this as i am against this change.
Re: Google Images Redesign siju alex 1/30/13 12:35 AM
I am a designer and Am using image search in Google frequently. But after your new image search UI updation I am facing some problem
for search by similar images (its there in the old one). Please let me know if you have any alternate option to get same function.
Attaching old and new screenshots for cf

Thank you
Siju Alex
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/30/13 12:38 AM
Note for Jessica S.
Feedback has also been posted in the following discussions, which have been marked as duplicates of this discussion.

Also this discussion on how much longer it now takes to get to "Similar images" (not marked as duplicate):

Also this discussion re hotlinking images, thereby diverting traffic from the publishing site:

Due to the number of users who seem to ignore this discussion and insist on starting new ones, I've given up trying to document reverse references. I'll continue to mark separate discussions as duplicates, but leave it to the users to repost their feedback in this discussion.
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/30/13 12:41 AM
(unknown) 1/30/13 12:44 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 1/30/13 12:47 AM
I'm not employed by Google. I'm only a user trying to understand what's going on, and trying to assist users to do the same!
Re: Google Images Redesign linomolino 1/30/13 2:28 AM
Please go back to previous version, then put capture one of my sites, bandwidth and Analitycs

(unknown) 1/30/13 4:13 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/30/13 7:46 AM
You may use this code in your .htaccess file of your server to prevent hotlinking and redirect url to your choice (That means if anyone try to go directly your image file or click over view original image in google image search he will be redirect to that url---This is very important because after using that I am totally surprised that a great number of visitors click to view only original image , previously I cannot track them). Don't worry you will get your traffic again. I can feel your pain and anger.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^*$      [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$      [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp)$ [R,NC]

red coloured link is redirect url

but make sure that you have enabled only 
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/30/13 7:49 AM
sorry the last bold blue colour is redirect url . I write it in red colour but it chnaged to blue as it is a link.

here it is again.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^*$      [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$      [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp)$ [R,NC]

Re: Google Images Redesign brithael138 1/30/13 10:03 AM
I can tell you one thing.  IT was easier to have the image get a little bigger as you hover over it..and it also showed some data regarding image size and the website without me having to click it..and then click back to get back to the list of images. Also the way it blows up in to the black dialog box is silly. if i wanted to see a bigger image from the list i can always click it *then* when im *sure* i want to see it bigger. youve just multiplied my clicks and wait time for loading by 100% you have in essence made it take longer for me to find reference images to do my job...  this is not easier to use and also confusing as sometimes i forget and hit Back instead of closing the black dialog. Sometimes when accidentally clicking entire search goes to the previous search and there is no longer a forward button option at this point as it it greyed out. This is certainly a waste of time the entire thing worked just fine the way it was. It seems a trend these days to obsess of how easy things are to use to badly that developers make them unnecessarily more time consuming.  The way it worked before was simple and elegant..this way it is now is clunky and flashy.  artist and people that work in fields like design and animation and sepcial effects -like i do- just had all their work flows stretched and all their searching will now take longer. 
Re: Google Images Redesign cackanded 1/30/13 10:35 AM
Hi Jess,
Just solved every power image searcher's favourite three click problem! Mock up for you -

Still looks plenty clean and minimal, no? Also including the same 'similar images' link on the expanded view would be necessary. Seems to me that this would solve the majority of the gripes on here quite simply and effectively and let people use the 'search and refine' work flow that they've gotten used to.
Re: Google Images Redesign LordLiverpool 1/30/13 10:53 AM
@Jessica, if you want specifics, I think everyone's been pretty clear: bring back hover zoom, and bring the number of required clicks to perform common actions back down to match the old Google Images. Simple. 
If your answer is always going to be "we're listening, but we're not going to change anything, because we're all about innovation and this is what we're calling innovation", then there's no point in us wasting our time here. 
Re: Google Images Redesign Fresh Copy 1/30/13 11:56 AM
There seems to be a bug in the image search results.

If you search for anything and then click on "Images" your taken to the image page, now when you scroll down the page or use the "page down" key the page moves down in increments but when you use the "page up" key you’re not moved up in increments, instead it goes all the way back to the top of the results as if you pressed the "home" key. Very frustrating if you are moving down the page using the keys and you see something that you past and then press the "page up" key only to find that your back where you started.

If this is something Google has implemented then that’s completely then you should discipline that person who came up with that or if it's a glitch then please resolve this BUG.


Re: Google Images Redesign linomolino 1/30/13 1:17 PM
but that will not disappear from google images? thanks friend
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 1/30/13 1:24 PM
sorry I forget to to mention that you should add user agent in .htaccess for better crawling

RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Googlebot [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Googlebot-Image [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Mediapartners-Google [NC]
RewriteCond ${HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Mediapartners [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Googlebot-Mobile [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Googlebot-Video [NC]
RewriteCond ${HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Googlebot-News [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !msnbot [NC]
RewriteCond ${HTTP_USER_AGENT} !slurp [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !Bingbot [NC]

, but one question haunts me whether it would leads to cloaking or not? I already ask this question in webmaster forum and awaiting for response.

Re: Google Images Redesign msrr 1/30/13 1:36 PM
Please bring back the old interface, It is beautiful.

We need "Similar Images" and "More Sizes"....
Re: Google Images Redesign David_S_P_ 1/30/13 1:45 PM
@Jessica - Being able to easily see the key words from the source website is imperative. In the previous version 'hover over image' did this perfectly, this function needs to be reinstated. The new Image Search is now totally useless for designers like myself. Thanks!
Re: Google Images Redesign l9marebear 1/30/13 2:04 PM
Is Google turning into Facebook?

Quit trying to fix things that aren't broken! I had NO issues with the old Google image search. The changes are annoying and makes searching for images more difficult and more time consuming than it was before.
Re: Google Images Redesign (unknown) 1/30/13 4:18 PM
Where is the option for SIMILAR IMAGES?
Progress should require hiring Pros. I don't think the redesign was done that way.
I am not a happy user anymore.
I am looking for a new way to search the web for images, not something I like being forced to do.

: (

PS  I see a nice window asking me "Not ready for change? The text in that window suggests I choose the Old Google Groups from the settings menu.  Where is the Old Google Groups choice found once inside the setting menu. It too seems to be a problem.
Re: Google Images Redesign TG2 1/30/13 4:20 PM
Jessica S.

Of anything that needs to be taken back to google Gestapo is to stop f**king users over.  You want to come up with these "new ways" but then you don't want to GIVE THE USERS THE CHOICE! .. WTF is up with that ?

Google use to have a "do no harm" philosophy, but change for the sake of change, and *NOT* giving users an easy to select option to OPT OUT of beta changes (which would probably require a long list of the beta selectors to opt in or out of .. I'm sure .. opt out of web search beta changes, opt out of image search betas, etc.. to be separate from not opting out of google doc's updates or beta ..etc)... or the simple thing to REVERT to previous XX type .. previous web search type, previous image search type ..  Or even a site easily found and searched for, where users can assemble their own skin of google code that allows *US*.. THE USER to choose how our results are displayed??

Jesus .. google came up with "igoogle" where you could move things from column to column .. etc.. so what the hell? why wasn't THAT a choice .. to make an overlay .. or a group of overlays that users could spend a little time in .. "I want <this> on the left .. I want <that> at the top and bottom ... I want <this thing> to never display (that's the hover over preview crap on web search results)." ... etc.. etc. etc..

Why is NONE OF THAT on the forefront of Google's mind?  EVERY TIME google makes changes you piss of someone.  OF THIS you can't be in denial .. even your own first post says "saying you hate it isn't as helpful as ... " well stop forcing everyone to use the tools the same way .. we are *NOT* the same though many of us are similar .. and EACH OF US deserves the ability to have these things as we need or want them ..

we turned *TO* google back in the day because your main page was blank .. then you changed that ..
we turned *TO* google for better search results .. and then you changed those ...
jesus on the f**king cross if I ever see a f**king search result show me that bullsh*t patent website results showing up when I didn't ask for patent information I think I'll go apesh*t on the next google car I see..

this "me too" bullsh*t is just the cap of that crap .. you want everyone to fit into one mold rather than building the better and more adaptable mold that can give the *USER* the experience they prefer to have..

I get constraints.. you have to make money, you want to do ad placement.. you want to track people.. etc.. but that doesn't mean that google's code changers (code f**kers) can't give *USERS* the choices to make the experience what *they* want and need.

Now.. to the point of the changed image results.. first I've had to install a stylish script, because *I* am one of the users that prefers a left side selector with EASY ONE CLICK ACCESS to the features I use .. namely.. I prefer to set for large images, I prefer to set the option to display the image size .. but without having to hover..

Take for example. this new layout you have.. to see the image size.. you and your mindless a##es at google would say.. "oh all you have to do is hover your mouse over the image and it will show you the size" .. Really.. niffy neato.. but guess f**king what.. if the search results include TEN OR EVEN MORE of the same or similar visual image.. that means having to hover over EACH OF THOSE F**KING IMAGES JUST TO SEE WHICH IS OF THE SIZE I WANT?


Because sure as sh*t is makes sense to me that you've blown THAT problem into next week and obviously didn't think about it..

The whole black bar issue .. you only need to google on your own search engine "black bar google" and you get THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of results with people saying they hate it being the way it is.. (the most popular answer is to give this color choice back to the user, and let *THEM* choose the color of that bar) .. but no.. still google doesn't seem to get this.. and still ignore users complaints..

Just like your post here.. google trying to get away with making changes.. see what people hate or how many hate. without actually manually soliciting people to WILLINGLY take part .. its the WILLINGLY .. that should key you in.. many of us here.. DID NOT ASK for these changes .. and by simple fact that we've taken the time to FIND your post .. and then make the time to complain that we don't like it.. should be enough to get google back on the "how about we give the *USERS* the choice" ...

Every time you change.. I stupidly hit that god damned cogwheel up there thinking.. maybe .. just maybe google has finally listened and put more options there so that *I* can change things back.. and each time I feel insulted.. like "hey you idiot .. google doesn't care about *you* TG2, the 'individual' that uses google, we only care about looking cool"

There's feedback for you Jessica .. tell your bosses google has yet again pissed off people and the same request comes back up from the masses .. give the USERS the choice rather than f**king everyone over with something they don't like.
Re: Google Images Redesign rich44 1/30/13 4:22 PM
Thanks to bluequoll I found the well hidden "similar" option.   Why was it moved?  What does it have to do with size?   How many people signed off on these changes?   When you make such radical, and often illogical, changes please at least explain them someplace.     Was this created by the same department that created gmail without a search function?     ("search", not "sort").

I hope the feedback here has some effect.


Re: Google Images Redesign Tina May 1/30/13 5:51 PM
Don't like the new image search , the  feature were you can hover the cursor over the image and gain more information of what the link is is now missing and that makes the image search less than useless. Please bring it back
Re: Google Images Redesign dreamliner787 1/31/13 1:36 AM
As a publisher this change affected me in a very NEGATIVE way. I lost a lot of visitors to my website as well as revenue from Adsense. I have been investing a lot of time and resources into creating good pictures that would bring traffic to my website and now the most of it will be made pointless because people will less likely click on the Visit page button. They will download my pictures with less guilt and then I will be seeing them on other websites.

Though I doubt that Google will bring back the old layout. Does anyone else share my thoughts?
Re: Google Images Redesign Comarine1371 1/31/13 8:10 AM
This new Google Images is awful! There was nothing wrong with the old one and don't fix what isn't broken.
Now, older versions of Windows and some browsers cannot even click on the images, it will shoot you up or down the page or just do nothing at all.
Also, there is now no "similar" image link, this used to be extremely helpful as we know that search engines can produce random results.
Please please please!!!! Bring back the old Google Images, or at least fix these issues. Similar image search is a MUST HAVE!
(unknown) 1/31/13 1:22 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 1/31/13 1:22 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 1/31/13 1:24 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign AlfredoGon74 1/31/13 7:41 PM
I do not like the new Google Images
the previous version was very good
returning it back somehow???

I search on Google Images
and now everything is complicated ):
Re: Google Images Redesign Ant Dude 1/31/13 9:49 PM
I don't like it! :(
Re: Google Images Redesign Jack Mwai 1/31/13 11:34 PM
Hey Jessica,

Innovation is good and change is inevitable  However the new google images layout is frustrating, since its harder and taking longer to get exactly what I want. Very useful features like Similar images, Other Sizes and a snapshot of the Website the image emanates from was useful, Now its all black, requires extra clicks to find.

Re: Google Images Redesign reorourke 2/1/13 12:22 AM
I am not at all happy with the redesign.  I do not get the information I'm looking for in your search now, and have to actually click on images in order to get it to enlarge or give me additional information on it.  I like hovering over an image with my mouse cursor and having the image enlarge itself & provide the caption, then being able to quickly move on to the next one.  What you've provided us instead uses a lot more mouse clicks, time and user resources.  Please either change it back or allow people to opt out of this new format, for this is awful.  Thanks!
Re: Google Images Redesign berm 2/1/13 3:24 AM
It looks nice yeah, but what worries me is the direct link to the image file. The reason I spend years putting photos on pages with other content is for traffic, but now they can just see the full image without visiting my site, I dont like that. Yesterday according to Google Anylitics my traffic was way up, but my other stats program says it was way down, so I am not sure about the impact, will keep monitoring.
Re: Google Images Redesign Phillip Dodge 2/1/13 6:08 AM
The new image search is terrible. Put the old one back in.
Re: Google Images Redesign Puffinboots 2/1/13 6:33 AM
You work for google or something???
Re: Google Images Redesign Nevil.of.Mars 2/1/13 9:03 AM
That is not the "old one" image search engine that I have been using!  

Why point frustrated users to an image search engine that does not replicate the image search engine the users are asking for?
Re: Google Images Redesign Nevil.of.Mars 2/1/13 9:08 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign Nevil.of.Mars 2/1/13 9:10 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign Nevil.of.Mars 2/1/13 9:18 AM
Well, I am convinced.  

I just tried bing image search engine.  

Better than the new google search engine!

Also better than the not "old basic" "basic" image search engine that some posters have been hyping as a replacement to the real older, discontinued, google image search engine!

Re: Google Images Redesign FredWE 2/1/13 10:59 AM
Please enlighten us pond scum as to why in its infinite wisdom and goodness, Google decided to take away the zoom-on-thumbnail feature LONG present in image search? You have IMHO removed a useful feature. But I realize that's just the way things go at "don't be evil."
Re: Google Images Redesign Waseem Shah 2/1/13 11:29 AM
Dear Jessica is Google reading feedbacks of bloggers and site owners on this? this change has killed 3o to 40% traffic of sites. this is unjust.
Re: Google Images Redesign rarfter 2/1/13 12:43 PM
I commented on this thread a few days ago, and im getting the e-mails to keep me posted as to how this is going so far. It looks like Google wont chage back. But i am delighted to say that BING image search works a lot better than this crap, and i havent retuned to Google at all. On another note, i am glad this has happened as i am now finding images that i couldt get when using the old Google system. Thanks Google, you actually did me a big favour.
Re: Google Images Redesign rich44 2/1/13 8:25 PM
One giant leap leap backward for Google.   
Re: Google Images Redesign blogo 2/1/13 8:39 PM
I'm surprised to see only 7 pages of outrage. The blatant disrespect for publishers' copyright has me speechless. I really don't care if it's better. As a matter of principle I won't use a search engine that steals content.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/1/13 11:57 PM
Google become Deaf and mute and blind.

They cannot hear publishers cry, can't see our tears and even they don't reply.

we should all make our best effort to make internet free from  Google .
Re: Google Images Redesign no, bad google 2/2/13 3:58 AM
your excited to announce another down grade to the browsing experience... Thanks google... The old system worked great, I could mouse over the image and it would expand making spotting details in the image usable for searches. Then once I determined that was something I wanted to look at I could push down on mouse3 (scroll wheel) and it would load in a new tab... But not anymore... Google has proven time and time again that when google F's up they go for broke... It was nice having the page load in the background, and the background was transparent. This way I could see if it was a page I have already been to or not. Now I have to click yet another link to go the page, sometimes just to determine that it is a page I have already opened... These piss poor changes might be acceptable if you left the old way in as and option, after all what good is a settings menu if you don't use or remember it.

now I understand some of you (and all of the google dev team) may not be "power users" of the internet/search engine and you only open your 1 tab for 1 subject... but others of us will have 40+ tabs open at once for 1 search. If i see something that may be close to what I'm looking for I'll mouse3 down on it (scroll wheel) and move on, then go back and read the pages, and if needs be branch out from there keeping the original pages open.

long story short, the new image search sucks and the old style was 1000x better. these new features could be added to the old style without ditching the old style. if that is not good enough make it user selectable in the settings.
really this was a waste of time, no one at google will read this or implement it, and we will all be forced to live with the crap and remember when the good ole days when the search engine actually worked comfortably as a tool...
Re: Google Images Redesign Scout_Finch 2/2/13 5:44 AM
It's frustrating that the pictures no longer enlarge automatically when you hover over them, so you have to click the picture to see it in detail. The picture then takes up to 5 seconds to clarify, so you're looking at a blurry/pixelated image. By the time it sharpens up, you've pretty much already decided whether it's the pic you want or not.
Re: Google Images Redesign Penny Hanton 2/2/13 8:54 AM
I hate it .
Re: Google Images Redesign blogo 2/2/13 8:57 AM
Reading up on copyright law, it seems that the use of thumbnails by Google = fair use, but that Google can't display the larger/original image. Not on their servers anyway. But they don't. They hotlink it. So they could argue that you are the one distributing the image and that they only make the image URL available, which is exactly what a search engine should be doing. I'm not saying it's good. This update amounts to punching publishers in the face. Google either forgot to consider the mechanisms by which publishers monetize traffic or they chose to ignore them.
Re: Google Images Redesign Debo Debo 2/2/13 9:12 AM
if you're about to keep the huge useless sliding-off menu for the image results, then do so; but PLEASE, i beg you, give us the "similar images" "more sizes" quick buttons on thumbnail-hover back.

searching with google image search has been so much more frustrating after the change. i have to make one extra page load+one extra link click PER IMAGE, which means that if i find n images interesting i have to make 2*n actions, and we are not even talking about the page additioanl waiting for the page loads. i find 10 images interesting- 20 actions +10 extra page loads. so unproductive! what were you thinking  when implementing this new image search?

before i would just hold CTRL button, go click-click-click and have all the images relevant to my search interests in the new tabs. if i would want to repeat the same with the current new search it would take me ages.

power users do NOT approve of the new image search
Re: Google Images Redesign Paernix 2/2/13 9:22 AM
Yes, here’s a thread discussing this problem. 50% traffic loss for me, starting on Jan. 25.

