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I'm sure you think that you are making life so much easier on everyone, but this really is not the case. I'm sure some people love your little instant search function, but a lot of us hate that we are forced to have it as the default when we go to google.com. What was wrong with having the little link next to the search box to turn on instant search? I can't stand having to either wait while my computer pauses for a second or two (in which case, everything I'm typing is for nought) after EVERY WORD to try and guess what it is that I'm looking for while bringing up the complete wrong pages until I'm done typing. I love using google, but having to go into advanced search to turn off the instant search is frankly a pain in the ass. I clear out my history and cookies every time I close out my browser, so staying logged in to my gmail account is not an option.
Remember that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" That applies here. You don't have to customize the browser. A simple link 'Turn Instant search on/off' next to the search box is all you need. A few lines of HTML and people who like it can turn it on with ONE click and people who don't, ME, can turn it off with ONE click! I'd really hate to stop using Google, but I'm getting to the point of wanting to throw my laptop across the room sometimes and if I have to choose between Google and my Laptop, Google is going.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! wwwallyh 5/25/11 7:33 AM
Hi rpb26m,

I appreciate you sharing your input. I'm happy to tell you that while the link next to the search box not longer exists, you're still able to turn off Google Instant if you wish. From Google.com, click the gear icon on the top right hand side of the page and select Search Settings. From there, scroll down to edit your Google Instant setting.

Remember to save your changes before navigating away from the page!

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! john.aeiouy 6/1/11 1:30 PM
Shutting off instant DOES NOt shut off search predictions!
@john.aeiouy - you're right, predictions, which is a component of autocomplete, is a permanent feature on Google.

I completely agree, this is infuriating enough that I am defaulting to another website when I need to search for something.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Bill Thayer 6/11/11 11:32 AM
I can only agree with the quaintly named rpb26m : if it ain't fixed, don't break it. A good 80% of my searches are for things in various languages (Italian, Latin, French, Dutch, etc.), or quotes from writers of other periods, or unusual topographical names, etc. The predictions are usually useless to me, and as long as they were just in the little dropdown, I could ignore them. When they start presenting themselves on the page — slowing down what I need to find — and when I pay for it by not being able to have 100 results per page (which I want because very often I find my result around 20 or 30 down), this Google Instant thing is pretty awful.
   If you won't make non-Instant the default, at least yes, please, as suggested, "A simple link 'Turn Instant search on/off' next to the search box is all you need."
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! ritter89 6/15/11 6:39 PM
Ugh, I loathe this "feature", most likely designed to push product and websites so that users are hit with a dozen extremely popular sites, rather than the subject they searched. I find that almost half the time, Google's predictions are way off the mark, unless I'm searching for something inane like celebrity gossip or products. Hate this default. Where is the old "off" link?
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Andrushka 6/16/11 8:36 PM
On main www.google.com webpage, click on "Settings" in the upper right-hand corner.  Then scroll down to "Google Instant" section, and click radio button that says "Do not use Google Instant".  Then scroll all the way down and click on "Save preferences" at the bottom right.  Problem solved.

(Note:  if you are already signed into your GMail / google account, and open this in the new tab of the same browser session, you will have two choices when clicking on "Settings" --> "Search Settings" and "Google Account Settings"... in this case click on "Search Settings")

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! PeterStetson 6/17/11 10:55 PM
From the moment I first encountered it, I hated this feature. Hated hated hated hated HATED this feature. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant user-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the user by its belief that anyone would be helped by it.

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Nevil.of.Mars 6/20/11 6:13 PM
The first time I used google search with the instant feature, I typed my search keywords three times, backspacing two times before I stopped and payed attention to what was happening. 

The third time I typed my keywords, I did it slowly and watched what was happening.  I found it was a new google.com search function, "Instant Search".  It irritated the heck out of me, I did not like it, and was irritated that I had to find out how to stop this instant search function. 

Well I found it and on my computers, instant search no longer works (wish I could say the same for the predictions :-(  ). 

I would like that "instant search" would be an "Opt-In" function not an "Opt-Out" functions because, after I finish typing this, then I will have to disable "instant search" on this computer too!!!!

"Instant Search" irritates me to frustration! 

So Many Online Websites Set Up By People Who Think They Are Making Something Not Broke and Fixing It!

