"Google would like to use your location"

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"Google would like to use your location" [email address] 1/16/13 10:57 AM
I don't care if Google knows my location but even when I "allow" it the dialogue box asks me every time I open the google main page or navigate through it or back to it. The constant appearance of the question is what troubles me not giving away my location.
I am using an original iPad with the most recent iOS.  Any ideas how to stop this?
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Sarah Me 1/18/13 2:00 PM
Hi there,

Are you always going to google.com or are you also going to different domains? Are you getting to Google through the Safari browser on your iPad or a different way?

"Google would like to use your location" C LeMasters 1/20/13 11:25 PM
I have this same problem. Appear over last few weeks.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Mike B3 1/23/13 2:56 PM
Yes I go to Google as my home screen in Safari.  When I click on a searched item and return to the search list Google asks me again.  So its almost every time I go to a google.com screen initially or on return from a referred site.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Miles Cottrell 1/27/13 11:46 PM
I'm also having the same issue. It's only been happening recently. I would also say a few weeks maybe. I'm using an iPhone 4S.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Chris Losinger 1/28/13 12:07 PM
started a couple of weeks ago for me, too. also, it only seems to happen when i'm at home (as opposed to at work).
Re: "Google would like to use your location" ffkarle 1/29/13 2:54 PM
I'm getting the same thing from the Google App on my iPad 1 using iOS 5.1.1
Hopefully Google will fix this glitch.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Paul Pothier 1/31/13 3:44 AM
Using an iPad2 (wi-fi only) and started seeing this *constantly* over the past few weeks. It's starting to get annoying. Perhaps an evil plan to drive me away from Safari and over to Chrome?
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Jacqueline N 1/31/13 5:13 PM
Thanks for report the problem, everyone. We're looking into it right now.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Jacqueline N 1/31/13 5:14 PM
Thanks for *reporting* the problem, rather :)
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Emily Kashare 1/31/13 6:40 PM
I'm having the same issue on my ipad. Turning off private browsing seems to curb it.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" esilver7 2/1/13 12:52 PM
On the ipad or iPhone: Go into settings >>privacy>>Location Services then scroll down and turn it off for safari. the popups will stop but your phone will no longer give you "location aware" results. I just found this solution on my iphone 4S after reading this. So I'm not sure what all of the repercussions of this might be. Hope this helps.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" hat72 2/1/13 6:51 PM
I'm experiencing this literally every time I visit a Google site in Safari or use a Google app. Doesn't matter how often is click "Yes," it asks even if I am navigating through multiple pages of search results.

I'm using an iPhone 4.

Re: "Google would like to use your location" Jacqueline N 2/5/13 6:04 PM
Hey everyone,

We're continuing to look into this, but we're having trouble figuring out what's causing it because it doesn't happen consistently on all iPhones.

If you are continuing to experience this right now, can you please go to the feedback link at the bottom of the page on your search results and submit a report? The report will contain additional information that will help us understand the issue.

Thank you!

Re: "Google would like to use your location" AnEngineer 2/6/13 7:28 AM
Hi Everyone,

I've noticed recently (and not so recently) that the lines that form the borders between mega-giants often are wrought with confusion, aggravation and frustration. My device can't send videos to your device, yours sends upside down photos to mine, I can't give you a ring tone, you can't give me a song, I can't move my calendar appointments from one calendar system to another, I can't sync my appointments across all devices without using your calendaring system. 

The issue in this thread, the timeline that it is occurring on, the response and responsiveness of the parties involved indicated to me that this is again: one of those things that is by design. The mega-giants don't want to work together, because they have no incentive to. The only options we have are to switch from one big player to the other. There are very few alternatives, and the reason this is this way is because we've created 'the corporation' that doesn't respect it's users. Google and Apple, you are both culprits here and we are the fodder for your war on our wallets.

Perhaps when you learn to respect us as people as opposed to dollar bills, Profit to Earning Ratios, or equity, you may actually win our hearts and minds. Until then, you are only renting them.  

Signed, your's truly, 
a well versed engineer  
Re: "Google would like to use your location" DaleDavenport 2/7/13 1:41 PM
same problem for me, too
Re: "Google would like to use your location" David Coutcher 2/10/13 6:15 AM
Same issue for about 6-8 weeks. IPhone4s
"Google would like to use your location" D Kelley 2/11/13 7:49 AM
Please make it stop!  I like google but I HATE the pop up!
(unknown) 2/15/13 4:55 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Jacqueline N 2/15/13 9:56 AM
Hi Jameson (and anyone else still experiencing the problem),

Can you share the device type you're on and the OS version?

We've made some changes to try to resolve the problem, and they seem to have fixed the issue for some people but not all.

Also, if you could go to the bottom of the search results page, click feedback, and let us know that you are seeing the location dialogue box appear repeatedly, that will provide us with some additional information that we can use to resolve the problem.

Thanks again for your patience and help as we work to resolve this!

(unknown) 2/15/13 10:21 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Mike B3 2/15/13 3:54 PM
I'm using a 1st generation iPad running iOS 5.1  As others have noted even when I "allow" the basic google screen says my location is unknown.
(unknown) 2/15/13 7:37 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Google would like to use your location" P Collins 2/17/13 10:30 PM
Same issue on my iPad 3
Re: "Google would like to use your location" Mike B3 2/18/13 5:14 AM
If I turn on private browsing I still get asked to allow my location at each transition whether I "allow" or not and the main google screen continues to say that my location is not identified. When I turn off private browsing I don't get asked to "allow" and my location is accurately displayed on the main screen.
Re: "Google would like to use your location" okdeadhead 2/18/13 11:07 AM
This has to be the most annoying glitch. EVER. The issue started about two (2) months ago on my iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1.1). I am officially at wit's end. This utterly ridiculous. What's even more absurd is there is not a solution yet.

I have poured over Google and Apple forums until I'm blue in the face. It has obviously been a widespread problem and nobody knows how to fix it? I have been through two (2) iOS updates, adjusted security and privacy settings on the iPhone itself and Google. I have deleted and reinstalled multiple Google/Apple/Anon apps, tried every combination under both hoods, reset, hard reset, reboot, ad infinitum. The prompt still pops up every single time I access Google via Safari.

Here's some advice...get off Google Jungle Gym and pick up the phone and call Apple. IMO I think it's a communication problem between Google and Apple/Safari. I have done your dirty work and troubleshot this thing to death. Now it's up to you two to solve the problem. After two (2) months there is no excuse. There is no more patience left. Now fix the damn issue.

Re: "Google would like to use your location" Jacqueline N 2/19/13 2:47 PM
Hey everyone -

I'm so sorry you're still dealing with this. I can imagine how frustrating it is to see any pop-up over and over again. We're working to get it resolved as quickly as possible - we haven't forgotten about you at all, and we really appreciate all the troubleshooting you've done and shared here.

Users above have mentioned that they were able to stop the pop-ups by temporarily turning off private browsing; if you haven't tried that, please consider doing so. Again - this is just a temporary measure - we're actively working to get this fixed.

Re: "Google would like to use your location" Jacqueline N 2/20/13 3:59 PM
Hi again!

We think we've resolved the issue - if you are still continuing to see the pop-up repeatedly, can you please let me know?


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