Re: Google Images Redesign Imke 2/2/13 11:26 AM
I agree with Debo Debo,

I want the similar images - hover over - function back!!!

That is the what I've been using most of all, that's basically why I use Google Search to find stuff.
I use it to find medical images, for reading anatomy, and now I have to click sooo many times to get similar pictures.

please give us the similar-images function back, pleeeeeeeeeease !!!!! :) :) 
Re: Google Images Redesign MyRideisMe 2/2/13 1:04 PM
Hi Jessica, you've probably already seen this, but I feel like I need to post anyway... This change is killing my Google Image search referrals. Down at least 60% and who knows where the bottom is. I post about cars, and I see my best traffic during and immediately after a big car show. With the new image browser, people can see just about every image at full size (1024x680) right from Google, so why would they go to my site? There's no preview of the 3-10 other images I'm showing of the content directly related to their search.

I'd love to show you details of how this is impacting me. Everyone's scrambling for a way to basically, "defeat" this change so we can get our earned traffic back. I don't want to fight Google!

This change has pretty much wiped out years of hard work producing unique content with high quality images. That seems exactly the opposite of what Google's trying to accomplish, wouldn't you agree?

Example of image search authority, use string: 2013 ambr winner (my images are all over the first page) -- what else can I show you?

Thank you,
Craig Pike - Owner/Editor/Janitor of
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 2/2/13 1:04 PM
If you can’t find “Similar images”, please see my post here:
[FAQ] How do i find Other Sizes and Similar Images in the new Google Images?
Re: Google Images Redesign TimCW 2/2/13 1:38 PM
It looks nice, but it's so much more cumbersome, especially it's harder to get to the "Similar Images" search now!  Three clicks instead of one!  Please bring back the "hover over the search result" version which immediately allowed similar image search for any initial search result.
Re: Google Images Redesign AlfredoGon74 2/2/13 2:23 PM
Sitios web que tienen stock, me levanto a 300 000 mil visitantes en un solo día ....

Mi tráfico cae demasiado ... 75% - 80% .. perdido

Incluso se perdió dos sitios de búsqueda de google, y no aparecen en la búsqueda.

Este cambio fue el peor de todos los tiempos para mí.

Creo que google está robando mi trabajo
mis fotos

Yo trabajo como Blogger, y hacer que la regla a google
y esto nos traiciona de la peor manera.
Re: Google Images Redesign Mark Batuer 2/2/13 10:11 PM
I don't like the new design of image search. Too much time wasted for clicking to get information that I want. Especially the similar images and more sizes functions. In old design I can only click once to get what I want, but in new design I have to click 7 times to get what I want. Google is a efficient and creative company. But NOW I don't see where the efficient and creative are. Whatever changes is to satisfy the customers needs rather than designer's hobby. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, Please have a consideration to customers need. Put the similar images and more sizes functions in front and directly to the image search page. Don't hide so deep.
Re: Google Images Redesign Mark Batuer 2/2/13 10:15 PM
Agree. New design is so brain-damaged. To much time and clicking are wasted to get a similar image. Please give us the similar images and more sizes function on toop back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Google Images Redesign Juan Tambling 2/3/13 12:29 AM
Hello, we understand the changes of design but as you know, you're killing the webmasters/publisher. There are numbers of reasons why.
1. Simply, the new design's hotlinking our images and showing original resolution.
2. Clicking view original image simply redirect the user to image file not the single page.
3. Image are pretty much right click-able which will let the user stays in google search and not going to visit author/publisher page.
4. Google stated that Image may be subject to copyright. Yet they doing this through improper hotlinking.
Conclusion, I believe there's amount of smart people in google who has better idea than this. At least enlighten us by replying our concerns and feedbacks. Cause withouth publisher no people will ever search your search engine.. Cause with publisher information comes first.
That's all and good luck to all publishers.
Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 2/3/13 2:26 AM
Google has stopped listening to publishers.
Re: Google Images Redesign vikrant1992 2/3/13 3:11 AM
I do not like the new Google Image search. I think it is not right that people click on imgaes without adding to the website's page views or hits. This is very bad for those websites that depend of stock images for its SEO.
Re: Google Images Redesign USWildflowers 2/3/13 5:55 AM
Jessica -
If you want to help us webmasters, you can do one of two things:

1) Convince Google to rescind this copyright-infringing change to the image search
2) Provide a link where we can find information on a class-action lawsuit in which we can participate to gain an injunction against Google for using our images outside "fair use" of copyrighted images.

Re: Google Images Redesign (unknown) 2/3/13 6:29 AM
I really miss not being able to hover over an image and click 'Similar'  The new way doesn't work anything like as well, and I'm wasting a LOT of time doing what used to be the work of moments. Please bring back this most and much used functionality.
Re: Google Images Redesign sadgliding 2/3/13 2:45 PM
This is as bad as Intragrams attempt to snag ownership of everyones images for their own use.
They are now the worst screen scapper site on the internet. Using every content creators images for their own use, full size even, while cutting off all referral traffic. SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE.   

What happened to do no evil?
Re: Google Images Redesign Ryan Cannon 2/3/13 4:26 PM
I like this new design on mobile overall, except I hate that you can not view the full size image anymore, sometimes you just need to see the image, not the full web page.
Re: Google Images Redesign TG2 2/3/13 8:27 PM
What don't I like.. that you've not given me ... the user ... the one that used your search feature in the first place .. the choice as to how *I* want those results laid out.

Maybe some users like having their window f**ked with.. *I* don't.

I like my tools on the LEFT side.. I would REALLY like those tools to be sticky ... so I don't have to scroll down there every time to RESELECT the option to have the sizes shown *IN* the picture ... that would like to be able to have large photos shown *most but not all* the time... and ... would like the CHOICE to have these things my way..

Your new result display.. is "in line" ... * I DONT LIKE IN LINE DISPLAY * .. you shove the pictures both down AND up... so that if I decide that's not the picture I want to see.. that I have to scroll again because your X / Close doesn't put the window BACK to the way it was... and this shifted other images on the same row upward out of the proper field of view.

OR how about when I'm HOLDING THE CTRL KEY when I click.. and expect a NEW TAB to open in firefox with the picture.. and a load of the page behind it.. giving me the choices on the right to download the photo, or to go to the page its on ... etc.. and now.. THOSE options aren't as readily available any more... and I've got to figure out what the F**K you've done..

Change for the sake of change is bad.  Change that ONLY puts ONE group in control is equally just as bad (if not more so) .. and as it seems with ALL THINGS GOOGLE these days.. you've got to f**k them up royally.. just to get a pulse on the nation that uses you.. for what reasons?   Just so we have something to bitch about?  just so you realize there *ARE* people out there that have wants and desires.. and that your golden girls and boys back there in your lab aren't omniscient? ... Seriously.. WHAT IN THE F**K does google expect?  You always piss off someone .. without giving them the CHOICES that matter to them.. so what is it that google is REALLY trying to do?  Are you TRYING to force people to find alternatives to your search results?  are you TRYING to piss off as many people as possible?

Why not offer the way off your ranch?  WHY NOT offer something other than the google coolaide?  WHY NOT give the users the choice ???

I really do wonder.. I mean.. obviously google MUST realize they are causing people to have such utter vile hatred for them.. or is google really that blind?  Is google really *THAT* stupid as to think its shit doesn't stink?

delusional google.. simply delusional.  The more you piss off your users.. the more you cause the to seek out new search results engines. that get *it* and that realize they must cater to the users that use them .. not just be as fickle as possible, and change every week just to fuck with the mainstream ... maybe that's it.. you're really run by a bunch of middle school kids that thinks they have the answer to it all.. but then don't accept the reality when faced with it.. and that is.. that google beta shit sucks.
Re: Google Images Redesign mccaa 2/4/13 3:14 AM
The new design with the absence of the web page hint text has greatly reduced the usfullnes of the image search.  For my purposes, after seeing the image the text from the page and the URL are the most important.  The image size is not important on the initial search.
Re: Google Images Redesign silfiriel 2/4/13 3:31 AM
as a user I think it looks OK, it looks clean, minimalistic, edgy. I like it.

As a publisher I hate it. Visitor stats are  50% down, adsense revenue is also down.
On the other hand bandwidth is the same and even a little higher than before.
It's really interesting how Germany doesn't have this new design. Seems that
german law protects webmasters a little bit better than the rest of the world, and google is just forcing it's way with it.

Legally challenged, highly unethical the new design is an abomination of one that rules by force.

Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 2/4/13 4:12 AM
Google doesn't want to get into any mess in Germany or France. But, German or French webmasters would also face loss of international traffic.

For rest of the world, they aren't caring and have done whatever they feel like.
Re: Google Images Redesign F Ana 2/4/13 4:40 AM
Jessica S and their colleagues aren't responding anymore to our messages. They probably have realized that mocked us. They said that this new image search was based on our feedback (webmasters), which were actually non-existent, our feedbacks are here, they are all against this new image search which is the worst move, you are stealing our images, you are violating our copyrights, and finally to destroy our work of many years, our lives. They said it will be better for webmasters. I want JESSICA to answer why we lost over 60% of traffic all webmasters? Why lie? Why steal images?  Why violate our copyright? Why you want to destroy us?
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/4/13 4:47 AM
this update isn't about rankings of images.

this is about stealing of images by Google. 
Google has no answer to all the webmasters who have posted here so far.

Jessica and others from Google are hiding as they are getting all the messages against their actions.
Re: Google Images Redesign silfiriel 2/4/13 5:12 AM
If I enable hotlinking and redirect to a porn site/photo will it be my fault or Google's?
Re: Google Images Redesign bhavatmaj 2/4/13 5:15 AM
@silfiriel it will be your fault

Re: Google Images Redesign Mia McPherson 2/4/13 6:20 AM
I think the changes Google has made have gone beyond "fair use", get rid of that "View Original Image" or have it go directly to the page where the image is on OUR sites. This update benefits Google but you are allowing our images to be stolen and circumventing any and all protections we have on our sites to protect our images. According to the DMCA Google has to remove our images that are hot linked on your Blogger sites when we send in a request so why is it that you think YOU can do this? Has Google become the largest DMCA violator on the planet? It sure feels that way and I resent how easy Goggle has made it for my images to be infringed.
Re: Google Images Redesign b3ck0 2/4/13 6:44 AM
I really hate the new image search design! All websites are losing traffic! I think that this is the worst Google PRODUCT ever! Better to step back and give us the oldest version or redirect users to our websites if using the button 'View original image"
Re: Google Images Redesign talon00 2/4/13 9:56 AM
This new format sucks, everything is censored, if you look for an image of a Black woman of a certen style you get 2 black girls and hundreds of white women
Re: Google Images Redesign DontFixWhatAintBroke 2/4/13 10:19 AM
Specific negative aspects of the new system:
  1. No descriptive text on initial page. Descriptive text when you open the preview is cut off at a disturbingly short point.
  2. Used to be you could click an image, and press the "back" button, and be (... wait for it ...) "back" where you were.  No longer the case.  You have to press ESC or click the "X" with the mouse (horrors!) to close the preview box. Super annoying. There is a school of thought that says any time you press "back" and don't wind up back where you were = a failed web design. It is being increasingly repressed for all the wrong reasons, and while I don't adhere to it 100%, this is a bad violation. Pressing "back" when you are viewing the "full" preview doesn't do what it used to do (i.e. return to the image search results.) Instead it returns you to the page from which you initiated your search. Going against the users conditioned expectations for no good reason = a bad "upgrade".
  3. As pointed out by others, hotlinking high-resolution images - with the original publisher's only recourse being "don't be on google" - is downright villainous.

And to translate/annotate the G team's follow-up message:

"The reason why I asked in this thread for feedback is because it helps us to better understand what you like and what you don't like.  (Because presently, we don't understand that at all. We tend to base our designs user-irrelevant engineering concerns, cost-effectiveness, and, well, basically, how well they suit our increasingly brazen plans for total domination of the media, and, in turn, Commerce itself. Oh and sometimes "just plain bad" design for the sake of it.) Know that your feedback is valuable, especially when you offer specifics and particulars so we have a clear, solid understanding of how you feel.  For instance, saying that you don't like a specific feature of a product like the placement of a button is more useful than saying you generally dislike the new version of a product.  

Innovation and iteration are a key part of Google. The redesign of Google Images is just one example of this in action.  While we do not plan to revert to the old version of Google Images, know that we're reading your feedback to make an even better search experience in the future. We may have messed up, but little experiments like this cost too much time and money to just "turn off". You may get some relief in the future - but probably not - and at any rate, how far in the future is anyone's guess. In the interim, while we have no intention of doing anything but telling you to go jump in a lake, we enjoy watching you froth about. 

P.S. "I generally dislike the new version of this product." :p
Re: Google Images Redesign DontFixWhatAintBroke 2/4/13 10:59 AM
edit - a few things I forgot...
  1. New system shows cropped images with no expansion, so you can't preview the whole image, even when hovering.  Often significant portions of the image - including captions, credits, or other useful text - are lost to cropping, rendering many previews absolutely worthless.

    You never should have started cropping in the first place but this is obviously far worse.  (You understand why I say "obviously", right, guys?  Cuz your tool that is supposed to help people find information has now been successively redesigned -- at least twice recently, to my knowledge -- to hide information.)
  2. Now that I have been driven to find alternatives, I actually tried Bing, and I see how you are trying to emulate it with this redesign.  MS is nothing to emulate when it comes to user-friendliness!  Bottom line: great, now BOTH companies' image searches suck!
  3. Also, to those that say you can "opt out" by using "basic" search found at the bottom of the page, be aware that's the WAY old, WAY basic method.  Better than the the new method, I'll admit, but inferior to the way things have been for the past several years(?).

In any case, a status report re: if/when any of these very reasonable user requests and annoyances -- most specifically: the lack of descriptive text in the searc results -- will be addressed would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

BTW while I'm here: this forum software design is horrendous.  No visible way to edit a post?  No visible way to preview a post?  All this clicking to expand/collapse/drop-down instead of simple, single-purpose links/buttons that just Get The Job Done?  A tiny edit box surrounded by all kinds of undefined white space that could be put to better use?  You should have just bought out vBulletin or phpBB etc.

Signing off now, probably much to your relief.  All in all, a usability disaster.  (Meanwhile you are trying to push me into a Chromebook. ......Deal with this brand of unrepentant, misguided design at the OS level, are you crazy?!)
Re: Google Images Redesign zubilitic 2/4/13 11:24 AM

Would you please be kind and share with us the list of web masters who agreed with this new approach? Or it's like those stupid commercials: "clinically tested".
Also, it would be very interesting to demonstrate us how the users would ever leave google and visit the websites when you offer THEIR images directly in google.

To clarify, the change may be permanent but you will have much less photos in your index pretty soon because 80% of the photo websites have 80% less visitors.

Re: Google Images Redesign Wilbur Cartwrigth 2/4/13 12:08 PM
That is a good point. This new layout discourages people from visiting the image's source website but instead downloading straight from Google. Not good for professional photographers and stock agencies. Not sure why that's just fine for images when you can't do this with entire MP3s or movies...the government shuts down websites for giving away copyrighted content like that. Google Image Search has become The Pirate Bay for JPGs, GIFs, PNGs and other image files.
Re: Google Images Redesign Wilbur Cartwrigth 2/4/13 12:16 PM
Yes...I wonder how many websites Google will NOT be sending traffic to will have their AdSense revenues drop considerably...and, in turn, Google's AdWords revenue...
Re: Google Images Redesign Fresh Copy 2/4/13 3:52 PM
When your on image search and you scroll down using the "page down" key you move down the page like normal but when you use the "page up" on the keyboard it doesn't bring you up by on page, instead it goes back to the top of the page as if you pressed the "home" key.

Are you going to fix this? Doesn't seem right to scroll down a page and you see something and want to go back up a bit and you hit the "page up" key only to be taken back to the top of the page. Yeah, yeah, use the scroll wheel, OK but I use the keyboard some of the time and I should have normal use of the "page up" function.

Please fix this, to me this is a bug.

Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/4/13 5:07 PM
that would be great, if we redirect  to a porn website, user will thought that Google becomes Crap and not good enough for image search.

I would do very soon. My image traffic decreasing day by day. I have no more interest to get image search traffic.

Please all webmasters , use every possible ways to make this search engine dry just like our website they have made.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/4/13 5:17 PM
To all webmasters please visit  and fill your petition.

Re: Google Images Redesign steakloft 2/4/13 6:08 PM
it's terrible, guys.  i use google images everyday for research - one of the greatest tools ever.  the new redesign has made it a pain in the ass.  hiding "search by image size" in a sub menu is a minor annoyance.  but please restore "visually similar" to a one-click function.  being able to search visually similar with one click off the thumbnail is incredibly useful - it's now buried under multiple clicks, new pages and submenus. and also, once you locate it, doesn't seem to really work any more. i can't understand the move away from offering multiple functions off a single click/mouseover.  why would you intentionally make your product less functional/more difficult to navigate?  just because a majority of users use a particular function more than others?  is the thought process: what the hell, let's just dumb it down by eliminating or hiding functions that are used less often, or used by power users as opposed to casual or novice users?  so that the interface is simpler/more mac-like visually? 
Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 2/4/13 6:14 PM
The new image search format is terrible. Leave it to bored software engineers to waste time and resources "fixing" things which aren't broken instead of addressing real issues or implementing USER requests. It now takes many more clicks to get from A to B (and really, it's B that the user is interested in!), and finding similar images appears to have been removed. (If it hasn't, then Google sure put in a lot of unnecessary effort to hide it). It's blunders like this that piss off users and motivate them towards an alternate search tool.
Re: Google Images Redesign Nathan ThunderEagle 2/4/13 8:03 PM
Garbage. I want to visually brows and read the links. This thing is slower and doesn’t display any info about the picture or the name of the pic. The original was better, I want it back. Google You have failed.
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/4/13 10:07 PM
is someone going to file a petition on so that other webmasters can support and promote it ?
Or, i should do this.
Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 2/4/13 10:29 PM
@gogoi , the petition has been made.

everyone else is requested to sign it.
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/4/13 10:47 PM
thats cool.

Signed it!!
I have shared it on facebook as well. 

Such things make life interesting :D
Re: Google Images Redesign alterisk 2/5/13 12:21 AM
Adding my voice, frustration & disgust at the new Google Images. Google has become a scraper site, hotlinking to webmasters' images without their consent.

There's a HUGE difference between allowing your images to be indexed vs. having them shown, full-size, high-resolution for Internet surfers to copy at will without ever visiting your site.

