Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased

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Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased Ernie Mann 12/31/12 5:37 PM
I have filed report after report about the erroneous listing of a 2009 death for former NFL athlete Orlando Thomas which appears when you search for him in the mobile site on Google's little bio at the top of the page.

He is suffering from ALS but is very much alive. Google is basing their report upon a false news article posted years ago.

This is extremely offensive and needs to be corrected immediately. Shame on you google for having a means to submit false information, then disregarding the reporting.

Re: Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased + Gaurav Singh 12/31/12 7:26 PM

Thanks for sharing the information :) you may also try to send feedback using Send feedback link(Give us Feedback) given in google.com home page
Re: Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased Thomas P. 12/31/12 10:19 PM
I'll go raise a flag on this to Google.
For the purpose of follow-up inside Google: Where/How exactly & approx. when - did you file the reports?
Re: Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased Ted Stone 1/1/13 10:52 PM
I used the feedback button within the bio section. Selected his date of death as incorrect. Over a half dozen times in the past two months.
Re: Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased Ted Stone 1/3/13 10:33 PM
Hey, douchebags, it still lists him as dead. Going to take legal action against you if not corrected by January 11th.
Re: Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased Sarah Me 1/4/13 1:40 PM
Thank you both! I have reported it!
Re: Orlando Thomas ISN'T Deceased Sarah Me 1/8/13 1:08 PM
Hopefully you all have noticed that this was changed. Thanks again for your help reporting!