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! gwenette 6/28/11 2:47 AM
NOTE: You live in a Loop NIGHTMARE if you clear your history when closing Google/Firefox. It UNDOES your NO INSTANT SEARCH PREF. 
I am ready to dump Google and i am a loyal fan . . . I am getting sick of its continual additions of NEW, resource hogging "features".
(unknown) 6/28/11 10:53 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Beth Rogers 7/3/11 10:08 PM
Why is it so hard for Google to make the Default setting of Google Instant as "Off"?  Or at the very least, they should make it a lot easier to turn Off  (Hint - with a single click... I know, it's an odd concept, this "one-click" concept is actually pretty popular among the general population) . 

Really, I don't know anyone who likes Google Instant.  Maybe this is because I don't hang out with a lot of people who are on Facebook all day and couldn't stop texting if it killed them.  Some people just want to type their search into the search box and not be "interrupted" in the middle of the search by Google Instant Or Autocomplete for that matter - lots of people out there are actually trying to search for something that is Not on the top-10 things that match the first two letters they start typing. 

You're also forgetting about the people who actually work for a living and might used shared workstations, in which case we need to log off of Google (or set it to log off when we close Google windows), unless we want Everyone to read our Gmail, that is.  And like someone said before, if you clear your history, your Google Instant settings go back to the default.

I understand How to turn off Google Instant.  I just don't understand:
1) Why is is the default?  I don't know anyone who prefers having it "On".
2) Whatever the default setting is (since it doesn't sound like Google has any plans to change this) then  Why doesn't Google make it easier to switch it On/Off? 

Bing is looking better and better... I am so sad to say that.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Beth Rogers 7/3/11 10:48 PM
Here's something sad, specifically related to Autocomplete.  If I want to get an idea of how screwed up the world is, I can just type a single word, or even a single letter, into the Google search box and see what autocomplete comes up with.  Try it. 

The other day I typed in "why are...", and was shocked by what came up.  Actually I can't even remember what I was searching for anymore, but the autocomplete list was so shocking I just stopped typing.  One of the top things that came up in the autocomplete for "why are" was the phrase "Why are black people so stupid".  I'm embarrassed just to have typed that right now (embarrassed for All of us).  But it's the truth, and it's so sad.  Even worse, how many people do you think ended up clicking on this, just out of curiosity?  And how much of an impact did that have on moving those autocomplete results even higher on the list of "best matches"?  (And PLEASE, if you decide to try this - please DO NOT click on any offensive autocomplete suggestion! You'll only make it a more popular result!).

If I wanted to be bombarded with horrible sentiments like this, I would go to a KKK rally.  There are plenty of examples of equally horrible things that come up with autocomplete, usually just when I type in the first couple of letters, before I can even finish typing my search.  It's the same thing with Google Instant as well, although I always leave it off, or turn it off as soon as possible if I'm at a computer where it's turned on.

People (especially children) should have the option of not having to see this sort of thing - as the Default option.  If for just this reason alone, Google should give people the option to turn autocomplete off or on, with the default setting of "Off".  For the same reason, the default option for Google Instant should be "Off". 

Actually, I wonder if this is something the FCC has jurisdiction over.  Afterall, they had jurisdiction over that "wardrobe malfunction" in the Superbowl half-time show several years ago.  My first thought regarding the legal issues was that people can Choose not to use Google, negating any issue of involuntary exposure to inappropriate content.  But then again, people could have chosen not to watch the Superbowl.  And if they don't ever want to see another wardrobe malfunction again, they should choose not to watch live TV, ever.  But still, the FCC imposed fines on the tv network that aired the Superbowl (and I think they fined the performers).

People shouldn't have to be reminded of how many idiots there are out there in the world, when all we want to do is type in a simple search term, in what Used to be a nice, simple, elegant, wonderful search engine.
I'm already trying other engines, after years and years of using nothing but Google.  I'll follow up to let you all know which one I decide on, in case you want to leave Google as well.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! PeterStetson 7/3/11 11:59 PM
@Beth: I AM on Facebook all day, and regularly text in all kinds of insane situations--and I HATE Google Instant. It is annoying beyond words. You are not alone. Google: Open your fucking eyes! Beware of getting too big for your own good!
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Beth Rogers 7/4/11 12:47 PM
@Peter:  Thanks for restoring some of my faith in the "Facebook generation" :)  Hope I didn't offend, but I do get the feeling that Google is moving in the direction of the Facebook model for its web site.  Hope I didn't offend by implying that you don't have any standards.  It's just that I've noticed the Facebook/texting/etc. generation doesn't 'seem' to mind all the distractions flying up in their faces on a web site.  Or maybe the younger ones don't remember the days when the internet wasn't so tacky. (with the exception of porn - that never was and never will be un-tacky - just a fact of life...).