A petition (or more) is in order. At least so as to make the issue public, as most websites have simply been vomiting back what Google's multimillionaire (billionaire) p.r. has been telling them.
Re: Google Images Redesign Mark Batuer 2/5/13 4:55 PM
Look at these so many againsts, seriously, ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING TO PEOPLE???????? Google stopped listening to customers made the worst change. We need hovering on images to show original images information and  Similar image and more sizes.
Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 2/5/13 6:20 PM
I personally do not lose any potential revenue, site traffic, or have copyrights illegally infringed upon by this outright stupid change. All I lose is productivity efficiency. But I can say that if I was to be experiencing financial repercussions from this, then I'd seriously be considering a class-action lawsuit against Google for this change. I'm also not an attorney, but after reading several of the comments posted here, it would seem as though Google has crossed a legal boundary and the victims of this change (who can prove they indeed suffered loss as a result of this change) should in my opinion contact an attorney and have some class-action charges filed against Google. I think this would more quickly attract their attention, bring about settlement discussions, and probably even force a redesign of their image search to remain legal. (Honestly, with the way in which Google makes changes like this, do you really think they give a hoot about what their users think of their site? Probably nobody from Google is even reading this thread. About the only thing Google pays attention to is advertising revenue and market share.)
Re: Google Images Redesign vv99 2/6/13 3:31 AM

The new system HIDES the domain name, and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find pics from a particular source.

A GIANT step backwards.

Corporate Arrogance personified = Google.

Re: Google Images Redesign F Ana 2/6/13 4:06 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/6/13 5:52 AM
only thing i can say is that Google has lost connection with users and publishers. They are only wanting to do things which satisfy their own greed. 

I am happy to see that over 200 people have signed up for the petition. Google should be worried now as the word is getting out in a bigger way.

If google found that the new system helps webmasters getting more traffic, why don't we see a single person here who has received more traffic.
Re: Google Images Redesign ExUser 2/6/13 7:26 AM
It is our experience that Google only pays lip service to users' feedback.

There are several discussions with hundreds of posts where literally all of the opinions were negative.
Google's representatives only chimed in with non-answers, the sole purpose of which was to "inform" us that the changes were actually "great" and loved by all.  When the users failed to swallow the propaganda and demanded actual answers, said representatives either stopped responding or locked those discussions to further comments.  In particular, a favorite tactic is marking a discussion as "answered" with one such non-answer.

So please excuse us if we tend to be suspicious and disillusioned of feedback to Google.  We have very good reasons to be.

Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/6/13 9:55 AM
@Jay are your supporting the way this horrible Google making our website out of business ??

we are completely ruined. who will pay our server bill. You or Your %^&%^&Google?
(unknown) 2/6/13 1:49 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign Donovan Glover 2/6/13 1:49 PM
Google shows the domain name when the user hovers over the image. Your argument is invalid.
Re: Google Images Redesign vv99 2/6/13 3:00 PM
1. All domains should ALWAYS be seen without mouse click or rollover
2. When a preview zooms larger, it should NEVER take a click way over in a corner to close the preview. 
3. Always MINIMISE the number of CLICKS & mouse moves needed to get what you want.
4. if a copyright tag is attached to the image HTML, you should ALWAYS display © symbol
5. Remember, Google is  GUEST on our sites. DON'T BE EVIL. (I know it's so hard these days, what with Directors being so greedy now)
6. Settings toggle: Show sizes on/off. Show date on/off. THESE SETTINGS SHOULD BE REMEMBERED

(unknown) 2/6/13 3:01 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign vv99 2/6/13 3:03 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign Bob Mob 2/6/13 3:10 PM
My main complaint is that now it takes more clicks to open the full-size image.  I was previously using a Greasemonkey script to rewrite the links so I could open the original images with one click.  Another extension changes my HTTP referrer to get around certain sites that block direct links.  The admins ranting about Google supposedly "stealing" their traffic or violating copyrights have no case.  Google Images is a free service, and you should be grateful they were giving you all that extra traffic in the first place.  If you're counting on a free service with whom you have no contract for your income, that's your mistake.
Re: Google Images Redesign alterisk 2/6/13 3:30 PM
Trolls such as Bob Mob are here to cause trouble. My suggestion: Ignore his/her comments.

Now, those who aren't trolls who may be seriously wondering why webmasters/publishers are upset -- besides the dramatic drop in visits from Google Images -- here are a couple of key reasons:

a) Copyright issues. Google has usurped copyrighted materials which now can be viewed on the search engine itself - without the original publisher of said materials gaining any benefit (i.e., a visit). Even those who don't own copyrights to the images displayed on their site have the right to be upset simply because "fair use" doesn't mean "fairly using ALL of your images" for the gain of one single website: Google. 

As a search engine, Google is supposed to link to the source material -- not to display the images on their own site, in other words, become a content provider WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S CONTENT. If it were a little website doing that, it would be called SCRAPING, punishable by both Divine and Google Law (which these days are about the same, at least as far as the Internet is concerned -- and that's a **FRIGHTENING** thought).

b) Bandwidth theft. Google now uploads high-resolution images using PUBLISHERS' bandwidth. If it were a little website doing that ... (See above.)
Re: Google Images Redesign Donovan Glover 2/6/13 3:51 PM
1. This is likely to increase the page load time, which is what Google was trying to shorten.
2. Who wants to close the preview? The UI/UX is designed so browsing images can be done without closing it.
3. You misspelled minimize.
4. There is no such thing as "image HTML".
5. Google is a guest? No. You allowed Google to index your sites ever since the day you signed up for Google Webmasters.
6. Google still has those settings.
Re: Google Images Redesign alterisk 2/6/13 4:30 PM
3. You misspelled minimize

No s/he didn't. "Minimise" is British spelling.

4. It's perfectly clear what s/he meant by "image HTML." But you have to nitpick. What a waste of time.

5. I'm assuming her/his point is that you allow this particular guest into your house to list your belongings, not steal them. That's a perfectly VALID point.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/6/13 5:39 PM
@Bob Mob , Google services are free service but they make billion $$ just by our content.
what happen if all publishers redirect traffic from google to a porn website.

who will use Google then ?

This is an ecosystem . Everyone depend on  another. Publisher, user and a Good search engine (Not Google anymore) are the key part of internet. 

without publishers- the internet is useless.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/6/13 5:43 PM
@alterisk  yes Laws are flexible according to size of culprits. if small website reproduce it then it is an offence but Google are above laws and they believe himself as God Of internet.

Re: Google Images Redesign phoebus64360 2/6/13 5:48 PM
I don't see any benefit to the new image search format. Less readily available information, more clicks required, and the preview is a navigation nightmare. When a preview opens, the reflex of the user to get out of it is to click the back button, which gets him/her out of the image search page completely. This is yet another example of trying to fix what worked well and making it less efficient. A Microsoft move indeed, as someone else pointed out here.
Re: Google Images Redesign Anthony Somes 2/6/13 8:41 PM
Everything looks great. I use google image search type for about 60% of my initial research. I like the front and center enlargement. The other quick links are well put together. Can we add the Similar images next to more sizes for a quick link?
Re: Google Images Redesign The Graphics Fairy 2/6/13 9:18 PM
Hi Jess,
    The new image search is a real problem for those of us, that make a living with the images on our blogs. When you guys offer the full size image, our readers have no reason to visit our sites. They will also never know if those images are restricted in any way as far as use and copyright goes. Thumbnails are great, but it's not right to offer the full sized image. Please remove the "View Original Image" button, and reduce the size of the image offered, to a smaller low resolution image or thumbnail.  Another improvement would be to make the "image may be subject to copyright" sentence, more visible and add "please visit site for terms", to that sentence. I hope you will make these corrections soon, I've already experienced a large drop in traffic since this update began, and I know I'm not the only one. 
      Thank you for reading this.
Re: Google Images Redesign Richard Neall 2/7/13 1:45 AM
Sorry Jess but a backward step for me and the way I use Images.
The performance you now need to go through to get to 'Other Sizes', let alone 'Similar Images', is really annoying.
I love change, but this one misses the mark and slows my world down. I don't like slow.
Re: Google Images Redesign Aldegonde Le Compte 2/7/13 1:53 AM
The image search is quite nice , but the  "image may be subject to copyright" is not enough. Google should not be able to offer its users the opportunity to grab content for free  !
Re: Google Images Redesign F Ana 2/7/13 2:48 AM
Google, do you see the petition against you? It is because you are stealing our content and you don't send any visitor to the source (we, webmasters). Stop stealing and get back to the old image search. We will be all happy then.

Re: Google Images Redesign jennifervictoria 2/7/13 2:48 AM
Well I'm glad you're excited Jessica, because I'm certainly not, once again your improvements have made my life much harder.  As someone pointed out earlier, we are not all 14 year olds looking for pictures of cute cats, some of us are trying to WORK. I do not appreciate having to click on every pic to find out every other detail apart from the size.  It's ridiculous.  And don't say scroll down to the bottom to simple version because that's equally annoying, EVERY TIME.

It wasn't broke why did you 'fix' it?
Re: Google Images Redesign Wingnut ZXK 2/7/13 11:37 AM
Displaying webmasters' copyrighted images at large size without so much as a preview of the source page? Not cool!

Remember that Google doesn't own these images.
Re: Google Images Redesign freephoton 2/7/13 12:26 PM
Lots of pictures displayed on the Image search are actually copyrighted and can be bought online through stock photo websites... It would be better that instead of a little "Images may be subject to copyright." at the bottom of the black frame, you could write a bigger "THIS IMAGE IS SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT" getting the info from the EXIF data... And wouldn't it be nice to display a "Buy this picture" button right on the thumbnail page of the picture, if you could found in the EXIF that this picture is originally from a stock photo website and can still be bought there? I think it is not impossible... and you could even get a tiny percentage on the sale..?
Re: Google Images Redesign rvc2 2/7/13 1:26 PM
Google offers amazing services across the Internet. But Google Images, surprisingly, falls in the realm of irresponsible. This change makes it faster and easier for people (knowingly or not) to illegally use images that are supposed to be protected by U.S. copyright law. The short, discreet copyright disclaimer does not justify what many see as an "organized global promotion of content theft."  
     It would be great if Google pursued an innovative way to protect the ownership rights of image creators/owners while offering such a cool tool. While it would probably require a major undertaking of innovation and iteration, what about allowing image creators/owners/webmasters the ability to lock down images unless proper permission is obtained by the user (i.e., Google Images prohibits downloads and/or injects watermarks.)  Food for thought. 
     At a minimum, in the short term, please eliminate the ability to "View Original Image" and use thumbnails only. Google Images users should only be able to view the full size version of an image at the website/source of the image. 
Re: Google Images Redesign Tom Sheppard 2/7/13 1:29 PM
I've got to say that putting the "more size" option on the preview requires another click. Since I use this feature and every image search, this is a horrible change. I loved the hover to get a slightly larger image with the "more sizes" option right there.

Please reduce the number of clicks, not increase them.
Re: Google Images Redesign M. Alexander 2/7/13 5:15 PM
I have a solution for WordPress sites. It works 100%.  Watermark + Redirect to the post of image as's.   E-mail me at: fo.cr33cr [at]
Re: Google Images Redesign Wan Ho Cheung 2/8/13 4:06 AM
I like the previous version more. I like to have a zoomed preview on mouse hover, and show the webpage on clicking the image.
Re: Google Images Redesign GH+ 2/8/13 7:46 AM
The redesign is a complete mistake (I am being polite).  The ability to find similar images was most useful.   For example, about two weeks ago, we were looking for a modern style hanging lamp for our breakfast area.  After several iterations of the "Find Similar Images" feature, we found about six lamps that we liked, picked one and bought it.  It is exactly what we wanted.  Today we could not do the same, thanks to the "improved" version of Google Image Search that has now been installed on our computer.

I suggest that you give us the option of declining  "improved" versions of Google Image Search and going back to the original, more functional version. 
Re: Google Images Redesign GH+ 2/8/13 8:40 AM

Thanks, it's cumbersome but it works 
Re: Google Images Redesign Dave Beck 2/8/13 10:41 AM
Terrible, how do I get the old version back. Hides all info about the image until you make a second click, refuses to put the results in a separate window so I constantly clicking to revert to the catalogue. What idiot thought this was a good idea?
(unknown) 2/8/13 4:13 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign Lord Childe 2/8/13 4:17 PM
The basic version has half the screen missing - completely blank.
Re: Google Images Redesign chacko 2/8/13 9:26 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign M. Alexander 2/9/13 1:57 AM
I found the solution for WordPress sites. It works 100%.  Watermark + Redirect to the post of image as's. E-mail me at: fo.cr33cr [at]
Re: Google Images Redesign Sam M. 2/9/13 2:38 AM
Be ware from scam, there is no perfect solution yet but will be one and for free soon.

this (Alexander) He is asking you to transfer big amount of money by paypal first, there is lots of frauders online. Be careful!!!

Re: Google Images Redesign Sam M. 2/9/13 2:41 AM
Seems like a fraud, he show you snapshot (not a working online site) and ask you to send him money first.
Re: Google Images Redesign Tom E 3 2/9/13 5:42 AM
OK, so the image size problem has been fixed. So now you've screwed up the next most useful feature of the old, BETTER, image search. The image preview on the results page used to grow into a larger image when floating the cursor over it, which contained such useful information as the subject's name, image size, web site, and options to expand the search to more sizes or similar images. All that has been replaced by a simple box added to the bottom of the unexpanded preview image showing only the image size and (maybe, usually partial) web site. This feature was also useful for spotting hostile web sites I do NOT want to click on. And it let me quickly review each image of possible interest in more detail without taking the time to open it.

Again, as others have complained, you have inexplicably reduced functionality and called it progress! Google Image Search was MUCH more useful and user friendly a year ago before you started screwing around with it! CHANGE IT BACK!!!

Re: Google Images Redesign Mia McPherson 2/9/13 6:01 AM

> Feel free to let us know what you think below!
> Best,
> Jess

We HAVE let you know we think this change is damaging to the original copyright holders RIGHTS. Google has done nothing with this change but make it easier for image theft to occur, created a search engine where Google filters/chaperones and directs us to what Goggle wants us to see not what WE want to see, Goggle is stealing bandwidth and violating their own terms of service. Can't wait for the law suits.

Re: Google Images Redesign vv99 2/9/13 6:28 AM
Google: BE EVIL.

Scrape others' sites for profit.


Re: Google Images Redesign Tracy Denning 2/9/13 1:06 PM
I don't like the new image setup I like to open images in a seperate window that way I can have severial images open at once.
Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/9/13 3:06 PM
Bingo! Google got big because it made life easier. Don't go the Microsoft mentality and start to make things harder just for the sake of change.
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/9/13 7:57 PM
thanks to this plug in  (Google break dance)

perfectly redirecting to my page where the image is.

but keep in mind before activating this plug in kindly change .htaccess first and insert the below code in top of .htaccess
  1. RewriteEngine On
  2. RewriteBase /
  3. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} wp-content/uploads/.*\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png)$ [NC]
  4. RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www.)?*$ [NC]
  5. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /get_image?$1 [R=302,L]

Big thanks to plug in developer..

Hope fully all effected publishers will be benefit from it..

Thanks to @silfrile for sharing this.. 

Re: Google Images Redesign ThomasVeil 2/10/13 7:04 AM
Please change it back! You're stealing my site traffic.
Google actually promised a higher visitor rate - in fact I have 50% less! And all those visitors stay on google's pages.
Re: Google Images Redesign Brian Daley 2/10/13 9:35 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/10/13 10:21 AM
^If you're serious, stop yelling at us.

Come on Google, lets hear a reply from you. 12 pages and I have heard no responses. WTF is the use of giving me the option of "switch to basic version" if it doesn't even hold it in my cache so I don't have to use it every time I do a search? And not cool putting it at the bottom of the page that endlessly is downloading images as you scroll making you have to be fast to get there and click the link.

Re: Google Images Redesign MisterANgry 2/10/13 10:27 AM
BROWSERS and programmms have hot kays for widely advenced users
like(OPERA shift+mouse on(link or image)to put adress of oject in new window)

NOW EVEN this standarts dosnt work.
many peaple say
adding clicks  and slowing things down are BAD.

Just spend atention what peaple say.
or you dont do you work welll.

JUST return BACK the OLD mechanism it best you can do for peaple.!!

Re: Google Images Redesign vikrant1992 2/10/13 8:52 PM
Terrible. Just terrible.  Please do change back to the old system. Almost everyone I know hates this one. Or let ppl have the option of going into this search mode. But don't let it be the only mode.
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/11/13 8:43 AM
google doesn't need feedback. this company simply doesn't care about users or publishers. they care about money and their stock is going up only.

Re: Google Images Redesign Smash Artist 2/11/13 12:51 PM
I agree, this is total garbage Google!  
My websites have been affected by this dumba$$ change. Now you take our traffic that we all work hard to get by creating rich relevant content.
Re: Google Images Redesign Pixmon 2/11/13 1:41 PM
Google, this is embarrassing! Penalyzing scraper sites and - you yourself - becoming the largest of all of them! Ugly! And in 12 pages not a single official response! I hope you're going down and will in time be replaced by a new company :-(
Re: Google Images Redesign Amit Chatterjee 2/11/13 10:20 PM
The change is garbage. Sorry to say so
Re: Google Images Redesign Peter Williamson 2/11/13 11:32 PM
You broke a well working action for something more cumbersome to your users - well done.  Not!
Re: Google Images Redesign riogrande 2/12/13 3:42 AM
For the last couple of years my absolutely favorite thing on the Web has been your Search by Image.

It's gone.

Is that because I'm on an older, PPC Macintosh (Power Mac G5) running Firefox 3.6.28 (the best it can do)? Or are Apple platforms last in line for this (I saw someone saying he couldn't do Search by Image on his iPhone)? Or... did you actually jettison this incredibly useful thing?

Re: Google Images Redesign Aku Arvind 2/12/13 4:05 AM
Hey jess!!!

Subject: Thumb’s down for Google new image interface...:-(

Try to understand google image is not just for viewing images, but it is used for searching accurate image by looking on their caption text. In new interface we can just see the image and I have to click on every image for looking at its caption text (which contains meaning information regarding that image),
So everytime there are so much “Annoying” click’s I have to made which leads to slow down in productivity at my side (as I am from background of e-learning).

For example, if I am searching for “Aluminum ore image”. It shows me many kinds of rocks which include iron ore, copper ore and others. Now here almost all rock looks familiar to each other, the only way to get the right image is to look for its caption, but oops new interface removed all this things from their images searching. Now trouble starts from here, I have to click on an image, then I have to click on “visit page”, now I have to wait for the whole page to be downloaded, now from their I can get a real name of that rock. (So annoying, isn’t)
In previous version of google image search, it shows caption too, which make task easier without killing my precious official working time.

