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Knowledge Graph grasinaamasa 8/13/12 3:04 AM
Dear Google Team,

Thanks to make the search in better manner with the concept Knowledge Graph.The concept Knowledge Graph is so impressive and worth also, but I feel that there has some issues at the knowledge Graph of-course you people has observed the issues which are going to point out by me but it's just like make a notice to you.

Those are, when I search for "Apple (1st Image)" at the right side of the page the results are displaying about the Apple People only and where as I search for "Amazon(2nd image)" the results displays about the Amazon River in the right side. what is the difference between these two keywords?? Like as an Amazon River Apple is a fruit but the results are not about that fruit.!!! 

then for some names of the companies "Google" no images are not displaying at the right side and some other keywords like as TCS, etc.,

and I hope it can be good when we search for companies provide the results like as "People also Search for (3rd image)"

Thanks in Advance.

Sundeep Grandhi
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Re: Knowledge Graph Sarah Me 8/17/12 2:16 PM
Hey Sundeep,

I also wanted to add on here that we love your feedback about the Knowledge Graph. The varying results you are seeing depend on the regular search results that you are seeing for that search term. We display the information based on the relevance of those results plus look at only the particular types of "entities" or people/places/things that we have in the Knowledge Graph. You'll notice that companies, for example, are currently not included in this list of types of search queries that we have within the Knowledge Graph. Check out our Help Center article that describes some of the things where you may find information and be looking out for additions in the coming future!

Thanks again for your feedback!