How sad I'm verging on comparing Google to a porn site.  Seriously though - luckily I don't think it has come anywhere close to that level of tackiness.  But it's sad they don't see the value of their (disappearing) simplicity.  They really occupied a nice 'niche' in the search-engine market.  They might be making these changes in order to increase ad revenue, but if they lose all their loyal followers, it will just be wasted effort, and might even make things worse in the end.

***  WORD OF CAUTION: if you use any 4-letter words (like f**cking), they will Delete your comment from this forum.  Best to avoid using ANY questionable language in this forum, so your opinions can Stay up here and be heard! ***

One last thing (hopefully, but I can't make any promises I won't think of another problem here):

I know someone who is visually impaired, and she is having a HORRIBLE time with the new all-black menu bar at the top of the main Google search page.  The contrast (or lack thereof) between the black bar and the gray text is too difficult for her to make out the text.

What was wrong with the original blue-on-white menu at the top left-hand corner of the Google search page?  I Loved it!  So simple, easy to use, not at all annoying .  I think Google really goofed up by not considering that some people would have trouble with the low contrast between the black bar and the gray letters. In that case it becomes an "accessibility" issue for those with visual disabilities. 

I know they're not required to make ADA "accomodations" (the legal term), being a private entity that people can choose Not to use.  Or at least I assume that's the case - I could be wrong.  But it would still be nice (and smart) if they showed some consideration for those with visual-impairment disabilities.

After speaking with this woman with visual problems, I get the feeling that the Google layout was the most visually-impaired-friendly search engine out there.  The solid-color on white-background gives a really good contrast, and the text is very readable, with a predictable and simple layout (and you don't lose much resolution if you set your monitor to a zoomed-in view). 

So the simplicity that appeals to the general user just happens to be a Necessity for those with visual impairments.  Something I never realized until this woman started having trouble when Google changed the top menu bar.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! angrytubberx 7/5/11 2:28 PM
How about generating a link for all your personal search options, see ixquick.com, rather than this crappy cookie shit?? Cookies suck!
Please, please could we not have a simple fix here so that once we turn <Instant Search> off, it stays turned off? The loop gwenette mentions is just the same in Chrome.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! manization 7/17/11 5:46 PM
I used to think that only Fa cebo ok always released really lousy updates and not giving their users any chance of not implementing the updates.
Unfortunately it seems that Google has followed suit and now dont really care about their users' wishes.

I have eye problems that are somewhat severe which means that every time Instant does its "magic", my eyes go crazy and my head soon starts throbbing. Since I share my computer with others, the browser cache is always deleted when shutting the computer down.
This in turn of course means that every time I use google.com my eyes and head starts to hurt real bad.
Thanks a lot google. Thanks for nothing :(
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! shoutandecho77 7/18/11 9:31 AM
There really just needs to be a way to PERMANENTLY disable Google Instant on the browser side, without logging in. It's gotten so annoying to have to click on the top right corner of the page, scroll down, check to disable Google Instant, and save preferences. 

I've gone to Yahoo and Bing but have come back to Google. Now I'm back to Yahoo and Bing. Google's just going crazy with changing the search page all the time - none of it is adding to my experience or helping me find anything. It's just a bunch of clutter.

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! silenthq 7/25/11 9:35 AM
@ Qwood:  I hate having to remember to turn this feature off sometimes everyday due to logout issues on my laptop.  This is beyond annoying.  Sometimes Google as a company seems so brilliant then other times so blatantly... well you all can fill in the blanks.  How disappointing.  I wish they'd get a clue.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! jamiedoll01 7/26/11 2:41 PM
I HATE Google Instant. Cannot keep it turned off with Firefox, no matter what I do! I did seem to get it to work in Safari though...could it be the browser???
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! jamiedoll01 7/26/11 2:58 PM
I did the normal "turn Instant off" on my search preferences page in Safari, and then re-saved my homepage and bookmark. No problems with Safari. (I'm a true Mac user). It was the Google Search Preferences in Firefox that DIDN'T save properly. It kept reverting back every time I opened Firefox. Very annoying...