I would resemble this act of google with Window Vista. (Both are annoying)
So Thumb’s down for Google new image interface......
Re: Google Images Redesign berm 2/12/13 5:46 AM
My traffic is down 50-70%, everyone hates your new image search. If you still think it was a good idea after all this feedback, then shame on you Google. I can take your Penguins and Pandas, but this not. You violate my hard work. All my images on the web are now blocked with hotlink protection. My idea with making a site is for people to visit it, not Google to steal my bandwidth, my full res images and traffic. Are you people thinking straight?
Re: Google Images Redesign berm 2/12/13 5:56 AM
There is an old saying and it is so true.

First idea = best idea.
Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

Cheers to that!

Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 2/12/13 8:39 PM
Rob Cromer:
Which browser/version are you using?
(The redesign isn't available in all browsers and versions.)
Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/12/13 9:10 PM
Which versions does the new version NOT work with and I'll use that. I'll even use whatever OS I need to to not see this new image crap (I have given detailed accounts of why it sucks in previous posts).
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 2/13/13 12:05 AM
I'm still seeing the previous version of Image Search in IE8 on Windows XP.
Google Images Redesign Renujiji 2/13/13 11:34 AM
Google should revert back old version . All publisher and users want old version
Re: Google Images Redesign theComplex 2/13/13 10:15 PM
My traffic has dropped 60% since the new design was implemented. This is crushing us, particularly Adsense revenue. Please revert back.
Re: Google Images Redesign theComplex 2/13/13 10:35 PM
Okay Jessica. I dislike the immense drop in traffic to my sites. Does that clarify it? This is a mess.
Re: Google Images Redesign Komentor 2/13/13 11:17 PM
Hello Jessica:  In the earlier version, there was this feature where when you placed the cursor over an image, it showed the description of that image. Like, if there were multiple John Smiths in the USA and I searched for "John Smith University of Michigan", I could place the cursor on the images and find out which of them had those words in their description, and that way I could zero in on the correct John Smith. This was a feature I used a lot in my work as a medical transcriptionist where I would search for anatomical images of body parts. The new version seems to only show the measurements of the image and a partial web address, which isn't very useful information from my standpoint. I hope you'll bring back that feature. Thanks.
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/13/13 11:40 PM
Many people have signed petition against this.

Google should change back to previous version.

Re: Google Images Redesign berm 2/14/13 7:10 AM
Please concentrate on being a great search engine, not an image browsing site. Search is not Facebook. It's search and sending people to websites with content. Great concept, make it fair though. The way it is right now, I can't see the title of the photo in full. My photos have the place and country the photo was taken in at the end of the title. So now nobody can see what country my photo was taken in just by reading it - that's crazy!
Re: Google Images Redesign Will Hodge 2/14/13 10:11 AM
I can't figure out how to make your new image search interface work!  When I click on an individual image to view a larger version I only see a large gray square, no picture.  Why in the world would you take something people enjoy using and alter it in such a way that it 1. won't work for everyone and 2. can't be opted in to / out of.  If I have to change settings and get used to a new interface there's really no reason why I shouldn't shop around.

Thank you.

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/14/13 2:51 PM
I bet Google is treating (or their attitude concerning the "cry babies" like me) is that we'll get used to it and move on. Guess what, Microsoft thought the same way and Apple pulled in more % of total users, Apple tried (still does) it with their phones and tablets and more and more people are turning to nexus and Samsung tablets/phones.

They probably feel (from their lack of responses) that we won't go somewhere else. Yeah, Yahoo used to be the best till Google came along (who uses Yahoo anymore?).

You can bet your bottom dollar there's a/some programers out there looking at all the complaints Google isn't paying attention to (this is far from the only one) and will figure out how to capitalize on it.

Smarten up Google, you built an empire upon the good will and loyalty of your users. You do have competition, and from what I can see, there's no difference between your image search and Bing's, almost like you ripped them off....running out of ideas?

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/14/13 2:57 PM
lol, typed in "better search" in my Google window and the first few auto suggestions are "better search engine than google", "better search engine than google 2013" and so forth. First result: Maybe I/you should try theses out.
(unknown) 2/14/13 7:06 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 2/14/13 7:11 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign MyRideisMe 2/14/13 9:19 PM
Lost about 1000 visitors/day since the change. Your change set my website back 3-4 years.
This really sucks.
Re: Google Images Redesign dingodavid 2/15/13 3:04 AM
I am very disappointed with the recent changes to google images.
The new layout might be wonderful for teenagers who are looking for pictures of pretty butterflys or Justin Bieber, but for those of us who use it as a research tool to find websites containing specific information relevant to the images, it is now next to useless.

There are now no captions describing what the images represent, nor the context in which they are being used. This feature was a valuable asset in narrowing down which websites were worth visiting when looking for specific information, and which ones were worth avoiding.

This is a giant step backwards for scholarly users, or anyone for that matter who is not interested in trolling through a bunch of random websites on the off-chance of finding the information they are looking for.

Sorry Google, but this new layout represents a giant blunder on your part.
Bing is bad, and Yahoo is worse, but they are both now better than what you are offering.

Re: Google Images Redesign WendyPiersall 2/15/13 7:10 AM
I'd like to add that the ONLY source of traffic that has increased since this change is my Direct Traffic. This means that people are clicking through to see the full resolution images, and trying to find their way back to the main site to find the context of the image on their own, rather than Google sending them to the proper landing page in the first place.

I realize that you want to save face and make it look like your initial decision was the right decision. But in the face of mounting evidence that this was a bad move, what has to happen for you to admit this was a Google blunder and FIX IT?

Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 2/16/13 2:05 AM
google isn't ready to accept that this was a blunder.
and, i am shocked that no one has still started any lawsuit against the copyright infringement.
Re: Google Images Redesign berm 2/16/13 5:01 AM
Google read your own Image Publishing Guidelines, especially the paragraph where you talk about providing good context around your images.
Re: Google Images Redesign berm 2/16/13 2:44 PM
I believe Google is now de-indexing images that are redirecting. Just my thumbnails seem to be there now. I am not going to conform to this and un-block my main images. I have over 10000 photos I have taken on my site. Now many people using Google will not see them, shame for them, shame for me. Google you have no right to do what you are doing (hotlinking high res images and displaying them on your site).
Re: Google Images Redesign Mete Gurgun 2/17/13 6:09 AM
Last thing first: the new interface design/system does not add to the user experience at all. Additionally it lacks the previous advantages of the google picture search.
I think the image search redesign task force or whatever you call them there does not "know" the correlation between "image" and "INFORMATION".
Your new image search interface only shows the pictures and not the information or CONTEXT, which was a big advantage of the previous interface. Auto-zoom or framed zoom (i dont know how you call it)

Let me explain this further; in the previous design when you hover the mouse over the thumbnail/preview picture the interface not only zoomed it but did something much more important... it showed the context of the picture or to put it more simple for you, it displayed a text related to the picture from the page. By doing this the picture search presented valuable information about the pictures and the pages content.
This was a very positive user experience and significantly shortened the search time. (You can still observe this system behavior at some of the normal (web) search result pages which have picture results as well not the new design though-  try web searching for the word "thumbnail" for example (see the  attached screenshot) the Images for thumbnail section of the page still informs users about the context of the picture, so that the user knows if the image is about the general definition of the word or just a software advertisement before actually opening that page, saving the user enormous time and effort.

This is just an example of what you people have MISSED. The picture search results is not meaningful without the contextual information. Picture search and photo albums are two separate things and you have designed an photo album in this re-design not a meaningful search tool. Even photo albums need date and location info.

I think you dont know how your users use the picture search, and the new design completely lacks the usefulness of the old one. Further more the new design does not add anything to the user experience.

Note: Apart from the picture search, the new-er word search (interface with pictures and and wiki info on the right side) also lacks this showing the picture information feature on mouse over.

Google needs to understand that the "picture search" is NOT a "find nude celebrity pictures" search but (WAS) a very useful cross search tool until they've messed it up. Now its only a meaningless picture browser.

PS: "you can flip through the whole set of image previews using your keyboard" ?!? Since when using the keyboard instead of the mouse provides a superior user experience? Are you real?

Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/17/13 11:59 AM
Google image search change again

similar images now available 

but if user click over original image it doesn't redirect to our website but instead open full resolution image in a black background

Re: Google Images Redesign TG2 2/17/13 12:10 PM
Cymbal ... as much as I hate google and their redesigned image display, the centered and black background like your second / bottom screen capture shows, is *not* a fault of google but of Firefox, the web browser you are using.

If you install the "Old Default Image Style" and are using Stylish, you would see the picture displayed in the standard "image only" on a white background with a +/- zoom option ... which *WAS* the default when you were selecting the option to see the "original size" of a picture, before Firefox updated the way they display pictures.

Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/17/13 12:20 PM
Thanks TG2.
 That's a relief for us.

Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 2/18/13 12:12 PM
It works just great. The only problem now is Google is starting to delist my site completely from the image search. So saw my traffic go back up and now it is dropping like a rock yet again.

When people came to the site from an image search they actually stuck around to see what else was at the site. Now it looks like all my 26000 or more screen shots will never show up in a google image search, not unless I take Google Break Dance down.

Oh well, less people to steal the work I did to make the site. I will say that I have noticed that the results in Google Image Search have started to get rather weak as more and more webmasters are putting the breaks on Google from stealing their pics.

BTW, looks like I might have to actually ban google from my personal art gallery as well. When you type in my other site name gallery comes up instead just because the word elisair is in the search.

Re: Google Images Redesign lorrwill 2/18/13 12:54 PM
I am not happy to have pornographic images in your "improved" design that I can not filter or report.
Re: Google Images Redesign lorrwill 2/18/13 12:56 PM
I am not at all happy that your improvements include allowing pornographic images that I can not filter, block or report.
Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/18/13 1:55 PM
Why can't you block and filter the porn results? If you don't know already, go to your settings (looks like a bike gear top right) click on that, then click search settings and turn on safe search. You can even lock it if you so desire.

There's a lot of problems with the new image search, blocking is not one of them. Now if you want to see some soft stuff but not hardcore, you don't have that option anymore. But, if you don't want to see the nastiness that is the web, you do have that option with Google.

Re: Google Images Redesign lorrwill 2/18/13 5:02 PM
Why do I even have to explain that I have already done that. I thought it was implied that this thread referred to SAFE SEARCHING. I already done this and put the filter on and I am still getting graphic sex images and sometimes gore. Does that make the problem clear for you/
Re: Google Images Redesign Sam M. 2/19/13 12:59 AM
I suggest you to try this plugin : WP-PICShie​ld Plugin by Emilian Robert Vicol.

this is plugin is PERFECT and FREE :) (but you can always donate to support the author) this plugin is the answer from the webmasters and photographers who are suffering and losing traffic and bandwidth caused by the new google images.

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/19/13 7:46 AM
I was going to suggest something like that but lorrwill seems mad at me.
Re: Google Images Redesign Jessica S. 2/19/13 1:31 PM
Hi everyone,

The Google Images Redesign is not related to the recent changes to SafeSearch.  As such, if you have feedback about SafeSearch, please post in this thread.

Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/19/13 2:16 PM
hi jessica ,,

Recently I am using a plug in in wordpress to redirect all hotlinked traffic to image attachment page 
and visitors cannot see the image file only ( image.jpg) if they click over view Original image in Google image search they will automatically redirect to image attachment page .

One big site using that for last 2 weeks (

My question is whether Google consider it as cloaking or not because in .htaccess file i give permission to google bot to reach that image file.

for last 2 or 3 days my traffic decrease very much and I am worried whether google penalize me because of Cloaking..

Thanks in advance ...
Re: Google Images Redesign M. Alexander 2/19/13 3:35 PM
have you verified if that your plugin modified your permalinks and your site's structure? I think there is your problem and maybe that's why you are "penalized".

Why do you think google will penalize you if you try to redirect all hotlinked traffic? It's your image, it's your right, you are protecting your bandwidth and your copyrights. Where is the problem?

Re: Google Images Redesign WendyPiersall 2/19/13 6:11 PM
Hi Jess,

Since you are monitoring this thread, I wanted to share with you how this update has played out in my business. I'm not doing this to vent - I really want you to understand the consequences of this update on publishers, and in turn, on users.

I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on pre-1923 books, images, postcards and magazines for my vintage images site. I thought that I would be able to freely give these graphics away to my readers based on the advertising revenue I would get from the traffic. I release them with a very generous user license that allows for both personal and limited commercial use. Now that my traffic has taken such a plunge, recouping my costs via advertising revenue is not an option anymore. And thus, releasing these images for free to everyone is not an option anymore. I'll have to find a way to sell them on Etsy and CafePress instead.

In my humble opinion, giving away free vintage art is better for users than making them pay for it. But now users will be paying for these images instead.

On another site of mine, I create free printable worksheets for teachers and homeschooling parents. This site hasn't taken as big of a hit in traffic, but it is enough for me to scale back the time I spend on creating worksheets and instead create other content for my readers.

In my humble opinion, giving away free teaching resources to budget-strapped educators is better than making them pay for it. But now they will be getting less free stuff from me.

I have four more image heavy sites that I could discuss, but I think you get the point I am trying to make. I am telling you in the strongest possible terms that this move is NOT GOOD FOR USERS. The web is an ecosystem, and if you starve one part of it, other parts will starve as well.

I stated this over on Google+, and I will repeat it here:

I BEG OF YOU *ON MY KNEES* to reconsider this UI move, and to once again find a way to send visitors to our websites to view the content they wish to see, in the context of the information they wish to find. We aren't greedy spammers looking to scam people - we are human beings, who, for the most part, are thrilled to have advertisers fund our ability to give away cool stuff to the world. Advertisers who - by the way - come primarily through your AdSense ad network. I know many image publishers don't have this same business model, but in the end, this image search change is still doing your visitors a GREAT disservice.

Please. Stop hotlinking our images. Please. Send us the visitors who clearly wish to view our content.

Re: Google Images Redesign John & Sheri Shaw 2/19/13 8:57 PM
The loading speed is a BIT faster, but the UI sucks, and the reason it seems a bit faster is that less than half the images load. The rest just remain as gray rectangles. Congrats. You've now created a whole new class of 'any other engine' users.
Re: Google Images Redesign Hugo Publisher 2/20/13 8:15 AM
Hi, Is Google planning to implement advertising on the new Google Image Search? Thank you.
Re: Google Images Redesign Tazzybehr 2/20/13 10:05 AM
I am anything but in love with this new layout. Sure, I get a larger, better resolution loaded instead of visiting the page, but my complaint is that the page itself has a very very irritating lag in it, one that gets worse as you scroll further down the thumbnail page postings. And, I've test driven this on IE and Chrome, on two different computers, in two different locations, using two different internet companies.

It kind of reminds me of walking through a bog. Further in and deeper the muck, the slower and less energetic your walk becomes. In general, while I thank Google for not always making it necessary to visit the page (some of these pages are bad news, and my bet is that they're the ones making the biggest complaints, losing out on putting a ton of spyware in visitors computers), this new system you've devised requires very robust video cards and a TON of RAM to work efficiently.

Now, my computer is far from being a slouch, and my internet connection is pretty healthy as well, so if someone like me is having this sort of issue, imagine someone with an antique for a computer having to use this new layout.

BAD IDEA...either put things back the way they were or fix the overloading lag issue please and thank you.


Re: Google Images Redesign EcoCatLady 2/20/13 11:00 AM
Tazzybher - I don't know why the thumbnails are so slow to load, but the reason many of the images themselves load soooo slowly is that they are full resolution (in some cases this means a file in excess of 5mb in size) and being pulled from the website's server rather than Google's servers.

Many of these websites are not designed to be serving so many high resolution photos - and this new Google practice is slowing them down both in terms of serving the images to Google as well as browsing speed on the sites themselves.

That's part of the reason we webmasters are complaining.

Re: Google Images Redesign brithael 2/20/13 2:17 PM
I cannot believe you people get paid for this. There is not one thing easier to use about this new image search. As with most software these changes seem arbitrary. You obviously have not polled professionals that have to do many images searches as part of their jobs (ie- animators and artists). You have just made a ton of peoples production times much longer. The image search was Elegant before.. now its just clunky and ugly.. and the fact that now every image has "click for full resolution" which just takes you to the webpage anyway for an image of the exact same size -is absolutely stupid. the prior set up gave us MORE info..MORE options. you have taken all of that away and added a ton of clicks. I hope you get enough negative feedback to change it back. I doubt that will ever happen and we are stuck with i suppose most of us will have to find new ways to get our reference material. Good work Google  you have alienated millions. you track us.. you monitor our movements and our trends and tastes..but you havent brains enough between all of you to see that this was totally faulty from the beginning?  i dont buy that.  You have just made production costs for many industries go up because in entertainment at least.. and in commercial art.. time is money. thanks for stealing our time as well.
Re: Google Images Redesign Sam M. 2/21/13 12:41 AM
I am a photographer and graphics designers and this changes destroyed my sites.

if you lose rank means that Google adopt anticompetitive practices which actually is illegal, and to present the original image with hotlinks is illegal in Germany and some other countries.

it is your right not allowed as direct access to your images and photos, this is your work and you have all the rights to protect it from bandwidth theft.

proper redirection is more important because it is contextual, while in google images not, and lastly, if without plugin your visits decrease by 70% what sense does rank the pictures anyway ?

with as many webmasters will block access to full size and high resoultion images and hotlinking, google, bing and yahoo will convince that what they do is not good.

So big thanks to (Break dance, Imaguard, and ByREV WP-PICShield)

Re: Google Images Redesign Gari Hatch 2/22/13 12:30 PM
I don't like it!
Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 2/22/13 2:23 PM
You are taking advantage of the webmasters especially those that sell images. You are doing exactly what we are not allowed to do, like to the original image and use our bandwidth instead of your own.

You do not care about the webmasters and are slapping them in the face with this change in Google Image Search. You and the company that you work for should be ashamed of yourselves. What gives you the right to use OUR bandwidth to make the company that you work for money. If we as individual webmasters did this we would be held liable and hauled off to court and charged with a crime and for copyright infringement.

Re: Google Images Redesign Gillian Benjamin 2/22/13 4:20 PM
Sorry,I think the change is extremely unhelpful, I am using images to find out further information about a topic, it's not the image that is important. This redesign will mean I spend longer trying to find out and may forget about using images as it's a waste of time and I can't find what I am looking for.
Re: Google Images Redesign Steve Jeffryes 2/22/13 6:19 PM
Is this meager improvement supposed to make us feel better about having been relieved of our control over filters?  All in all, Google images has taken a step back toward the Victorian era.
Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 2/22/13 6:22 PM
14 pages of negative responses.  No acknowledgement from Goofup (aka Google) that they screwed up.  I've already boycotted Google Images because it's simply not usable anymore.  Yes, the competition wins, Google.  The more people who boycott, and the more websites who file a law suit, the better chance there is of Google pulling their head out of their a$$ and providing the service that users are demanding.

