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Cannot unblock website Jambonto 5/31/12 5:19 AM
I accidently blocked wikipedia through google, I don't even know how I did it. When I click settings, search settings, block unwanted sites it comes up a page that should allow me to unblock wikipedia. The "unblock" and "unblock all" links are not working. This is very annoying as I can only access wikipedia pages when not signed in to google mail. Im using google chrome, but have tryed with firefox, and it doesnt let me unblock it either
Re: Cannot unblock website Jessica S. 5/31/12 11:53 AM
Hi Jambonto,

Could you try to manage it from this page and see it that helps?  Let me know!

Re: Cannot unblock website Jambonto 5/31/12 12:09 PM
Thats what I have been trying, but the "unblock" and "unblock all" links are not working. It could just be a fault with the website, but I have been trying for the last week and they dont do anything. But thanks for the reply
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Re: Cannot unblock website kilmenow 6/6/12 5:08 PM
I have the exact same problem, I accidentally blocked, I'm a programmer, now it won't allow me to unblock it. The links are not working on the "Manage Blocked Sites" web page. This is real stupid.
Re: Cannot unblock website Jambonto 6/7/12 5:07 AM
It is very frustrating when it is a site you use often. I was finally able to unblock it, by typing the address into google, and at the top of the page it says show blocked sites. It then came up a link saying something along the lines of unblock wikipedia, and when I clicked that it was sorted. Hope this helps
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Re: Cannot unblock website kilmenow 6/7/12 11:46 AM
It worked a treat, well done for spotting that and thank you!
Re: Cannot unblock website sacher 6/19/12 5:09 AM
Have the same problem. Testing with firebug returns some erros like

google.sw_ta is not a function


google.sw_td is not a function 

Re: Cannot unblock website DewiJones92 6/25/12 1:29 PM
What address do I type in to google? thanks
Re: Cannot unblock website kilmenow 6/25/12 2:55 PM
Type in the URL as a search in google, at the top of the search results will be an option to unblock the website the you typed in. Make sure your logged in before attempting this.
Re: Cannot unblock website Darkayser 7/2/12 12:35 AM
Hi ! I have the same problem, I can't unblock website on "", when I click on the link, nothing happen. 
I use linux, and try this with Chrome, Chromium and Firefox. Nothing work.
Re: Cannot unblock website Thiago A. 12/14/12 7:38 AM