Why is google so slow lately (2011)

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Why is google so slow lately (2011) pangomax 6/3/11 5:16 PM

I have always been a fan of google. I have an awesome computer and the highest speed fios available which I have verified on line as off the charts...and yet just recently, google is slower than molasses. I thought it was firefox so I switched to the new internet explorer but still it is the same...so slow that sometimes it never loads. I haven't changed anything and yet I am so frustrated I must look for a new search engine. What gives? You were always the best google!!! 

I have always been a fan of google. I have an awesome computer and the highest speed fios available which I have verified on line as off the charts...and yet just recently, google is slower than molasses. I thought it was firefox so I switched to the new internet explorer but still it is the same...so slow that sometimes it never loads. I haven't changed anything and yet I am so frustrated I must look for a new search engine. What gives? You were always the best google!!!

Since I posted this a while back, my Google experience is back to normal. I can't believe how many people encouraged me to got to different browser...particularly Bing. No offense Microsoft...what you do well you do, well...well, but as far as Bing as a search engine option, not for me...I still love google and I am glad that it is working like it used to. I am wondering if the whole slow down wasn't other company interference trying to win over converts to their browsers...only speculation, but I have to say GLAD TO HAVE GOOGLE AS I ORIGINALLY KNEW IT BACK. Thanks
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) I Have A Name 6/5/11 9:04 AM
I can vouch for this. It's getting ABSURD lately. I'm waiting 10, 15, 20, 30 seconds, having to reload a page multiple times. Google image searches don't return all the results (hate the new search page by the way, what was wrong with the old one)

I'm getting so frustrated I'm almost ready to use Bing.

Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) MaciejP 6/8/11 5:54 AM
I have the same problem since a few days. Accessing *any* of google's services -- google websearch, youtube, gmail, etc. -- is incredibly slow, i.e. it takes about 40sec to respond. That problem occured suddenly and has never been there before. Since nearly every webpage uses one of google's services today (pointing at google-analytics), this makes using the web almost impossible for me at the moment. I really hope they are going to do something about that ...

Best wishes,
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) Beib 6/8/11 7:02 PM
Yes .. I have the same problem .. it's becoming annoying to wait till the screen load comlplty .. just trying bing's and better ... 
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) cabosee 6/16/11 5:34 AM
Have also a problem with slow response from google search. My config: Win7-64, IE9. Generally the 1st and second page from google search results display in a reasonable delay, 1 sec or less, but most of the time as from 3rd or 4th page on, I have to wait 10 or 20 seconds or more before the page displays (the normally blue page number under Gooooogle remains red). I tried Firefox, where I don't have this problem. I assume there are some bad add-ons in IE, or some virus not detected by my FW/AV (Comodo).
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) Lynn P. 6/16/11 1:11 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm sorry to hear that you have a connectivity problem. Please visit our Help Center linked below to see if you can find a solution that works for you. Select "I have a technical problem with Google search" and then chose "I can't access Google"; drill down the troubleshooter till you find a relevant solution.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) batatata 7/19/11 1:36 AM
I have the same problem and I am with talk talk.
my neighbour is with virgin and he has no problem with his google...
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) TGFC123 7/21/11 9:31 AM
Try going into your search preferences (click on gear symbol) and turn off Google Instant, that one kills my response time
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) LABDBB 7/29/11 9:28 AM
Thanks! Turning off Google instant has worked for me. I am disappointed to not be able to see possible search words load in my toolbar, but am THRILLED that google does not hijack my page and auto go to another page every time I highlight something. It's very fast now and def work typing in a few extra words for me!
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) maristeed 8/26/11 11:19 AM
Have turned off Google Instant, and it's still exceedingly slow searching and loading search results.  It does seem to speed up ever so slightly when I sign out of my Google account, so I suspect some of the slowness is a result of Google+.  But com'n...what gives, Google?  I'm using a fast machine, fast Internet, no malware or viruses, no antivirus or firewall changes.  Nothing to explain the slowness except Google itself.  Please be truthful and tell us what's going on.  There's got to be some explanation as to why it's slow.
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) gowul 9/8/11 9:35 PM

Same here: search results are displayed fast. But .. then I have to wait about 15-30 seconds until I can continue.
Even then, when I want to select another URL, often I have to wait for about 3-5 seconds before I can click
on that one.