I found this solution on another page for disabling Google Instant on Firefox:
Type this in your browser:
Either save this as your homepage or a bookmark. It works.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Donberry5 8/10/11 9:23 AM
Right now the "Idiot of the Year" award goes to the inventor of Google Instant Search. Without a doubt the most irritating feature Google has ever come up with. It needs to go, and go now. I am ready to switch back to Yahoo or one to the other search engines. And please, you people that tell me all I have to do is just go to settings and turn off instant search. We all know that. That is not the point. Instant Search is a default, which means each time you leave Google it comes back to haunt you, making you repeat the settings to turn off once again. Most of us just want a way to delete it or make it an option to turn on, which most of us will never, ever do.
Like the person said earlier "If it works, don''t fix it".  I just hope that Google is listening to us.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! dontknowit 8/11/11 1:46 AM
I'm from the Netherlands,
and I found out that i can't turn it off anymore. Google is getting more of a mess now and the biggest problem is that you can't turn it off.
Google instant, preview's, translation's.

Do not force certain feature's on us which do not have any additional value. Bing is better alternative for the moment.
A nice foto and a searchbar.

How difficult can it be.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! jon.m.kelley 8/14/11 7:07 PM

Yahoo advanced (100 items) works as well as google used to.  Maybe someday I'll try google advanced search again, but since I've bee fighting with the instant garbage for several months, I will be using Yahoo until it tries to copy the google search failure. These are the options to get you to 100 result Yahoo advanced

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! netzoner 8/16/11 1:58 PM
Google Instant Search should be renamed to "Google Bully Search". It fights with you to override your typing and forceably input it's conclusion of what you "really" are looking for. Thanks, google, for deciding "you know best" what I am thinking...not! Talk about arrogance, abuse of power, and downright controlling feature creation.  I guess the next step is for google to create Google Auto Search where all the user has to do is sit in front of the computer, arrive at google.com come and instantly typed search queries will start appearing in google search box and auto clicking to pages, "for your own good" and "better user experience."
Goggle - I've tried your solution several times and saved each time. Works for a little while and then automatically resets back to instant search after closing and re-opening the browser.
Given the amounts of complaints noted at this post and several others, the lack of a worthwhile response to the issue  speaks volumes about Google leadership.  It wasn't broken before but now it is.
If a permanent solution isn't provided shortly, it will not be worth it to have Google as my homepage or search engine. 
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! lcash8022 9/1/11 8:34 AM
I found the answer to fixing the Google Instant Search, but it was NOT from Google.  It seems that to turn the Google Instant off and KEEP it off, you have to ACCEPT cookies from Google.  Otherwise, every time you clean your computer of cookies, you are right back to square one with Google Instant.  I tried this several weeks ago, and it WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! NO MORE GOOGLE INSTANT!!!   I must admit I have wondered if they have an ulterior motive for fixing it like this.......like making sure they can gather info from us!  Now if they could just cut out all of the other junk they have done that has slowed it down to a SNAIL'S PACE!  I constantly switch to BING, which just zips around.......no slow-down issues! 
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! nearlyblonde 9/2/11 4:48 PM
I absolutely hate this "prediction" feature!!!!    HATE IT!!! How come with all these complaints Google has not done anything about it?

Thank you Kelly F for explaining how to turn off "Instant Search", it was very distracting

And well done Google for making the 'Preview' less obtrusive... I would be delighted to see that in the 'Advanced settings' too!