Really, Jess - who is your site ultimately designed for:  Google, or its users?  Cater to your users instead of yourself (or your bank account) or you'll end up just alienating yourself from the very people you hope to have visiting your site.

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/22/13 8:20 PM
spent some time on bing the last week. Can't really tell a difference between google images and them. hmm
Re: Google Images Redesign little_bobek 2/23/13 1:22 AM
Your redesign had a huge impact on our image website (50% drop in traffic). I already banned your Image bot from accessing our images in robot.txt. When will I see our images being removed from your index? It's been over 3 weeks since I updated robot.txt and you still show thousands of our images in full resolution.
Re: Google Images Redesign agoodguy 2/23/13 3:16 AM
Yes I have been happy over at Bing also. I use it for my main searching, I like it. It has been nearly 1 month now since Google destroyed my image site. Before I was getting 150-200 visitors a day looking at 400-500 pages. Now it is a joke, 50-60 a day and maybe if I am lucky 150 pageviews. And this is a website with over 10000 photos on it. Clearly the people who used to enjoy discovering my site no longer can because Google Image Search no longer does the job it was originally designed to do. Just to remind you Google, the job is to send people to websites, not steal their content, visitors and money. Because that is what you are doing to 1000's of people Google - stealing. You have crossed the line, accept it and do what is right, return the Image Search to what it was.
Re: Google Images Redesign agoodguy 2/23/13 3:43 AM
14 pages of complaints plus here's another 500 signatures on this petition, please sign it if you haven't, we need just 17 more people!
Re: Google Images Redesign screwedbluedtattood 2/23/13 4:52 PM
1---I detest the new search,  and  as I have now posted  SEVERAL  times  in  INTENSE  frustration and anger,   I  DETEST   the fact  that you people  (ok I'll say it!!!)  have   forced us  "children"  to use   "moderate"  permanently.   This is insulting  to an adult.   I often  have to  go through the  insulting  and humiliating  prospect of  having  to  "beat  the clock"  to get to the  "bottom"  of the endless scroll page so that I can  select  the "old"  version of image  search  BECAUSE I  HATE  the "new improved"  panel  desing.

2--HERE IS WHAT  we want!!!!!

1--an easily selectable  way  to change  the page  from  the  "new panel"  to the "old thumbnail version  AT THE TOP  menu

2--Change your  software/  algorithm/ whatever  back  about  6 months or a year ago  SO WE CAN SEARCH  and  find  what it is that we are looking for.

If I worked  for you people there would be fistfights  in the hallways over this--THAT  is how angry  I am.    Bing  and Yahoo work  no better.

3--STOP   cowtowing  to the  "mobile"  user crowd  or else  create  search pages  for  BOTH   "real"  computer users   and  the  "smart mobile"  crowd.  

You people  make  PLENTY  of money.  There is NO  excuse why  the most used search engine  on the planet  cannot deliver  to what amounts to be CUSTOMERS.

REMEMBER---it is  NOT YOUR ADVERTISERS  who are paying your bills.   It is US   the people  who pay the advertisers  to pay you.

Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/23/13 8:17 PM
I love the image search changes! Sure, what used to take two clicks now takes five. But it's okay because Google has added zero more features. Much like the "new look" of the Gmail message composition window, it's the solution to a problem that no one had.
Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 2/23/13 9:02 PM
Careful with the sarcasm - people will likely take it literally....!
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/23/13 11:15 PM
google team has become deaf
there are 500 people who have signed the petition and google staff still thinks that they have done great changes.

Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/23/13 11:50 PM
Yeah, but that petition is kind of a different issue. This thread seems to concern primarily Google's penchant for reinventing the wheel, so to speak. But the comments on seem to be mostly people venting their anger at Google for daring to display the images that they had already made anonymously accessible to anyone online.
Re: Google Images Redesign vv99 2/24/13 2:42 PM
Google is STEALING MY BANDWIDTH by showing my very large pics without sending people to my site.

If I could figure out who to sue, I would issue a writ.
London, UK

Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/24/13 2:50 PM
Are your large pictures anonymously accessible to anyone who knows the link? Is your robots.txt allowing bots to crawl the folder where you keep your large files? If so, no one is stealing anything and you have no one to blame but yourself.

I'd recommend you either put your hires images behind some dynamic scripting or exclude googlebot from crawling anything by your thumbnails.

Re: Google Images Redesign vv99 2/24/13 3:37 PM
I have no objection to how Google Images worked before. But now, people can get the large pics without visiting my site, and Google even use my bandwidth to show them.

Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/24/13 4:00 PM
Your post makes no sense to me. People are being shown your pictures "without visiting [your] site", but Google is using ["your] bandwidth" to show the pictures that are on your site...which they never visit??

Are you saying that Google is making copies of your hi-res images, putting them on their servers, and leaving you out of the loop? That's not what I see when I do an image search. While the low-res pictures are cached at Google (usually at a '' site), all the hi-res pictures are displayed directly from their hosting servers ....which is how things have always worked with Google images as far as I know.

Re: Google Images Redesign vv99 2/24/13 4:40 PM
No. I am saying the opposite. Google use my servers to show my picture on their site. Not a small version, but the full thing. Previously, you had to visit my site, with my advertising and other materials, to see those pics. Now you don't.
Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/24/13 4:45 PM
Ah, okay. That makes more sense :)
Can't you just prevent googlebot from crawling your full-size images via robots.txt? It seems like it would be a pretty easy fix.
Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/24/13 5:48 PM
^ But why should all the webmasters have to put extraneous scripts just to stop Google from stealing their stuff?
I'm not saying that it's not a good idea, but it's like telling someone that keeps getting their house broken into to
put bars on their windows even though they already have door/window locks while letting the thieves continue to
break into your house.
Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/24/13 6:10 PM
Unless Google is hacking your site, nothing is being 'broken into'. What Google is doing is 100% ethical (albeit, extremely annoying for Google image search users), and it is certainly not a crime. If you feel otherwise, all you have to do is tell Google as much via your robots.txt file. It cost zero dollars and it's literally less than a minutes' work.

There are even sites that will generate one for you:

It's the webmasters responsibility to manage who can or cannot see their files -- that's why they are called web*masters*. If it's a crime for someone to figure out a shortcut to desired content by bypassing all the adverts, etc., then there are LOT of criminals out there running AdBlocker in their browsers or using a DVR to skip commercials. ;)

Re: Google Images Redesign Mia McPherson 2/24/13 6:22 PM
Actually geeksplosion, I send DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notifications to Google often when someone "hotlinks" my images on Google Blogger sites and according to the DMCA Google has to remove the hotlinks that show my images and what Google is doing with Google Image Search is precisely the same. They are hotlinking to our images.
Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/24/13 6:39 PM
Legal maybe, ethical is questionable. Using someone elses bandwidth for your profit is questionable.
Not giving reference to the site makes it less ethical. Google is a search engine, it's design purpose is
to allow it's users to find websites based on their queries. When those queries are answered and the
information is given by bypassing the original creator without reference or quid pro quo it is indeed

I had a tourism site do that to one of the tour boat companies site I designed with 100% my own content.
They mostly just used my images, but even my content. We got their ISP to remove all our information.

If I were to take all the text from cnn, nsmbc, fox (why I know), and every other new site and wrapped
their formatted content in my own brand without reference or pay, I'd be sued. So, what Google images
is doing is indeed unethical if not illegal.

Re: Google Images Redesign alterisk 2/25/13 1:15 AM
You're dead wrong. Use your head.
Google is a search engine. It's acting like a content provider -- WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S CONTENT.
If you or any webmaster were hotlinking to Google's images (or text, if that were possible) you and your site would be punished. And quite possibly sued, depending on the extent of the theft.
What Google is doing is ***obviously*** unethical. Which is why Google frowns upon scraping and hotlinking -- when OTHERS do it.
Oh, just block Googlebot. It's so simple.
And then get ALL your images deindexed so you and your site disappear from (image) searches.
Now, THAT would be a great solution, wouldn't it?
Either you let them steal/scrape your content or you're not indexed at all.
Can't wait for Google to start posting people's text/written materials within its own frame, so web surfers can do their reading on Google as well, without having to visit the original sites.
Oh, you wouldn't like that? Well, then, just block Googlebot...
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/25/13 1:26 AM
google is trying to keep all visitors on its network. this won't last, publishers will surely raise their voice and most probably block Google in a big way.

Publishers need to get united.

Perform a search for weather for any city, and you will get answer on google's network. Websites like, and many other sites have lost due to this change of google.

Perform another search "Euro vs USD" and you will get answer on google' network. Websites like will face lower traffic due to this.

With images, google has killed traffic for many websites. Its not only unethical, its illegal.

Webmasters should get together and protest. And, they should seek legal remedy for this issue.
Re: Google Images Redesign Ricci Haines 2/25/13 7:35 AM
I really really really hate the way the new images search works. I need to know the context of the image as I am looking at the pictures (i.e. what the picture is in words) and how my search term relates to the image I am looking at. I am a scientist, so when I search images and a bunch of graphs pop up, with the text details I know relatively quickly what I am looking at and if it is pertinent. Please please please bring back the option to read details as you hover over images. Google Images is useless to me without it!
Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 2/25/13 11:08 AM
If we as webmasters hotlink to other peoples content we are liable and can get in trouble for it. Yet Google does it and it is ok? That makes no sense at all. We as webmasters have to get explicit permission to link.
Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/25/13 11:39 AM
Okay, we it appears I am surrounded by zealots with emotional investments that transcend any principles of evolutionary commerce. win. I agree with you all. I sincerely hope you take your case all the way to the World Court and that this multibillion-dollar company, to whom you have no contract nor have paid a fee, will change their ways.

Or, and this is just a suggestion, you could change your revenue model to adjust to an evolving marketplace as successful businesses have been doing for generations. Remember the blacksmith. They were certain their industry would last forever because horses would always need horseshoes. But they didn't realize that people wouldn't always need horses. No one wants to visit 20 different sites to get their information anymore than someone thirty years ago wanted to visit 20 different libraries to get theirs. You can't make your data available and then gripe when someone finds it...even if that someone is Google. This argument over hot-linking is an old and tired one. Just let it go. Evolve your business...or become the blacksmith.

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/25/13 12:14 PM
^ Oh, you're such a martyr. :rolleseyes: If all these small companies don't make the content that Google is taking, they will either stop creating that content, go out of business (which would be great to just have a few massive corporations running the internet like the failing banks) or shut down that information from going to Google.

The last scenario is most likely, so what will happen is more and more people will start using the next great search engine, just like they stopped using Yahoo and made Google so big. What makes the internet so great is it's decentralization, the difference in opinions, ideas and views. If this creativity becomes subdued it will stifle the very thing that makes it good, and we will take a huge step backwards.

I have no vested interest emotional investment in all the websites that are being stolen from (I no longer design/maintain sites). I came here because as a user, I find the new interface to be awkward at best, and centralizing at worst. I use google not as a place FOR my information, but a place to FIND my information. The new format has made my finding too narrow and controlled by...Google.

Your analogy is wrong. Theft is is theft, this is not innovation, this is using other peoples innovation and stealing it. I believe plagiarism fits more here.
Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 2/25/13 12:17 PM
The issue is not the use of a "thumbnail" but the use of the actual full sized image with no recompense to the site that is actually hosting the image. Google is no longer just showing a reduced size copy but the full sized image that is being pulled from the host server and not Google's server. This costs the host server bandwidth and gives Google free images to show people without them actually going to the site to see the image and the content that is around that said image.

As to the link you provided that was when google showed the content page AND the image. Now they just show the image and that is all. The searcher no longer sees the website where the image came from!

Two very different animals Sir!

Re: Google Images Redesign agoodguy 2/25/13 12:19 PM
Dude it has nothing to do with blacksmiths. At least if someone wanted to steal a horseshoe they would have to enter his shop to do so. Right now, people can steal images without the decency to enter our 'shops'.
Re: Google Images Redesign zubilitic 2/25/13 12:33 PM
Your emotional story about the blacksmith has nothing to do with what is happening here.

Let's remove from the discussion:
- lower traffic;
- lower revenue;
- same bandwidth usage;

Of course, it is very easy for "the user" to see all the pictures around the world and never leave google but it's not google who owns them and amazingly they are not even hosted on google.

The things are simple: google without the websites = no content to show.
And this is what "the user" will probably never understand.

Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 2/25/13 12:33 PM
Sir, do you work for Google? All your statements support them and admonish anyone who speaks against them.

As to blocking google from images would you want any image that you ever made freely accessible to the world without them ever entering the page that you posted it on? Would you want someone giving your picture out without seeing what the picture was actually supposed to go with? Would you want sites all over the world using YOUR bandwidth to display it without ever giving you Any thing in return except for the bill for the bandwidth?

If you think about what is going on in those terms then you would see just how wrong this whole situation is.

Re: Google Images Redesign etherknight 2/25/13 1:00 PM
There's the other shoe. I was wondering how long it would take for someone play the ad hominem card. I will take my leave of this thread as it seems that any argument not supporting the general consensus will be dismissed. Good luck on your quest!
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 2/25/13 1:44 PM

Re: Google Images Redesign alterisk 2/25/13 2:12 PM

That person may indeed be a Google employee or p.r. person. Or he/she/it may simply be one of those rabid ideologues who believe that anything a megacoporation does is fair and righteous. Until, of course, *they* are directly affected. And even then, actually, they may find another culprit. After all, megacorporations such as Google are *always* right. And they *always* do what's best for *everyone*. They're stealing your bandwidth? Well, who told you to have a bandwidth in the first place??? You should use horseshoes instead. Or something...
Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 2/25/13 9:23 PM
i also feel that geeksplosion could be someone from their PR team.
Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 2/25/13 9:27 PM
Yes, the Cylons look like us now...
Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 2/26/13 4:34 AM
I know i am only one of thousands complaining about the new version, but i do hope google is listening.

So what is so wrong with the new version? Well, loads, the biggest problem is that it is making what was a simple task into a nightmare experience.

The old version, thumbnails appeared in the search results with details of the image and it's location - PERFECT! At a glance we could see if this is what we were looking for. If the result looked suitable i would click on the link and my browser would happily open it in a new tab for me. Once finished whit the tab i would simply close it, leaving me back at the original results page.

But now, well, it is now a total nightmare. When i search i get a load of thumbnails, but this time without the information we used to get - you know, that info that normally told you straight away if that link might be suitable. Now we have to mouse over each thumbnail and wait for the pop up to load, all that does is show you a larger version of the image without any useful information, if you want the basic information you have to visit the page - just to see if the result is something you might want.

So already we have to take two further steps than before just to get some information like we used to have with the thumbnail before in the old search.

But, it gets worse! So, now you have finished with the new tab that you were forced to open just to find some simple info, with the older search this would leave you straight back at the search results - all the thumbnails there for you to see without any extra effort, BUT NOW, when returning back to the original search page i find that also had fully opened the link, so to get back to the search results i now have to hit my back button, THEN, i am still left with the original pop up box that i have to close before i am back to just the search results! And then of course you can start the whole lot over again for the next image you might be interested in.................

Come on Google, surely you must see just how badly you have messed up with this, it's a total nightmare at the moment. I simply refuse to use it because it is very time consuming, so many extra steps to take. And i really pity those that have a slow broadband connection, i would say it would be unusable.

So i am sticking with the earlier version of the image search -

Why make something so simple and quick to use into the overgrown bloated mess that you have created? If and when the old version becomes unavailable, i will simply switch to another search provider.

I can only guess that this new version is aimed mainly at tablet users with touch screens - the dumbed down internet, looks all nice and flash, but a nightmare to use. Microsoft did the same with Win8, but even they gave their customers the option to switch back to a more normal desktop if they wanted to.

I think Google should take a leaf out of Microsofts'book and at least give us an option in the search setting to turn this new stuff off if we wish.

Re: Google Images Redesign Sam M. 2/26/13 5:33 AM
This new images search is a a total nightmare, many photographers and webmasters now using watermark and hotlink/bandwidth protection against google images, users are now very confused why images are dark and watermarked on google images search, this is force them to visit the original site and view the photos there.

After installing WP-Picsheild plugin i get to protect my images, and if i want to be a user and to use google images to search for image i scroll down the to page button and i click : Switch to basic version, because this new version is even a nightmare to searcher with what used to be one click to get image is now many clicks to get the same image.

Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 2/26/13 6:30 AM is not a true previous version.  Yes, it displays thumbnails, and if you hover over a thumbnail it reports the size and host domain, but....

- There are no More Sizes or Similar Images links like before.

- Thumbnails don't enlarge anymore when hovered over.

- No additional information besides host domain is provided.

So, BOTH the "new and improved" piece of crap AND the so-called "old version" are worthless unusable junk that Google goofed up royally.  Want to know how to lose market share?  Make a stupid mistake which instigates an exodus to a different product, and then make a second stupid mistake by not switching back to your original successful product.  I've already switched from Microsoft to Apple because Micros**t just can't figure out how to write decent code.  Google is quickly going down the same road for me.

Re: Google Images Redesign rkleblanc1 2/26/13 5:46 PM
Don't get too excited about it because apparently not many people WHO USE GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCHES EXTENSIVELY share your enthusiasm. I have given this another try since sounding off weeks ago, and I'm not happy with this new layout. I need to be able to hover over an image, select Similar Sizes, and have a screen open with ALL OF THE SIZES showing. I am not finding that with this new layout. I can't even figure out how to choose the old group from the settings menu.  PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN GET THE OLD GOOGLE IMAGES BACK. This new way is terrible and not user friendly.

So, please tell me how to get the old style of Google Image searching back or I'm stripping Google Chrome off my computer and going with something else. I can't work effectively with this new system.

Re: Google Images Redesign rkleblanc1 2/27/13 4:27 AM
Please put Google Images back the way it was. This new version is horrible. Apparently NONE OF US understand .... Why did Google feel the need to change it???? It was SO EASY TO USE .... Now it's complicated and we don't get the same results. CHANGE IT BACK!!
Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 2/27/13 6:19 AM
It would be nice to have a bit of feedback from Google staff on this issue. Are they planning on making drastic changes to this new and very complicated way of searching for images and the information associated with them, or are they going to be leaving this nightmare in place permanently?

Please understand Google, that just showing an enormous thumbnail of the image is simply missing the point by a very large margin, all the information associated with the image and it's location webpage are the real important issues. What is the point of showing us an image if the really important info is left out?

And please sort out the whole way the new system works, before, you simply closed a link that was not interesting or appropriate and we were straight back at the results page without any need to click on the back button, and without any need to close the very annoying pop up window.

Can google really not see just how bad an unnecessarily complicated this new image search really is?

Please put us back to the previous version that worked so perfectly with no fuss at all - it was so much easier to find out ALL relevant information before.

