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Google crash lebron2222 4/25/12 2:10 AM

my rankings have been consistent for several months now for my forum and last week my page rank got increased from 1 to 3. Last night I switched my forum off for an hour to upgrade to the latest security patch. this morning I checked my serps tracking facility and it said that all my keywords have crashed on google as follows. car forums from #13 dropped 487 places car repair forum #5 dropped 23 places ford forums #13 dropped 105 places. This has been confirmed with physical search. What is going on?
Re: Google crash deykevi 4/25/12 3:32 AM
Today i also realize same in my website ranking. I lost my website ranking for all the keywords. Please what happen to google????? Is it because of

Re: Google crash ingredible 4/25/12 3:59 AM
same happened to me and thousands of other webmasters - its because of the new Google Update
Re: Google crash bluequoll 4/25/12 5:04 AM
For specialized assistance with crawling/indexing/ranking of your website please refer to the Webmaster Tools Help Center or post in the Webmaster Central Product Forum.