Note, the following steps do / will *NOT* help (at least, not with me)
1. changing from IE8->IE9 (I went back to IE8)
2. disabling plug-ins (I have a limited number only)
3. disabling my Internet Security suite entirely
4. disabling Java(tm) Plug-in 2 SSV Helper (IE->PlugIns)
5. clearing cache/history/cookies
6. Solutionpage: "Can't get to Google"

7. Solutionpage: "Issues with Web Search - Google"

btw: Think Ping results may only get me the time (ms) to ping to Google, but not will not tell me why
I have to wait 20-30 seconds before I can select any of the listed URL's (search results page)

Am using IE8 (I donot want any other browser, I am used to IE.
Windows 7 64bit (4GB RAM)

Wished Google was like a couple of weeks ago, fast, responsive!

Or maybe they have too many users and want some to move over to Bing ?
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) gowul 9/8/11 9:40 PM
by the way: I just tried Bing, it is like Google in the old days ...
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) gowul 9/9/11 10:11 AM
Try the following (it certainly speeds things).
a. close IE
b. launch IE (Google homepage)
c. go to the Google 'gear'-button in the right hand top corner
d. click on search settings
e. i have disabled filter my search results and instant search
f. save
g. close IE
h. launch again
i.if you have google search bar - then go to view/toolbars and deselect that one
j. I think you have to fill in a questionare as to why, bla bla
close/relaunch IE
Google is quite faster now.
Hope it will help.
Good luck!
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) pdcane 10/25/11 9:01 AM
yes. it's slow lately. but slowliness is related to all google server (including ads, recaptcha and so on.......)
WHY ????? i'm really pissed!
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) Use Bing 10/28/11 1:28 PM
I have been a fan of Google for a long time but they are just completely wack now! While Lynn from Google can try to pawn their problems off on connectivity that is like tech support for a product saying " it must be your operating system" which in English translates to " I don't have a fucking clue what is wrong with our product! " I too have been having some strange problems with Google since they updated, most of the problems the rest of you have. I do not however have this problem with Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine! So the big question is does every one in the world with these problems have a connectivity problem that somehow is only related to Google and not the others or is Google, the biggest search engine provider in the world with no email contact by the way, maybe have a problem. You know why they don't offer email support?? Because if they did their servers would be overloaded with complaints! They do not even offer you the option to turn off autocomplete any more! Nothing like going for dinner and ordering a steak and having the waitress say " no problem your fish will be ready in a moment"! Or going to the market and asking for bananas and getting a bag of apples instead! Trust me to get rid of your problems stop using Google and use any other service you can find! Bottom line is Google is way out of control now and with them being linked into almost everything on the Web they just about ruined it for the world! I really really hate to say this but it would be nice if the Government would step in and control some of their actions!
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) maristeed 10/31/11 11:45 AM
I'm going with duckduckgo.com -- simple interface, fast...in fact, looks alot like early Google, back when they did it right. What a shame for Google.
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) D.K.G 11/3/11 10:43 AM
This has been a problem with me also. Obviously Google is not fixing it. I will change my search engine. Its way too frustrating and its not connectivity.
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Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) 0x000000 11/18/11 11:50 AM
I was getting stalled with every page load with 'connecting to google analytics' or 'waiting for google analytics' showing in the bottom left of my firefox window.

I installed the 'google analytics opt out' add on and restarted.  no help.