Please give us back the ability to use the previous version if we wish, all we have at the moment is this nightmare and overly bloated version, or the very old and very basic version.

Suggestion: In the search settings box, please give us the opportunity to use the previous version, that way we ourselves can choose the one that suits OUR needs best.

And like i say, it would be nice to hear some feedback from Google themselves on this matter.  

Re: Google Images Redesign cpesacreta 2/27/13 4:35 PM
the lightbox image display thing really messes up on mobile devices, like the area to touch an object on the screen is all sorts of off. also, i'm searching for an image, so when I click on that image in the search results (and again in the lightbox) typically I would expect to go to that image, but instead I usually wind up at whatever the page is it's on. This suuuuuucks. especially when blogs pop up and the image could be deep in the archives and it takes me to the front page instead of the specific post where it occurred. and yea i know there's a "view original image" thing, but as far as the hierarchy of needed results is concerned, I click on an image because I want to see it, the page it's on should be the awkward button off to the side. the number of times I've gotten redirected to sites I never wanted to see is upsetting. and will someone PLEASE let me filter out stock image sites? if i wanted them, i'd already be a member of one, and would've just gone there first.
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 2/27/13 4:44 PM

It would be nice to have a bit of feedback from Google staff on this issue.
You must have missed Google Employee Jessica's feedback earlier in this discussion.
Re: Google Images Redesign cpesacreta 2/27/13 4:55 PM
oh also, i understand you have to keep the lowest common denominator in mind when designing something like this, which is good for the surface. but there's no reason why you can't still be a powerful and effective tool. you guys know a lot about images on the web I imagine, design some more advanced search tools for the others who do, too. file formats, aspect ratios, VECTOR OR RASTER, resolution, etc. let me (since i have an account) keep image searches or add resluts to something akin to the youtube playlists (and not just some stupid "OMG FAVED!" list, like a system that can be organized to my own purposes with multiple streams). also, and I'm not sure why Google of all places doesn't get this, advanced search tools should be a list of toggles, not a list of one single option you can have at a time. you guys redesigned it (hey whatever, it happens, progress and everything [though ease it out next time, you kinda scared some folks]), but it just feels like you dumbed it down. right now i can just picture a dream world where i can check a box that says "yes! i know how to use a friggin' computer!" and it just entirely changes the layout to something useful for me, with places to store things, advanced and useful filtering options, perhaps a way to organize these images depending on my personal thoughts or needs for them. i'm sure 90% of the image searches that happen are solved within the top 10 results, but some of us are looking for an image for a purpose, not like celebrity gossip or whatever, and wouldn't you be proud to appease not just the masses, but your peers as well?
Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/27/13 5:52 PM
A real response not some canned bs

Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 2/28/13 3:23 AM
"A real response not some canned bs"

I do not think expressing just how much you dislike something and pointing out just how much harder it is now to perform a task that was much easier before this change can be called "bs".

I have contributed to this thread not because i want to join in a have a moan at google for no good reason, i am contributing because i am somebody that used to use the image search on a regular basis and always found it very easy and productive to use, in my opinion this is now far from being the case.

The new version involves a lot more work and is much more time consuming than the last one. That simply leads to annoyance and frustration.

I have only ever used Google for image searching, simply because in my view it was simply the best tool out there for the job. This simply is no longer the case. At the moment it is probably about the worst.

This new version is simply not at a stage where it is even working correctly, most companies would be using testers to check the beta version before it is released to the masses. I have always had google set to open results i click on in a new window or tab, a few weeks ago i complained that this new version was not doing so. Yes, that's been fixed, a new tab does now open and show the page i wanted, but, the original results page ALSO loads the page you clicked on! This is basic stuff that is not even right, let alone the way the new version works in general.  

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/28/13 5:25 AM
Hey Stevie22b, you're not who I was referring too, it was the lack of real response from Google, not a canned response from them. Maybe read the thread first?
Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 2/28/13 7:32 AM
Sorry Ahinalu, i totally misread your post.

I agree with you, google do seem to be hiding away without showing that they really care about what we - their customers think.

At the moment the new search is not really any good other than for children to use.

I hate to say it, but until things improve drastically i will be using Bing. Never used their image search before, but it looks to be very similar to the earlier version of Google image search. Lol, for the first time ever i have Bing on my Bookmark Toolbar. Never though that would happen!

Re: Google Images Redesign ayc 2/28/13 10:20 AM
@stevie, you mentioned that the tab with the search results also ended up loading the clicked result. A few questions there:

  • Is that still happening for you? 
  • If so, are you middle clicking on an image or left clicking?
  • What browser / OS are you using?
Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 2/28/13 12:45 PM

Yes, i am still experiencing the problem. This is what is happening:

I click on one of the thumbnails on the results page.
That brings up the pop up box.
From the three options on that pop up i left click "Visit Page".

Doing that causes two things to happen at the same time.
A new tab opens and displays the page i wanted to see. (this is fine, exactly how i want it to work).
BUT, at the same time, the results page redirects itself to the page i wanted to visit, so now i have the same website open in both tabs.

So when i close the new tab, instead of being back at the results page, i am looking at the web page that also opened in the new tab.

So, to get back to the 'Results Page', i have to click on the 'Back' button. That returns me to the original results page. And even then, the original pop up window is STILL open covering half the screen, so to look at any further thumbnails i also have to click to close that!

I am using Firefox, version 19.0. Java and flash are up to date.
O/S Win Xp 32bit SP3.

But, i have just tried the image search using Internet Explorer 8. With that i am getting something completely different. It would seem that with IE8 i am reverted back to the previous version of Google Image Search. Exactly like it was before the recent changes. How come? Does this new version not work with IE8?

So, for me, if i want the 2012 version of the image search, all i have to do is use IE8? Very strange.


Re: Google Images Redesign ayc 2/28/13 3:53 PM
Hey Stevie,

Thanks for the quick response. That sounds super irksome - would you mind helping me debug a bit further? I was unable to reproduce this using the environment you mentioned. Could you please clear your cache / cookies and try again?

Re: IE8, I'll take a look.

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 2/28/13 4:08 PM
Happens to me with firefox 19.0 and OSX 10.6.8 as well.
Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 3/1/13 3:21 AM

Ok, i cleared the cache and all cookies relating to Google, that made no difference at all.

But i have managed to change the problem. I went into my Google search settings and unticked 'Open each selected result in new browser window'. That obviously stopped it opening a new tab everytime i clicked on a result - i just wanted to check that was working ok.

Because i like opening links in a new window or tab, i went back into my search settings and re-ticked 'Open each selected result in new browser window'. This caused another glitch. Now when i click on a result it no-longer opens in a new tab, it only opens in the current one.

This is interesting because this was the first problem i complained about a few weeks ago when the new version of image search was released, google refusing to open selected image search results in a new window or tab.

This only affects image search results, when doing a normal web search, all results i click on open in a new tab without a problem. (just like they should without affecting the original search window).

Re: Google Images Redesign ayc 3/1/13 11:24 AM

You're absolutely right that this shouldn't be behaving the way you're describing. Thanks for the info. We'll try to debug from here.

Re: Google Images Redesign theComplex 3/1/13 12:20 PM

Are we ever going to see a solution to the negative effects this is having on webmasters?

(unknown) 3/1/13 10:26 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 3/1/13 10:31 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign Milfern 3/2/13 9:07 AM
I hate the new look. There is too much clicking. When I'm surfing images, it takes too long to move the mouse and click at the X in the corner. My "back" button are on my mouse, and when I try to get back to the image search results, it takes me back to where i started in the normal web search. It was much faster to surf pictures before.
Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 3/3/13 7:55 AM
Agree completely about WP-PicShield. It works great. It is just a shame that a major search engine forced us into this position of having to take extraordinary measure to protect out bandwidth when many of us actually made exceptions for google images so that we could get indexed. They just took the ball and ran away with it leaving us with nothing more then bandwidth theft.
Re: Google Images Redesign Mizz Moxie 3/4/13 6:34 AM

I LOVE Google and I use it DAILY, continously..religiously. However, you have made a change recently that I am extremely unhappy with.

When I browse images and click on an image I want to visit, it now opens it up in that image search page, adding another step to my searching.
It is infuriating, time consuming, unnecessary and most annoying. It does't take me to the site, make the image full size or help in any way. In trying to get use to this new 'option', I keep forgetting that it is still open on the same page and I keep pushing the 'back' button to get out of it -as I DO NOT need it-. I then get frustrated and have to go forward again, CLOSE the image that is in the middle of my search page and start again.
This step you have added is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Please go back to the way it was.

Example picture here:

SFW and totally kid friend photo.

Re: Google Images Redesign Ahinalu 3/4/13 7:51 AM
^ Mizz, they don't care, nothing's changed and won't. As long as they keep you twice as long on their site, they increase ad revenue. Bottom line. Google wants you to stay on their site as long as they can keep you there. By adding steps they keep you on their site. By have other peoples full sized images be viewable on their site they keep you on their site longer and....THEY make more money. I have nothing against making money, but they are going to lose in the end as many people start to use the bevy of other search sites out there.

If they cared, they would have adressed this issue at least once with a real response to the real questions and problems people have posed on this (Googles) discussion page.
Re: Google Images Redesign Mizz Moxie 3/4/13 5:13 PM
I appreciate your response.
How very unfortunate all of this is :(
Re: Google Images Redesign Nathan ThunderEagle 3/4/13 7:14 PM
Google you have failed.
Re: Google Images Redesign ayc 3/5/13 1:34 PM
A few things to address:

@stevie22b, we've found the root cause, and are hoping to have a fix. I can't guarantee a timeline though. In the meantime, the workaround is to enable instant results. Let me know if that doesn't solve it!
@mizz moxie, we're considering closing the panel on clicking back. We haven't decided either way yet, but your input helps! 
@ahinalu, there's at least one major flaw with your argument - there aren't any ads on Google Images

@webmasters in general, thanks for raising your concerns. We're continuing to monitor click through - and as mentioned in this blog post - our initial testing and recent numbers indicate higher net clicks to hosting sites than in the past. If you're seeing major dips, though, I'd suggest going to the Webmaster Central forum and discussing best practices there.
Re: Google Images Redesign WendyPiersall 3/5/13 1:42 PM
Let me get this straight - are you seriously suggesting that EVERY SINGLE site that used to get good traffic from Google images suddenly AREN'T following Google's best practices?! And the only reason all of our traffic is down 50%-80% is because we're doing something spammy?!!! Since this is a public forum, I'll keep my response to that PG-13: I'm beyond appalled and even insulted that you would suggest this. And *I* would suggest you double check your test results. 
Re: Google Images Redesign Hugo Publisher 3/5/13 1:54 PM
Hi, Is Google planning to implement advertising on the new Google Image Search? Thank you. (I repeated me).

I suggest Google Analytics to have a tool to let us track visualizations to images hosted on our websites, or at least when someone clicks 'View Original Image'.

Re: Google Images Redesign ayc 3/5/13 2:31 PM
@Wendy, I apologize if that's how you interpreted my comment. That's not at all what I'm suggesting, nor did I ever suggest that any of you were doing anything spammy. I suggested that webmasters who are having issues with reduced traffic go to a forum dedicated towards webmaster concerns - particularly along the lines of ranking, traffic, and click through rates.
Re: Google Images Redesign WendyPiersall 3/5/13 2:40 PM
Thank you for clarifying @ayc, but I still take issue with your suggestion that we "should" be seeing increased traffic. Whatever testing your team did, it hasn't reflected the reality of the situation. If what you say is true, then my pre-January-25 Image Search traffic should have had a sky-high bounce rate, and would have fallen dramatically with the new interface. But my bounce rate from Image Search is only about 3% different from before the switch. Having the grayed-out page in the background and showing the CONTEXT of the image *used* to entice about 60%+ of my visitors to click through to my site and visit 4 additional pages. In the new interface, less than 25% of the visitors who see my high resolution image on Google bother to come to my site. So please forgive me for sounding frustrated, but I do stand by my suggestion that your team test this further. 
Re: Google Images Redesign ayc 3/5/13 3:10 PM
There's no guarantee that any website should see increased traffic. This change may not have affected all sites equally, and clearly yours is an example where it didn't affect it positively. Overall, however, it has been the case that there is increased thru-traffic. I'm sorry that I don't have any specific advice I can give you, but for the whole this has been a positive change. We will continue to monitor this data, though. The comment about needing context for an image to drive traffic is a good point, and I'll raise this to the team. If you have any suggestions for how to demonstrate the underlying page value within the panel, feel free to let me know, and I'll be sure to pass it along.
Re: Google Images Redesign WendyPiersall 3/5/13 3:25 PM
There are hundreds of excellent suggestions already in this thread, but I believe that they mostly center around wishing to have the site restored to the background of the page. Several educational researchers made the comment that since they don't always know what they are looking for (such as a specific kind of cell structure) the lack of page information has made your new Image Search too tedious to use. It also has been mentioned that seeing the page upon first click generally gave the users an indication as to whether the site could be trusted or not. Specific interface suggestions previously mentioned: remove the "View Original Image" button, disable right-click on, and make the copyright information more prominent. Your new interface has been a great conduct for a higher rate of image theft.

And lastly, I'd LOVE to know of an example site that has benefited from this interface change, because I have been watching this thread and others on business sites DAILY, and I have not heard of one person who has seen any increase with the new interface. I'll take you at your word: perhaps there is something I can do to better encourage click throughs on static high res images seen on And I sure would like to know what someone else is doing right, because I and every other webmaster who has commented on this change has lost traffic. 
Re: Google Images Redesign agoodguy 3/5/13 4:35 PM
Yeah I would like to see a screenshot of an Analytics account for a site that has benefited from this also please. How were the tests done? With Google employees? With monkeys? With who? Thanks.
Re: Google Images Redesign EcoCatLady 3/5/13 10:01 PM
ayc - Based on the comments here, I actually can believe that certain websites would see an increase in traffic - my guess is that the folks who are complaining about no context for pictures in the searches are now forced to visit sites that they're really not interested in to get context for the photo.

But, (and this is a pretty big but) when people are simply searching for a photo to use, the new system provides ZERO incentive for them to actually click through to a site. Hence, it is the image based sites that are taking the biggest hit.

As the owner of several such sites, I can only say that my visits are down by about 60%, but my bandwidth usage is growing every day.

I understand that Google has to make its decisions based on a variety of factors, and the livelihood of photographers is probably not one of them, but it would be EXTREMELY helpful if you could provide some guidance as to best practices given the realities of this new system.

For example, now that the image search relies on hotlinked images, is hotlink protection considered cloaking? Will it cause a drop in rank? How about on-the-fly watermarking, or redirecting hotlinks to our sites, or on-the-fly replacing of high resolution photos with a smaller image? I don't expect you to tell us how to "game your system" but you have to admit, that when Google images tries to load a 7mb high resolution photograph, it's not exactly a good experience for the user either.

I'd like to be a "team player" here, but some guidelines would really be helpful.

Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 3/6/13 8:08 AM
@Gerry Williamson - I so totally agree with all you have said, especially 'context is everything'. For me, that applies to 99.9% of the image searches i do. if i am using the image search it is simply because i am looking for information regarding the object i am searching. Just giving me a large or even full size preview of the original image does nothing to help me at all. It is all about the context in which that image is being used.

@ayc, i can confirm that the workaround that involves turning on 'instants' does indeed enable the link to open in a separate tab. But i hate having instant results turned, so i hope that this is fixed as soon as possible.

But like i mention above, the way the new system opens links is far from being the main problem. This new system still involves more work. More clicks of the mouse, with less information available, resulting in searches taking much longer before the sought information is found. I still feel this is a massive step backwards from the image search we used to have from Google.

A simple preview of the image and the page contents like we had before was a much better way of doing.

Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 3/6/13 8:10 AM
Positive change for you and google but not for all the webmasters here who have been shafted and now have to take extraordinary steps to protect their content.
Re: Google Images Redesign alterisk 3/6/13 12:01 PM
People are free to believe Google's p.r. nonsense claiming that there has been an increase in click-through rates since the implementation of the new Google Images. What I'd like to know: Where's the detailed data? And how was it compiled?

In fact, I'd also love to see a few examples of websites that have benefited from the new Google Images.

IMPORTANT: One thing that the Google employee failed to mention ... When they measure click-through rates, they (obviously) measure the total number of clicks when someone is looking at an image. That, gee whiz, also includes: VIEW ORIGINAL IMAGE and VIEW IMAGE DETAILS. The former uses your bandwidth without providing actual visits; the latter takes the visitor to another Google page.

But no: Google would much rather blame webmasters for not making their site alluring enough for people interested in looking at and/or stealing images -- when those images can now be looked at/stolen directly on Google. Oh.
Re: Google Images Redesign agoodguy 3/7/13 5:06 AM
Google I would like my traffic back now please. You have basically killed the method in which image sites get traffic. By the way @ayc have you got that screenshot ready yet? There must be 1000's of sites you can choose from to give us an example of a site that has benefited from this change, (yeah right). We know that there are none and so do you. Please admit now that this was a mistake and do no evil and return it as it was. I don't care if Google no longer wants to open the page in an iframe but please have the decency to send the visitor to the page with the full res photo rather than hotlinking it and stealing from the webmasters. I am sure I have just wasted 5mins of my time writing this.
Re: Google Images Redesign DaleDavenport 3/7/13 4:19 PM
I agree with everyone here. Please consider this feedback!!
Re: Google Images Redesign Mia McPherson 3/8/13 8:04 AM
Google, you have done something even more EVIL, now I see a series of images that are "like" when clicking on mine in a Google Image Search. Stealing more of our traffic plus your disgusting way of stealing bandwidth by hotlinking our images. This is EVIL. I can not wait for the class action lawsuit AND IT IS COMING.
Re: Google Images Redesign K S News 3/8/13 8:31 AM
why google isn't doing this in Germany and France ?
they are fearing the strict German and French laws. Otherwise, why don't they implement it there ?
Google Images Redesign Josh Martiny 3/8/13 11:51 PM
People in mobile don't like this changes and are leaving google. I think "the old google" like people call it, was better than it is now.

Look at this:

Lets bring old back :-)

Re: Google Images Redesign Dennis J. 3/10/13 7:12 AM
I put a lot of energy in my site over the years, and in February 2013 I saw my traffic go down with 40%. When I looked a bit closer to my stats I noticed I lost all my traffic coming in via Google Images. I remember they said it would be better for us. But it is in fact worse, and all our hard work to make our images Google friendly did nothing for us.  
Re: Google Images Redesign sraf 3/10/13 8:25 AM
By the "old one" we actually mean the previous version.  The basic version is just too old.
Re: Google Images Redesign 3/10/13 8:35 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign barryhunter 3/12/13 10:00 AM

On Tuesday, 5 March 2013 21:34:22 UTC, ayc wrote:
@webmasters in general, thanks for raising your concerns. We're continuing to monitor click through - and as mentioned in this blog post - our initial testing and recent numbers indicate higher net clicks to hosting sites than in the past. If you're seeing major dips, though, I'd suggest going to the Webmaster Central forum and discussing best practices there.

