[FAQ] What will happen when iGoogle closes?

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[FAQ] What will happen when iGoogle closes? bluequoll - Top Contributor 10/17/13 3:05 PM
What will happen when iGoogle closes down?

Some users seem to be confused about what will happen when iGoogle closes down on 1st November. The simple answer is "You'll no longer be able to access your iGoogle personalized homepage."

While the answer is quite simple, many non-technical users are confused because they don't understand what iGoogle actually is. If you automatically see your iGoogle personalized homepage when you switch on your computer, you could be forgiven for being worried about iGoogle's demise.

But there's no cause for concern. iGoogle is only a webpage being displayed in your browser window.
Look towards the top of the iGoogle page and you'll see the black "Google  bar":
    +You   Search   Images   Maps   Play   YouTube  ....   etc.   
Everything below that bar is your iGoogle page.
(Note: some browser windows might have a status bar at the bottom, below the iGoogle page).

If you have iGoogle set as your browser startup page (sometimes called the home page), after 1st November your browser will still open normally, but you won't see your iGoogle personalized homepage. If you have a bookmarks/favorites bar displayed in your browser above the iGoogle page, it will still be there, so you won't lose your browser bookmarks.

Google haven't said what you'll see instead of iGoogle after 1st November. You might see the plain white Google search page with the search box in the middle, or you might see a message suggesting you change your browser startup page to something else. I'm sure that whatever you see will be easy to understand.

What will I lose when iGoogle closes?

iGoogle is just a webpage. With one or two exceptions, iGoogle doesn't actually contain any of the information it displays in Google gadgets. It's just a portal, a way to see information that's already available elsewhere. The only thing you'll lose when iGoogle is shut down is the ability to see all that Google information on one page.

The exceptions are To Do List and Sticky Notes, which you'll need to backup before iGoogle closes. If you have information stored in third party gadgets, you should consider whether you need to back that up as well. If you're in any doubt, contact the gadget developer, whose contact details are on the gadget's info page (select "About this gadget" in the gadget's drop down menu).

iGoogle's demise won't affect your access to any other Google products/services you're currently using. It just means you have to access them in a different way. Even if you don't switch to an alternative start page, you'll still be able to use Google Chrome as your web browser, and you'll still be able to access all Google services, such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Bookmarks, Google Calendar, Google Finance, Google Translate, etc., by opening them direct.

If you use feed reader gadgets to keep up with news or magazine articles, you'll lose this facility. You'll also lose any games and "fun" gadgets. However, some of the third party alternatives mentioned below might offer similar gadgets.

Can I backup my iGoogle page to use after iGoogle closes?

Yes and no! You can certainly backup your iGoogle page by going to iGoogle Settings and exporting it to a file on your computer, but that file is no use by itself. To make use of the backup file you will need to find a third party iGoogle alternative (see below) which can import those iGoogle settings. MyYahoo, igHome and iGooglePortal are three such alternatives.

What alternative does Google offer for iGoogle users?

Google currently offers no product which does the same as iGoogle. If you're prepared to change the way you do things, you might find some Google Chrome features/extensions useful, but if you want a personal homepage with similar functionality to iGoogle, you'll need to look at third party alternatives.

These alternatives have been mentioned by various users/webmasters:
My Yahoo!
iGoogle Portal

See the iGoogle Alternatives Discussion for discussion of these and some more alternatives.

However, it's unlikely that you'll find any alternative which works exactly the same as iGoogle, or offers the same range of gadgets. Have a look at them and decide for yourself which will work best for you. Keep in mind that a homepage that simply looks like iGoogle might not actually work like iGoogle!

See also this help article:
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