I determined that it only happened when mozilla firefox default google home page was accessed first.  if I hit 'home' (firefox google start) then mouser electronics, it hung up waiting on GA.  if I browsed to Yahoo first, then Mouser electronics, no delay, instant loading.

so I set my home page away from google to yahoo and its fixed...but i don't like (am not used to) yahoo as my start page.

so as another test, I browsed to google.com (NOT the firefox default google start page) and no delay like this, either.

suspect it has something to do with the firefox default google page.  I may reset to google.com as home and see how things go.

very disappointed that the opt out didn't stop data plumbing straight into googleplex.

surprised that browser behavior (delays due to google analytics) is dependent on the previously viewed page (that is, it makes a difference whether I navigate FROM yahoo.com versus firefox-google default).
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) syklist 11/20/11 11:45 AM
+1 for slowness here in Norway. I have a reasonably fast broadband connection but Gmail, and Websearch take up to 15 seconds to respond. I often need to reload Gmail when logging in, as it times out when loading. Even the HTML version of Gmail can take 10 seconds to load, or load a message.

But, page load times for Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Bing (among others) are almost instantaneous. So I don't seem to have a broadband connectivity problem just a problem with Google services.

This is one of the many reasons why I dislike Google Instant. It really really slows down my computer waiting for Google to load the suggestions. The same goes for Google Instant Preview. Instant means instant not seconds later. Google is probably breaking the law here in Europe describing a feature as Instant when it is anything BUT Instant.

Google fix your infrastructure. As things stand I can't recommend Google services to friends and family any more. Google is just too slow to be useful.
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) caterpillar78 11/25/11 1:23 PM
I agree, what gives?  About ready to switch
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) elmola 12/12/11 8:16 AM
I have found that many 'new' search strings that are not in google's dictionary get locked.  I think google changed their algorithm - there is definitely a difference in search speed now vs. 6 mos. ago.  I go to yahoo to get the quick response when google locks on a search string.  And get the results before google.    I am now much more open to yahoo & bing than before.....
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) HughDunnit 12/13/11 8:32 PM
wow Google you really have stuffed it up. For a decade you prided yourself on easy to use no bells search interface and the quick response time. But like anything in this modern world once investors come in and once billions of $ are at stack then changes are needed to justify the investment..and we end up with what is going on with google.

In the past month and a bit since all the UX changes google is S L O W and i keep getting script errors from chrome..i can't even use the image search functions as it locks up my browser - again with a chrome script error. Does google do this so i can only use chrome? Funny enough when i use chrome it's a bit better but not that much. I am sticking to FF and i don't care what google MS or APPLE try and force me to use.

And yes good too see you removed a lot of the search settings. Then only thing you can switch off now is Instant Predictions.

Where is the option to revert back to the 2009 version of google?
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) Gazcms 12/17/11 1:58 PM
after having a good old LOL at Lynn P (google employes answer)
already migrated 32 machines this week back to other browsers                   
Addess the issue or shut up Dinosaur
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) Robski1969 12/21/11 8:16 AM
Put google in your restricted sites so no scipts and stuuf run. It is so much faster and clean. But moans about it
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) edellefemine 12/22/11 7:56 PM
Don't forget - google is willing to have employees respond to the issues you report and try to troubleshoot with you to be sure it's not just a client-side issue. (Example: see Lynn's replied above).Not many companies are willing to do this without charging you a support contract. 

All while Google and it's most popular creations of it's business (GMail, Google Maps, freaking GOOGLE.COM) remain FREE