How do you expect webmasters to be able to ANYTHING? 

Nothing from the website is displayed. Just the actual image is displayed. There is nothing that the website owner can do. Google controls the whole page. 

Basically Google images doesnt give anything the website owner to work with. There is simply nothing there for them to be able to do. 

(ok, yes there is the page title, but its usually heavily truncated anyway) 
Re: Google Images Redesign barryhunter 3/13/13 6:41 AM
Interestingly Bing pretty much copied what Google Images did, and then admits it doesn't honour copyright. 

Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 3/13/13 6:49 AM
this is strange that Bing has accepted it.
the big question is, if they will take any action about this infringement.

And, if Bing does anything like that, Google Images may have to follow (as they copied bing layout).
Re: Google Images Redesign Komentor 3/14/13 11:48 PM
Funny that Jessica asks a question and then decides that her answer is the Best Answer :-)
Re: Google Images Redesign Bob_Joossen 3/15/13 6:15 AM
Google has never been to big on copyright laws (lawsuits with Google News), or on privacy (see the "Wi-Spy" case March 2013) They believe they are on top of the world and let webmasters discuss among themselves on forums they control. Pathetic! They turned YouTube into a commercial click-fest, and now they want to suck the content out of websites and use it for their platform. History shows those money grabbers will only budge if there's a lawsuit attached with the question. Meanwhile they send their minions out with empty messages, making us believe this new Google Image Application is actually better for webmasters. Time for honouring yourself will soon be at an end, Google.
Re: Google Images Redesign F Ana 3/15/13 7:30 AM
Jessica S., you are lying all webmasters. If this new image search redesign is better for webmasters, why we lost +60% of traffic? Jessica S., why and .fr redirects the users to the author of the image because the Germans are putting you on the ground, because you are stealing the copyright. Do the same image search experience as on for and the all countries' extensions.

hope that GOD will take care of you!
Re: Google Images Redesign F Ana 3/15/13 6:05 PM
@ayc - Please answer to my message above.
Re: Google Images Redesign lsavidge 3/16/13 7:11 AM
It sucks on a mobile device. There is no option to save the image at all. All you can do is look at it. You can't even go to the page where the image is from.

Even on the standard desktop search although you can view the image, right mouse clicking on the button and copying the URL results in a Google redirect URL instead of the actual URL. Google redirect URLs are infuriating but not as infuriating as the rubbish mobile interface.

Re: Google Images Redesign digital-mwc 3/16/13 1:01 PM
I agree that Google's new image system is handy for those seeking images. Some may simply want a view of the search item. But others are looking for an image that they can download and use for free. Even though Google states that the images may be copyrighted, they may not stop to think that, in many cases, they are actually stealing copyrighted material.

Google should provide a link to the individual or company that holds the copyright to the image, not to the page from which the image was directly taken. For all too often, when the searcher goes to the page from which the image was taken, they find no copyright notice, even when an individual or company holds a valid copyright to the image.

Thieves will always find ways to steal. But honest people will not download an image for free, when they can easily link to the copyright holder.

(unknown) 3/16/13 1:02 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign Davy Campton 3/17/13 11:53 AM
Me too, traffic went down 45%! I got a photoblog. Will be forced to block Google crawlers on my site. I read somewhere that you can safe your images as Jpeg instead of JPG, and that for some reason, you still had to pass through the source site such as before. If somebody can confirm that, let me know!

Please Google, put the old design back or make sure that if people click on an image, the source sites opens somewhere in the layout, just like before.

Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 3/19/13 6:38 PM
@ F Ana, a big thank you for pointing out that the previous version of image search is still being used in Germany. I am now using the German version of Google Image search and am so happy to have a decent image search available to me again.

@ Google, why is it i am now forced to set my bookmarks to your German website in order to be able to use the previous and much better version of your image search? That is crazy considering i live in the UK. How come you have dumped this terrible new design on us and not our German friends? How lucky they should feel in Germany - still being able to hover their pointers over the search results and get all that wonderful information without having to do anything - who would have thought it, a description of the photo in the little thumbnail that pops up when you put your mouse over the search result! What a fantastic idea - oh wait, i forgot, we used to have that very same function over here in the UK.

Not being a webmaster i really cannot comment on all of the problems the new design is causing them, but i am behind them all the way with the dislike for the new version. It is simply rubbish and NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

So until you decide it's time to really piss off the Germans, i think i will continue to use the search site that you provide for them.

(That link should take you to the English language version of the German Image Search)
Re: Google Images Redesign cymbal_cymbal 3/20/13 6:18 AM
@stevie22b thanks for the link.

Re: Google Images Redesign Isabelle-01 3/22/13 10:09 AM
Congratulations Google, I saw my traffic go down by half since February 2013! Who ever thought this would actually generate more traffic for webmasters?! Seriously considering of taking my site down after this.
Re: Google Images Redesign F Ana 3/22/13 6:20 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign F Ana 3/24/13 2:28 PM
Our traffic is down because Google steals our images and show them on the image search without sending the visitor to us, thank you, Google!

It seems that the google employees (Jessica, Ayc, etc) are no longer answering to our questions and feedbacks, they ignore the webmasters in all ways, they are evil with us but God will take care of them, FOR SURE!

 Google, you are stealing our images and distribute them on Google without sending the visitors to the host pages of the images!

"[...] Copyrighted works can include, but are not limited to, films, audio recordings, electronic media, software, books, photographs, etc. [...]" via: 

"[...] The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment. [...]" via:

Google in past = best search engine, excellent, simple and clear (that's why we loved you Google!!!)
Google now = worst search engine in the world, bad functions, many many bugs, worst image search (you are stealing images from our sites without sending traffic). Now we have lower revenue, higher bandwidth consumption, higher hosting costs.

Please change back to the previous image search system and don't be evil! and uses the previous image search, why? Because you cannot be evil with them and you cannot play with them as you like.

Re: Google Images Redesign Tom E 3 3/24/13 3:17 PM
Back at the beginning of this thread, Jessica S. posted a message, the last sentence of which read:

"While we do not plan to revert to the old version of Google Images, know that we're reading your feedback to make an even better search experience in the future."

Well, It's clear that she was giving us fair warning about not planning to revert to the old version of Google Images, no matter what anybody says, universally negative or not, and that if she is reading our feedback, she certainly isn't responding to any of it.

But hey, she gave us fair warning, right? So I would suggest that all the irate users who have been expressing their frustration for so long simply accept the fact that we are being ignored, take her at her word, and stop wasting our time. I for one am happily using and loving it.

As for all the webmasters who have been chiming in, they have their own issues. I think this is the wrong thread for them, but let them do as they will; I'll be gone.

Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 3/24/13 3:28 PM
I have to say that i feel that this thread is the perfect thread for webmasters to be airing their grievances. All of them appear to relate directly to the new image search, which is what this thread is about.
Re: Google Images Redesign Bob_Joossen 3/28/13 4:51 AM
Shouldn't this topic be on some kind of an official Google-page? More than 200 webmasters found this tread, but I am sure if word gets out, 90% of all webmasters would have complaints. I still meet friends of mine with sites and blogs who are all telling me they had a decline in traffic and revenue since Google got the bright idea to hotlink our images.

Only in Germany and France seem to have been saved by the crisis. And Google, talking about world-crisis: "YOU GUYS ARE NOT HELPING!"

Re: Google Images Redesign agoodguy 3/29/13 4:32 AM
Just got an email from Google about their Webmaster Academy. The part about providing context around images is interesting.
  • Give your images and video context. Google can infer a great deal about your image or video from the content surrounding it. For example, a picture of a guitar on a page about the history of guitars sends a strong signal to search engines that black-fender-guitar.jpg is about guitars.

  • Provide a great user experience. Try not to make users scroll to see your images and video, and use high-quality source files.

This is what I am trying to do, context around my images and a good user experience. But Google is stealing all these opportunities from me.

Re: Google Images Redesign Clisair 3/29/13 9:29 AM
[agoodguy] I know just how you feel about the image and bandwidth steps. Many of us webmasters used to block everyone EXCEPT the image search engines because they were playing by the rules  but not any more. Now we are all scrambling to save our sites from image and bandwidth theft and the dramatic reduction in traffic, especially from sites that have or had numerous galleries.

Funny thing is they are not allowed  by law, to use the current image search engine in France and Germany since those countries see hotlinking as a crime or at least copyright infringement of the site owner.
Re: Google Images Redesign ElinaSel 3/29/13 1:05 PM
For me, image search is a LOT slower now. It seems to keep loading the images onto that one result page, whereas previously they were divided over several pages - allowing me to load one page at a time, FASTER. Now whenever I scroll down, everything slows down. And if I click an image to preview, it takes LONG until I can see it clearly! Before I was able to hover the cursor over imaages and that was fine by me. Now it's just incredibly frustrating to use image search so I use it much more rarely.
Re: Google Images Redesign Komentor 4/3/13 8:33 AM
Thanks for the info about I will start using that too.
Re: Google Images Redesign Steven Thompson 4/4/13 10:02 PM
I'm just concerned that a lot of folks may not know or understand that images are not necessarily "free" or not public domain without adequate notification/information about the images, ownership, attribution, etc.
Re: Google Images Redesign WendyPiersall 4/5/13 6:46 AM
The theft of my printables has more than doubled since this change. And now there's so much duplicate content out there that I'm losing both ranking AND traffic. Google has never done more to devastate publishers than with this.
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Re: Google Images Redesign Davian 4/15/13 4:16 AM
We want the old Google Image Search back ! Still no improvement in traffic since February. I am at -28% !
Re: Google Images Redesign D360 4/17/13 9:42 AM
This redesign was not about a better user experience but about the bottom line for Google.  

Back in the day Google played fair and we as photographers allowed Google to display our images in exchange for traffic to our websites. Many would use Adsense to monetize their websites (making Google 32% of profits).

Sounds fair and everyone was happy but then Google began to put the squeeze on publishers in the name of corporate profits and retaining traffic. They deployed expanding images and most recently (1/24/2013) displaying images fullscreen. And by adding "view original image" link users don't even need to visit a publishers website to see the full image.

Websites have seen a 20-80% drop in image traffic as a result. From Google's point of view it was a success as those visitors stay on Google properties longer. The industry is consolidating a time will come when you search on Google it will be hard to leave without a paid click.

Re: Google Images Redesign dawood baloch 4/19/13 2:21 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign Joan Barnett 4/19/13 3:10 PM
I prefer the older version of Google images for my K-6 students.  In the older version they can, at a glance, see a tidbit of what the photo is about.  For instance, they can tell quickly if the "Red Rock Canyon" is the one in California or Nevada.  It is more difficult in the new version.  I see I can have them scroll all the way to the bottom to get the older version -- could you put that switch link at the top please?  Thank you, Joan Barnett, Computer Specialist, Ellwood School, Goleta, CA
Re: Google Images Redesign Metspitzer 4/20/13 8:14 AM
I tried your suggestion.  Google Images is not very good at finding "similar"

Try to find similar to this:

(unknown) 4/21/13 6:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 4/21/13 7:06 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign Irazul Villarreal 4/21/13 11:44 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign Tom O'Connell 4/23/13 10:05 PM
It's pretty easy to say what we don't like about this developement.

It is clear that Google is encouraging and enabling the unlawful download and use of copyrighted property and basically is a pirate site allowing google users to use stock images that should be paid (very slight fees) for.

Re: Google Images Redesign Nathan005 4/24/13 2:12 PM
Sadly this design is pretty horrific and less usable. It seems like a copy of bing's design (that I also hate). It looks pretty but is not as usable.

Simply put this design breaks the purpose for image search and focuses solely on the images. The focus of an image search should not be on the image alone - its on the ability to narrow the search to find the correct image, or source through the image.

- All options to narrow the search are hidden in advance search
  - Image Size (#1 reason I used google search for images)
  - Image Type
  - Image Color
  - Aspect Ratio
  - File Type

- The Limited Search results are just plain stupid
  - Why can I only click show more results once?
  - Why do I have to click show more results at all?

The design is fine - but the form over function is not.
Please fix

Re: Google Images Redesign adams.mt8 4/25/13 1:23 PM
I'm actually really surprised that Google have started to restrict results in this way. If it had been Apple I wouldn't have been surprised but for a company that supposedly prides itself on being "open" and not restricting you this seems like an odd decision that will have a lot of people running for alternative inferior search engines.
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Re: Google Images Redesign Mike Lewinski 4/27/13 10:58 AM
My only concern is that the "open results in a new tab" feature is not integrated well, and the original results page loads the clicked selection at the same time as a new tab opens up with the page I clicked, giving me two identical tabs, and no more search results to continue browsing through. I feel like this was not very well tested because it's such an obvious thing. Does no one at Google use the "open results in a new tab" feature?

I'm on a very limited bandwidth budget via Satellite access only. When I exceed my quota they shut me off. This is a problem that is wasting a very scarce resource for me. Please fix it ASAP.

Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 4/27/13 2:18 PM
@ Oroboros,

This is a problem that they do know about, i pointed it out to them a couple of months ago in this thread, they acknowledged the problem and said they were working to fix it - they sure are taking their time about it. Are you using Firefox? If so, i am guessing that you have 'Show Instants' turned off in your Google search settings? If this applies to you, then their is a work-around for the problem with Firefox - if you enable instants then you should find that any new tab that you open by clicking on a link will not result in the original search page also loading the same thing. I checked it and it worked for me. But, i hate instants being shown, so i keep them turned off. To get around the problem i have had to get used to right clicking a search result and choosing 'open in new tab', that way your browser will do what you want and your search results page will not load it up.

I cannot believe Google are taking so darned long to fix a problem that they have known about for a couple of months at least.
Also, one other tip that you may have missed in this thread, try using the English version of the German google image search, they are still on the previous version of image search, so all works like it should. Give it a try!
Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 4/27/13 5:09 PM
Google, please look at the two screen shots below and tell me which gives more information at a glance - without the need to click on anything. The first is a screen shot taken whilst using the German Google Image search, the second taken whilst using the UK version.

Now can you actually see how bad the new version is compared to the older one still being used in Germany? In the top image just look at all the information that you get just by mousing over an image - you do not even get that much information when you actually click on an image when using the new uk image search, to see information like that you have to click even more times. WHY? Why have you made your image search such a pain to use?

Just look at the screen shots and answer the question why you have messed up so badly?

Re: Google Images Redesign byrev 4/30/13 3:54 PM
For all webmasters: Google has made a decision and it is impossible to convince them that it is NOT a good one ... You only have to protect your hotlink photos with watermark and traffic will return (slowly but surely).

Those who use wordpress, already have a few plugins that will help in this problem:  WP-PICShield, Imaguard and Break Dance.

The world is changing, google is changing, and we have to change ... the "dark side" of evolution :)

Google Images Redesign Lietzke 4/30/13 7:11 PM

I can't log in. I have never had any trouble logging into my Google accounts anywhere. I even deleted the app. I keep getting a 505 error. Any suggestions?

Re: Google Images Redesign XedMada 5/1/13 3:20 PM
Over all the new design seems to be pretty great interface for looking through single images, one at a time, within the context of the search results. My problem is that this isn't how I use google image search, as this approach is unbearably slow and requires many more clicks and forces me to lose my place in the results.

What I have been doing for years now is opening each image of interest in a background tab until I believe I have a good sample base, then looking through the tabs one by one, some times going to the original page, some times the full image, and sometimes just closing out the tab.

The new interface seems to make me click each individual image once, then decide from that just slightly larger image out of context with its original site weather I want to then open the image or the site in a new tab. To make matters worse, the act of selecting an image moves everything else out of the way to show the image preview box, meaning whatever relative spacial memory I may have for other images I want to look at is lost and I have to start visually searching again to choose another image to select, decide what I want to do with it, and loose where I was in the search results again.

I've spent the past few weeks trying to adapt to the new approach, but it is _painfully_ slow and not getting any better. So bad that I sought out this forum to beg you for a better solution.

Please strongly consider adding the capability of easily opening new tabs from the image search results without affecting the search results page itself. Please make google image search fast again.

Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 5/1/13 5:00 PM
Google doesn't care about your complaints, griefs, suggestions, or anything at all having to do with you as a user. They do whatever they think is "best" for their users without immunity and without any regard to the impact on the web community. (If I am in error on this, then point me to the Google posts in this thread which express concern over user complaints or receptiveness to user suggestions - that's right, there are none.) At this point, your only realistic solution is switch to a different image search tool, like many other ex-users have already done. The oh-so-holy pious and inept Google engineers (or management, if it was forced upon the engineers at their protest) are quite unlikely to fix their stupid mistake because they simply do not view it as an error in judgement on their part.
Re: Google Images Redesign stevie22b 5/1/13 5:36 PM
Sadly, it would seem that Google are just doing what a lot of companies do once they reach a certain size, power goes to their heads, they feel they can do no wrong, their way is the best, after all, they have grown so big, so it must be true. And sadly they forget about the people that got them where they are now - their customers - us. We are the ones that have stuck with Google for all these years, simply because we thought they were the best.

But these days Google simply do not listen to what we say, and that is simply because they do not care - they think they are too big, and too powerful now. their mentality now is simply "We will do it this way because it's right for us- Google.". "We no longer need to worry about what our users will think - we are above that".

They have proved that with the latest image search, clearly designed with increasing Googles profits at the expense of everyone else, and clearly designed with no thought for the user experience. For usability it's been a big step backwards.

Do Google really give a stuff about what we think?, judging by the lack of a proper response to all of our complaints, i think the answer is obviously no.

I certainly do not use Google Uk for image searches anymore, if i do use Google far any image searches i use the English version of their German site - Google are obviously having some legal issues implementing the new image search over in Germany because our German friends are lucky enough to still be using a previous version of image search. Good for you Germany, long may it stay that way, because once that is gone i will not be using Google at all for image searching.
Re: Google Images Redesign WendyPiersall 5/6/13 6:33 PM
For those of you who desperately miss the old interface as much as I do, here is a way to get it to appear in Chrome, at least until Google gets their greedy hands on it and "fixes" it:

Re: Google Images Redesign Steve Aycock 5/7/13 9:05 AM
I guess it's not common knowledge, but Eric Schmidt took over as CEO of Google in 2011.

It's taken him since then to create, test, and roll out all of these "new" changes to Google and Google's products we're seeing this year.

It's nearly ALL, IMO... a step in the wrong direction. Schmidt has removed all the care, concern, and COOL that Google had going, and turned Google into just another corporate entity. Just another giant, just another logo.