 - B

I have replied in couple of the forums concerning disabling google instant. I was wondering why when I type something in google ,it automatically tries to search the "Answer"(Slow my computer a lot!!!). So i figured it must be a script that is running al the time. therefore I found a way to permanently disable google instant script only and (I think it is called autocomplete feature) See below my answer below.
I'm am using Internet explorer 8 and what  I did is put www.google.com as a "Trusted Site" under Tool->Internet options-> security->Trusted Site. Then whaterever security setting I have (Low, Medium or High) I selected Custom Level and put Scripting->Active Scripting to "Disable".  Now when I go to www.google.com there is no more "Google Instant". I am happy because google instant suck!
I hope this works and did not forget any other setting but this stop running google instant script when you type any character in the search bar,forever . If this works for you please post this on other forums about google instants!
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! rbvann 9/29/11 11:14 AM
I hate google instant and auto complete.  Google, you're stupid.
Thanks to Simple1 for a solution that works. I did find that if Tools>Internet Options, Security tab, Custom Level slider is set on LOW, the Scripting options are not displayed. Moving the Custom Level slider up one notch to MEDIUM-LOW will cause the Scripting options to be displayed and the Disable radio button to be set.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! rubiconrealtor 10/6/11 8:41 AM
I have gone into the search settings and turned off google instant and saved it, but every time I close my browser (IE9) and open it, google has reverted back to instant search. GRRR!!
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! consumerMaven 10/8/11 4:34 PM
VERY VERY GOOD POINT --- i have cookies disabled for all kinds of good reasons 
I'm not enabling cookies to be saved just for a google search
and,  if I'm signed in, you guys could EASILY  save my "never google instant in a million years"  request
 take it away as the default !!!!!!!!!!!!!  please please please
Google instant search may be the biggest mistake Google ever made. It's the kind of mistake that gives BING 900,000 new customers.  My laptop is pretty fast and even on this machine the "instant search" trips up, pauses, and does not catch some of my inputs.  Horrible is not the word.  You can turn it off.  Google should turn off for everyone.
Hey guys, see  my post on 9/26/11  and tha of  rcdjbp post on 10/6/11 for a permanent solution to google instant.
Update: You can even put www.google.com on the restricted site in the security tab and jist increase the security level for it so that you can disable the google script that always runs in the background.  Regardless of cookies, this solution will work.
Now I've tried it on Internet explorer Version 8 and Windows Xp. I would think that there is no difference of security setting for Internet explorer version 9 or Windows 7.
If anyone has problems with the solution, just post back and I will reply within a day or two to help troubleshoot.
So far it has been couple of week with NO Google Instant.
The only drawback and that is that the Autocomplete/Autofill does not work too. But I don't care for google to autocorrect or guess what I want. If you do this fix correctly, only google scripts would be disabled.
Hope this helps
The most stupid emmy award goes to "Instant". I still can't turn it off. I am sick of messing with it and think I would have less stress by changing browsers. "LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE"
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! chrisphx 11/2/11 2:32 PM
Yes, this annoys me too.

I'm also irritated that the Google advanced search link is suddenly missing. It doesn't even appear in the Google search results for "Google advanced search." Duh! Stop fixing things that are not broken!

I know Google likes to believe they can read my mind, but that is a very mistaken assumption.

Put the advanced search link back on the page!!!!

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! warrensgoff 11/3/11 7:10 AM
So far, so good. Thanks.
My experience with putting Google in the Restricted Sites was not what I wanted as, for me, it would disable Instant but also limit me to 10 hits per page and not save Prefences. I'm sure if I played with the settings it could have been fixed but on the Restricted Sites, everything is disabled.
Putting it in Trusted Sites and disabiling Scripts has so far worked. My preferences, especially the number of hits per page being 100, have remained unchanged and unfiltered.
I'm using IE 8. I'm not sure how to do this in Firefox which I rarely use but I disabled Java Script in general. I'll see how this goes.
Anyhow, thanks again for apparently resolving a major frustration for me/us.
I prefer Google's Search. I switched over to Bing for awhile but it wasn't as good. Also, you couldn't block specific sites or opt out of tracking ads on Bing.
If Google is listening, you have the worst, non-existent customer support on the internet. How you can expect to sell commercial products and hardware eludes me. For a company that is so rich, you could clearly afford this. The fact that you don't and typically ignore requests is arrogant. If and when there is a viable alternative, I will take it. It appears that many others concur. I'm sure my words are lost on deaf ears.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! warrensgoff 11/3/11 11:59 AM
One side effect of your modification is that when one opens a link on the same tab and then returns to Google, the search goes back to the first hit and doesn't resume where you left off. The solution is to open all links in a separate Tab under Preferences.
Hi warrensgoff,
Finally some people are reading my post
Thanks, for the feedback  and I am glad that it works for you!.
Can you clarify the side effect?
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! warrensgoff 11/3/11 6:56 PM
Hi Simple1,
I had disabled all scripting functions. When I just disabled active scripting my problem seemed to resolve.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! iamtae 11/9/11 10:39 AM
I agree with the sentiments in here entirely. I have 8 GB of RAM and Instant Search still causes my system to slow down.

Google, you *have* the old coding where the ability to turn Instant off was right next to the search bar. Just do whatever tweaks are necessary to bring it back and slap it up there. It's a very cheap way to soothe a lot of people who are aggravated about your constant need to change things and opting us in without asking. Didn't you learn anything from Google Buzz?
I guess this feature not only slows down what I am trying to search but also requires me deleting the thing I do not want.  Instant search is not mind-reader, it is rather annoying. GBHATT
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Dineshkumar Ponnusamy 12/1/11 2:53 AM
 I have tried to turn off the google instant future after logging in, it redirects me to this page, but it seems to be dead.

 Please help me .