Just be sure to report your issues through the official channels, be polite and patient  - and the issues your complaining about will be addressed either by a fix (which we all hope for) or at least a confirmation that the problem has been reported and recorded. Just have faith they're doing their jobs and addressing issues as they should...  or switch browsers.   (... and then likely run into their issues also)
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) edellefemine 12/22/11 8:07 PM
as to the request by "Use Bing" to have the government intervene... don't forget who makes Google who they are. It isn't the government, its the user. Google makes a product that more people prefer themselves over the competition. It's a numbers game. Disregarding what they end up doing with their profits (i am not familiar with their philanthropy) - it's still a case of more people disagreeing with you and preferring their business over the others.  There are alternatives to everything Google does. If you don't like them, you're free to jump ship!  (Don't like Maps? Support Garmin or TomTom)  (Don't like Droid? Get an iPhone or BlackBerry)  (Don't like Google Search? Use Bing or Yahoo)  (Don't like Gmail? Use ServiceX, Y or Z).   Until Google and the rest of their competitors are all doing something that justifies government intervention, like grossly exploiting the users, I'd put your energies towards letting the company you prefer most hear your input. Save your breathe on the hating. 
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) edellefemine 12/22/11 8:10 PM
such as GOOGLE: Why do we only have the option to Delete a post on these support forums?  If we need to edit the text after we submit it, we need to delete the previous reply (our only option) and then repost it.  That causes a whole lot of email going out to users that selected the "Subscribe" checkbox.   Please enable editing - at least up to a certain number of minutes, before it sends those notices out... like VBulletin.
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) Oz Stickman 1/4/12 10:32 AM
Sadly, I think they have gotten slower and slower - I mean particularly the Chrome browser, which I run on a very fast i7 Windows64 machine. I just did a side to side comparison - disabled all extensions, started latest Chrome and IE. Went to Weather.com. Took some 20 seconds to display on chrome, about 2 on IE.

I think Chrome must be doing some sort of reporting to google. I see in the actual search engine, whenever you click on a result, there's a looooong delay while it reports first to a link at google (obviously for adsense and other metric gathering), and THEN goes to the page you wanted. This appears to add at least a few seconds each and every time. It's fantastically stupid, since they could actually do the reporting to a web service as simultaneous activity to showing clicked-on page - there'd be nearly no delay. But instead, they do them one after the other.

But really, it is just the slowness of Chrome in general - in just showing a page. This appears to ALWAYS happen on the first startup of Chrome. But my impromptu tests show that the first time I go to ANY website, Chrome has a noticeable delay that IE does not. In fact, typically I can click the link first in Chrome, then in IE, and IE still retrieves and renders the page before Chrome does.

Chrome used to be much faster - Google has added some stuff to every click, apparently. 
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Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) sigiliant 1/10/12 8:18 PM
Google is getting more clunky and less useful all the time by this users experience.Opening results takes forever. you can no longer hit 'news' in a search and get news results for what you just searched for, you have to enter the search anew at the news page. Is someone in google trying to sabotage the operation by making things more inconvenient all the time?
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) lbizzle 1/21/12 6:40 PM
Google is sooooo Slooooow.  I too have started using BING.
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) henners35 4/18/12 12:54 PM
It's interesting, this sort of reply from the big boys (or girls). Everyone's having problems with Google speed, so what's the answer? It must be everyone else. It's the response of the madman - "What's the matter with everyone except me?" Non-Google sites are not a problem. Reflect upon this.
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) christosel 4/20/12 2:55 PM
There is NO "CONNECTIVITY" issue.....Google not only is SLOW the last three weeks in EVERY search all results are ADS.Furher the Chrome is practically USELESS it takes too mach space (about 150 gb v 20 t0 25 of other browsers ) it gets stocked and in general is very irritating.he gmail is extremely slow also and some times when thare are more than 5 replies is getting really confusing (especially on Android it is not usable). Now off course those are FREE services and a person has no right to make demands...I'm just posting this because I'm frustrated and moving back to Ask.com and other search engines as getting gradually way from gmal and thinking seriously to dump my Android for an I phone
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) RalphKramden 4/20/12 3:24 PM
I did find that when I changed my router, Google got faster.  Weird that it was the ONLY really slow website.

My Mozilla Firefox browser defaults to Bing no matter what order I put search engines in the manager - a bug that has some fixes I don't bother with.  I don't like Bing because sometimes there it doesn't offer an option for more recent searches - hit and miss with such options, and Google ALWAYS has those options.  Yahoo search is another option.
Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) mysticxs 5/16/12 8:51 PM
we cant really moan. But feel googles got advertising on its mind and who can blame them.   Just stop messin with  ma email intershaginbox.    Ok or i,l go back to micro.    I took chrome cos it was fast    but im wondering now.   Billy 

Re: Why is google so slow lately (2011) mysticxs 5/16/12 8:52 PM
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