Google does not appear to be concnerned with the user experience beyond what they can do with it to monetize the products.

It's not even about money anymore...Schmidt wants to "win"... at what exactly I don't know, but he has an agenda.

Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 5/7/13 9:22 AM
some law firm was planning to start Class action lawsuit.

Publishers who are in US, should get together and raise voice against Google for this copyright infringement.
Re: Google Images Redesign Terry Riley 5/14/13 9:10 AM
I hate the new image search. 1. it's cumbersome,2. causes one to have to use the back button to exit, 3.recently there are so many webmasters blocking google from images most of the time when I choose an image I get an empty black box. 4. it may be well thought out from Google's perspective but from a users prospective it is very much inferior to the previous version. As an artist I search images alot. This takes twice as long and twice as much mouse action. I can't say loudly enough that this is horrible.
Re: Google Images Redesign rburrill 5/15/13 6:27 AM
Jessica -

I'd like to have an offline discussion about these changes from the perspective of a medical information publisher.  I sent a g+ invite and would welcome the chance to talk.


Re: Google Images Redesign byrev 5/16/13 1:01 PM
in the end nothing will exist for eternity, even google. Somehow Google has already started to dig own grave ;)) ... The effect of these changes will be like a boomerang, when will hit, it will be extremely painful !

Google is a corporation, it has no heart, no feelings, is not human ... It has become just a money making machine, nothing more.!

Online landscape will change drastically in 10-15 years ... quantum computer will overturn any rules, nothing will be like today, even google ... everyone who will have a quantum computer will be able to create a search engine 1000 times better than it is today google.

This is the future, and we will be there to savor the destruction of the giants like google and other multinational corporations.

For wordpress blogs/sites webmasters: use WP-PICShield – HOTLINK Defence, the ultimate fight against hotlinking.
Re: Google Images Redesign Thomas E A 5/19/13 2:52 PM
It's cool, but really buggy. Randomly shoots you back to the top when you click an image, instead of opening that image, thus losing your place in the image search. This should be fixed by now, it has been months. C'mon Google :(
Re: Google Images Redesign Zoltan fouth 5/20/13 4:43 AM
As someone who produces original images this is a disaster. People can find images, download them and use them, in INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT, without ever even going to the source web site.


In any case I found the old interface more intuitive.

Re: Google Images Redesign Zoltan fouth 5/20/13 4:53 AM
As someone who produces original images this just means that people can find my images, download them and use them, INFRINGING COPYRIGHT in the process. They will never even see the original web page!

People just assume that if they can download it they can use it. This is not true and Google is actually encouraging image misuse by obscuring the image source.

Google is a SEARCH ENGINE, not a free image giveaway site.

(The new interface is harder to use anyway. Surely 'leaving well alone' would have been better for all.)

Re: Google Images Redesign leaveitbe 5/21/13 9:52 AM
Thank you so much for the link. Wish google would think b4 they act.
Re: Google Images Redesign Mr Duck 5/21/13 7:59 PM
Here are a couple of websites that explain Google's real reasons for doing this, and the impact that it has had on the net.

Images from my website not visible in image search Comboupdates 5/25/13 9:55 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign sabera balesch 5/25/13 10:34 PM
adnan adnan shahzad 5/28/13 4:28 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign 张小议 5/29/13 4:23 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign Xavier P 6/4/13 5:10 PM
Can we please get easier access to the visually similar images? It's now a lot harder to get to than the previous version
Re: Google Images Redesign Comboupdates 6/8/13 6:58 AM
Couldnt agree with David more
Re: Google Images Redesign M3DucatiMan 6/9/13 7:50 AM
My two cents: Fix the blurry images that take 200 years to load. How could this get by QC/QA Google???


I like how the picture is front and center. I like you can click on other related pics on that screen. I like how you stay on the main image page.


The aforementioned 200 year load time of images (really??). I don't like if you click "back" it takes you to a previous website instead of closing the image box (I'd rather click back and go back to the main image search.). A lot of us have back buttons on our mouse we like to use instead of having to click the X symbol.

Google and other computer enhancements have made us VERY efficient web navigators / computer users. Now anytime something takes an extra micro-second, we get impatient. When something takes an unreasonably long time such as the new image loading time, that's a sin in this day and age.

Re: Google Images Redesign Zulu NonyaBizzNess 6/9/13 4:19 PM
I HATE the new design. Why do you guys insist on changing what is working? Why is it that you change to TRY to keep up with Bing when Bing is NOT (well, wasn't till you did this change) the #1 search engine. Why did you change when the word "google" is now used as a verb? Do you have a misguided view of google and fear Bing will actually be more popular (well, again it might now since this horrendous change)or did you think that google can do anything and the people will stay?

Well, I am changing my prefered search engine as soon as I finish writing this and changing my prefered browser also. When I can't go to my homepage and it be what I want (why is the apps not the default and I have to keep selecting it) there is no reason to be here.

I will find another search engine that actually gives me what I want. IT. And nothing else. You sir can take the google you have now made default and make a nice ba da bing sandwich with it.

Re: Google Images Redesign NewsMaker 6/9/13 7:49 PM
still wondering, if there will be any lawsuit against google for copyright infringement.
Re: Google Images Redesign EcoCatLady 6/9/13 11:00 PM
M3DucatiMan - The reason those images take sooooo long to load is that Google is hotlinking directly to the full resolution image on the server where it found the image. These images can sometimes be 5mb or larger. Not only does it create a horrible user experience, it also puts a HUGE burden on the server that hosts the image in the first place - slowing down the site and costing webpage owners money in bandwidth charges.

Google should display a thumbnail from their OWN servers, and should stop hotlinking images. It would be better for everyone.

Re: Google Images Redesign Steve Aycock 6/10/13 12:12 PM
The Google image search, has turned into little more than a way for Google to exploit OTHER people's property and make a buck. It promotes the wholesale theft of OTHER people's images.

Google's response to said theft... "If you don't like it, don't put your images on the internet".

Re: Google Images Redesign jim.jaggers 6/11/13 10:05 AM
Are you suggesting that Google should not support searching for images on the internet?
Re: Google Images Redesign EcoCatLady 6/11/13 12:28 PM
I, for one, think that searching for images is fine... but the search engine should be just that... a SEARCH engine, not an image repository. The search engine should take the user to the page where the image was found - that's it!

Imagine if Google started to extract articles from web pages and offer them up to the public stripped of all of the advertising and formatting. People would be screaming copyright violation right and left. Somehow, because these are images it doesn't count?

Re: Google Images Redesign jim.jaggers 6/11/13 12:42 PM
Which then begs the question of what Google should present to an image search result.  For normal web searches it presents a Title and Summary for the website to help us decide which one we want.  Such an approach may be more difficult when presenting image search results as most people want to see the picture before they decide which one they want.
Re: Google Images Redesign EcoCatLady 6/11/13 1:21 PM
Well... my opinion again, but I think that presenting a thumbnail image (hosted on Google's servers) would make sense. It would be enough for people to see the picture and determine if it's what they want, but would still require people to go to the site in order to see or retrieve the full resolution image.

The way it works now, they're hotlinking to full resolution images (think HUGE files). It's causing both a negative user experience (see M3DucatiMan's comment above) as well as gobbling resources from the site hosting the image. I just don't think they should be able to serve up images out of context.

Of course this entire discussion is meaningless. Google is gonna do whatever it pleases.

Re: Google Images Redesign jim.jaggers 6/11/13 2:31 PM
The do listen a lot more to searchers than they do to content providers.  One option would be to use a Robots.txt file to keep the pages the images are located on from being displayed in Google search results.
Re: Google Images Redesign EcoCatLady 6/11/13 2:50 PM
There are lots of options... but it all boils down to a choice. I can either not be found by the search engines, or I can have my images be listed and accept that 9 out of every 10 users will simply take the image without visiting my site. Neither choice is very good for me. I'm kinda looking for a new line of work at the moment!
Re: Google Images Redesign Thresil Heintzbergen 6/19/13 7:20 PM
Thank you, sorry first time
Re: Google Images Redesign Stefaan Elsen 6/21/13 1:25 AM
Google is killing us. Since the new design our site has lost 30% traffic and is now falling down the Google rankings. And yet, our images are being used on Google images.

On attach our stats from 2013. When is Google going to do something about it ?!?

Re: Google Images Redesign kasha8888 6/22/13 6:47 PM
Thank you for your information about keeping the 'old' Basic Image search... but I am disappointed and confused from Google's change of an excellent image search tool/product to a commercialized piece of garbage...

I have Google as my homepage (for quick access to gmail, web search, and image search, etc.

Does this mean I have to click on my favorites list and click on Google Basic image Search to keep the valuable information of website link and size etc.
I am a researcher/teacher/learner and I use Image search everyday for that reason; I don't want commercial sites thrown at me when I am looking for answers to questions not Hollywood movie promotional photographs...

Why does Google keep breaking their own systems that work fine... remember Instant  Search !!! Fiasco;

I use quotation marks most of the time to limit the commercial nonsense results...  Instant Search produced tons of results for "quotation marks"...


Where are the thinking people at Google...?  Who the hell 'beta tests' this garbage...?  Where is the Top Brass with brains...?

Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 6/22/13 9:29 PM
"Top Brass with brains"....ha ha, now that's funny.  The "brains" at Google are pre-occupied with increasing revenue, not with improving the user experience.  They've turned to the dark side and now we must strike them down but make sure they do not become more powerful than we can possibly imagine.
Re: Google Images Redesign Tom O'Connell 6/24/13 12:32 PM
I think that google is enabling and encouraging pirates and that google should be penalized with serious fines and restrictions of how they operate if they don't fix the problem of enabling the download of copyrighted photos
Re: Google Images Redesign UnderCover Agent 6/24/13 9:28 PM
My Traffic Decreased Upto 7 % and Still Decreasing I am wuiting Publishing or Block Google at all
Re: Google Images Redesign kasha8888 6/24/13 10:42 PM
Dear Jess,

You are a machine, obviously not a real person with intellect or emotions who uses Image Search, just a computer-generated promotional blah, blah, blah...

What has your Corporation done with this new dysfunctional image search?
1.You have removed "advanced search" from the page!
2. You have dumbed-down to crass image clips of little research or educational value.
3. How can students and teachers do research to learn from and about world images?
4. How do we search for "historical" images, or images in a context?

Your new dysfunctional image search is overloaded with Clip Art cartoons; I guess you are no longer an educational resource for images...

Seeking the lowest denominator, for the quickest cash and mindless results...
Google offers eye-candy for teenagers and elementary school kids...

What a future you have destroyed...

Press "undo" and return to life and visual literacy...


Re: Google Images Redesign obial ali 6/28/13 6:03 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign connard banana 6/30/13 11:40 AM
Hey everyone! I just redeemed a $25 RP code from this website! I was a bit skeptical at first, but it worked out pretty well! Give it a try, you won't regret it!
Have a nice day!
Re: Google Images Redesign dusky186 7/2/13 1:15 PM
Honestly, I still find it very hard to do advanced searches by images with image search.  I honestly use more regular google advanced search right now to find the images I am looking for then google image search.
Re: Google Images Redesign GlenRadley 7/7/13 2:17 AM
I don't want to wait for my iGoogle and gmail to collapse and end up in a tangle. I am not sure exactly what to do to solve all of this and when to do what! I have tried the new email and I think it stinks. I feel like much is going to be taken away without sufficient reason and I consider all of this a violation of the best thing that I have ever encountered in the internet. But then, what the heck, you are going to do it with me protesting so I guess it will just happen. Still don't like it!
Re: Google Images Redesign Diane F Fisli 7/19/13 11:05 PM
Oh geez, I just posted my comments in my own thread, and come back to find this topic! (how timely, LOL)

I apparently do not have the upgrade yet, but I did have some suggestions:

Make the search bar static at the top of the page of results, so that when I'm at the bottom of the results and I think I would like to make a different search I don't have to scroll all the way back up to the top to get the search.

Another way of doing this to get back up to the top is a little floating arrow on the side of the page so one can click on it and zoom up to the top.  EBay has started using this on some of their pages, and it's NICE...

I really liked where you could hold your cursor over a photo in the results page and a larger photo would pop up.  I greatly miss that, and would love to see it back.

I know now from reading another topic here that you actually CAN do a "similar images" search, but it's not intuitive to find that command.  Having ALL the commands on the right of the enlarged image results page would be very nice. Do this so that our search time is quicker!  We have things to do and anything that would shorten the time we search and find images would be very much appreciated.

I really love Google Image Search, and I use it nearly every day.  Making things less clunky would be most appreciated.  

Actually, with a few exceptions, going back to the previous way of search would also be nice.  You had all the controls at your fingertips and didn't have to search around for them.

Sometimes using flashy new things on a web page isn't the right way - as I said - I love Google Image Search, but the way you've changed it (no I haven't seen the new page update yet, so understand that I'm talking about the "old" version) has got me wondering if I could find a better image search somewhere else.  

I am eagerly awaiting the new design and hope it's faster and more intuitive.


Re: Google Images Redesign Emma Atken 7/22/13 2:47 AM
I don't understand......
Re: Google Images Redesign Diane F Fisli 7/22/13 12:42 PM
Hi, Emma...

Maybe if you explain what you don't understand, we can help.  :)

Re: Google Images Redesign Jada1987 7/22/13 12:58 PM
Actually, I don't understand it either. People on this tread are asking Google to give credit where credit is due; and in this case that is the webmaster who provides the images. So 'stopping the hotlinking' should be the first priority on any update list for Google Images, and not some superficial window dressing.
Re: Google Images Redesign Diane F Fisli 7/23/13 1:39 PM
On Monday, July 22, 2013 12:58:32 PM UTC-7, Jada1987 wrote:
> Actually, I don't understand it either. People on this tread are asking Google to give credit where credit is due; and in this case that is the webmaster who provides the images. So 'stopping the hotlinking' should be the first priority on any update list for Google Images, and not some superficial window dressing.

Okay, I agree with that. I am a photographer and a web designer, and hotlinking is definitely STEALING, especially from sites that offer photos for sale.  Google should NOT be doing this.  

However, it seems to me Google was asking for design suggestions, and I was making suggestions.  I am new to this forum, and sorry if I got lost and posted in the wrong topic.  The obviously egregious offense was unintentional, I assure you.  Please excuse me, I shall never bother you again.

Re: Google Images Redesign Diane F Fisli 7/23/13 1:52 PM
BTW, the subject of this thread is "Google Images Redesign," so I really don't think I deserved to be castigated for making redesign suggestions.  I do agree that Google should not be stealing images, nevertheless, I'm not interested in hanging around where I'm not wanted.  Go ahead and "hide" or "report" my posting as it doesn't address what the majority are talking about, regardless of the original topic.  Just ignore me, as I evidently don't belong here.  

On Friday, January 25, 2013 1:49:39 PM UTC-8, Jessica S. wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We're excited to announce a redesign that makes for a faster, more reliable Google Images experience that puts the pictures front and center in your search experience.  Instead of sending you over to a whole new page to preview an image, you’ll see a preview of the image in your search results.  Once you click on a image, you can flip through the whole set of image previews using your keyboard.  The feature is rolling out globally over the next few days, so don't worry if you're not seeing it yet.  For more information on the redesign, check out the blog post here.
> Feel free to let us know what you think below!
> Best,
> Jess

Re: Google Images Redesign Syedattam shah 7/24/13 1:32 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign reed stanford 7/25/13 6:24 AM
OMG! (and i don't use that lightly) Google images is so frustrating it is beyond belief!

1. When i click on an image and it opens the black panel to view the larger image i forget that it is just a panel and click the back button taking me out of the search and back to the start google search page so i have to press forward. My fault maybe?!, but i can assure you my friends and family do the same most of the time. You've made it look like i am on a new page so i instinctively navigate backwards!

2. So i scroll down the results lets say 4 pages worth and i think actually these aren't what i want i will search again. Where is the search box??? at the top of the page so i now have to scroll all the way up the page! Why don't you have either a 'jump to top' button like ebay or an option to keep the search box at the top

I can't understand how this got through testing and no one thought to keep the search box at the top?? Bing has got it half right as when i start back up the page it appears.

Please make these changes it's driving me mad...

Re: Google Images Redesign chappa-ai 7/25/13 4:30 PM
Ha!  You presume that Google tests their software.....(funny)
Re: Google Images Redesign Tom E 3 7/25/13 4:54 PM
Ha! You presume that Google gives a crap what their customers think! Name a single customer suggestion that Google has implemented since this horrible image search bastardization was implemented!

All they are doing is trying to create a third rate imitation of Bing!

Re: Google Images Redesign m mm 8/2/13 6:14 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign FortKnox 8/11/13 4:12 PM
Please bring back the "Report image as offensive" button!!!  Search for Where's Waldo and the 3rd page has one with a giant red "FUCK" on it.'s+waldo&oq=where's++&gs_l=img.3.0.0l10.1761.6050.0.9186. leads to  Is this what we really wanna be showing folks searching for Where's Waldo images, who are probably children???  Google could take a major nose-dive in reputability with all it's filters down like this...
Re: Google Images Redesign bluequoll 8/11/13 7:09 PM
You can report an offensive image by clicking Send feedback at the bottom of the search results page.
You'll get the opportunity to describe the problem and highlight the offending area of the page.
Re: Google Images Redesign FortKnox 8/11/13 8:41 PM
Aha, just didn't scroll down far enough.  Merci beaucoup.
Re: Google Images Redesign S.V. Sathya 8/12/13 4:36 PM
Google Images Redesign Yasar C Vga 8/13/13 10:27 PM
Yasar kuttoor
Re: Google Images Redesign dhulfikar alazani 8/14/13 10:04 AM
I found this ston here in Yemen in Mareb area and I want to know what is it exactily  .When I`ve taken this image to google image search ,the google refers simielar like food image who come this
Re: Google Images Redesign Amit Mahindra 8/16/13 1:26 AM
Today's Google Doodle Lenneke Lucassen 8/21/13 10:28 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Images Redesign shahid45 8/28/13 3:19 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign shahid45 8/28/13 3:19 AM
Re: Google Images Redesign 21031993 9/6/13 10:02 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign 21031993 9/6/13 10:02 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign 21031993 9/6/13 10:02 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign davidjohnjohn 9/8/13 7:59 AM
Support me
Re: Google Images Redesign davidjohnjohn 9/8/13 8:03 AM
Help to get new Google image redesign
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Re: Google Images Redesign frances seller 9/11/13 7:28 PM
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Re: Google Images Redesign CYRYN RIOS 9/13/13 7:10 PM
Re: Google Images Redesign David Wray 9/15/13 5:14 AM
Hi I have a question about the new layout how is it possible to get it i have google chrome now and it doesnt work I previous used the firefox and there it worked
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