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Rick Dexter 12/16/11 9:48 AM
I'm just adding my voice here agreeing with all the complaints about instant search.  I used to love Google but now I use other search engines.
Setting this as your home page does seem to bypass instant search:
But I've become use to Yahoo Search now so I'm just staying there.  Bright, Google.  Real bright.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! donotsendspam 12/16/11 10:32 AM
Why does google still insist on harassing us with this junk? why can't they just leave it optional for those who want it? they can just turn it on if they like it.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! phillyjo 12/16/11 6:43 PM
Heck I would just settle for a way to actually turn it off.  I can't.  IE, Chrome [YEAH CHROME GOOGLE] and FF all do it.  I turn it off, I save all my settings and it resets itself as soon as I leave the site.  And yes I turned off all my cookie managers and I cleaned everything.  Strange, Blocking sites works but none of the rest does.

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! phillyjo 12/16/11 6:44 PM
Oh yeah I forgot to add, I have that problem not only on 3 browsers but on 4 different computers.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! gegool 12/18/11 8:53 AM
I've never participated in a discussion group until now.
Guess why? 'Instant' fury thats what.
Oh, and why does it refuse a user name such as 'gone offgoogle'!?
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! mikewcheung 2/20/12 10:54 PM
why is there not much response from google on this issue?
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! nettocash 2/29/12 12:01 AM
Hate instant search.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! hawran.diskuse 2/29/12 1:11 AM
Not true at all!!!!
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Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! PsykoticEngr 3/5/12 4:50 PM
I don't like instant search either, and every time I try to turn it off in settings, it doesn't do anything!! It even says that it is turned off, but it continues to do it. I can't find any way to actually turn it off...



THIS-->    https://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0&hl=en  <--THIS

You're Awesome! 
More so than google management :D

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! aghqgmre 3/26/12 12:15 AM

i joined only to make this post cause this instant search thing is also pissing me off...i think u can only disable it if your'e logged into that Google+ thing (?)....maybe they dont want ppl anonymously searching on google anymore, so they created this annoying feature that can only be switched off if your logged in...or if your not logged in, that instant search thing gives them a record of everything thats typed in the search box..?? i duno why else would they create this REALLLY annoying feature? i could be wrong but i dont care im moving somewhere else now...goodbye google.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! hawran.diskuse 3/28/12 12:26 AM
I want it on the Advanced Search page as well...

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! codequeen42 5/8/12 7:13 AM
I also despise instant search and autocomplete.  I wish that google would make it a setting stored on your account, so that when you log in, google knows you don't want to use these features.  As it is, when I change the settings to turn off instant search, instant search just keeps doing it's thing, wasting bandwidth and annoying me with unrelated search results - and I do have cookies enabled, as the google help people will say is the reason it doesn't work.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! Spencer Benedict 5/9/12 12:43 PM

ATTN KELLY FEE: Rather than just retelling your users HOW to disable the Google Instant (we are all smart enough to do that excercise..over..and over..and over..again!) Why not print out these comments, take them to your boss and tell them that users are overwhelming fed-up with this stupid feature and CHANGE IT! It is obvious from these post that regular users of Google Search hate the "instant" feature and want a permanent remedy. Report back here and let us know when to expect the change!

Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! GoogleFailsHard 5/30/12 9:38 PM
The main thing that is pissing me off about it, is that it KEEPS TURNING BACK ON!!!

There's no point telling people they can turn it off in settings because we all know how to do it. We have all had the same run around from google "support" 100 times over. If I turn instant off while I'm signed into my gmail etc. it doesn't turn it off. right now, in my settings, instant is NOT enabled yet, it is still searching with instant. The only way I have found it to work for me, is if I sign out of google, turn instant ON (because it is off) then turn it off again, then sign into my account, and turn instant off again (coz it turns back on when I sign in for some fucking reason) and then I can search without getting pissed at instant. but seriously, the amount of time it takes to do all that I could have searched my query 20 times over. AND if I close chrome then re-open it, INSTANT TURNS ITSELF BACK ON!!!! So why don't you stupid fucks change the default to "OFF" and let people who want it, turn it on themselves (guarantee they're the minority) if you want to improve google search, ask it's users what THEY want out of google. I really can't get over how idiotic Google is becoming with all the extra crap they are trying to do. seriously. Get your shit together guys, otherwise we'll all start using fucking Bing or something.
Re: TURN OFF INSTANT SEARCH AS THE DEFAULT!!!! jamesk479 6/30/12 9:55 AM
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